Keysoe CDI: Double Grand Prix wins for Gould and a hat trick for Andersen bodes well for the future

  • Written By: Helen Triggs
  • Published: Wed, 12 Oct 2022 09:42 GMT

The keen competition at Keysoe CDI3*/CDI2* (07-09 October 2022) highlighted some exciting senior combinations that could be challenging the established stars in the future.

Andrew Gould and Indigro

Andrew Gould consolidated his success at the Nationals where Indigro placed third and fourth in the Grand Prix (GP) classes by winning the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle at Keysoe. This Negro-sired black stallion (pictured above) oozes charisma and power while still being one of the nicest stallions Andrew has worked with. He was bought by Tatiana Milne-Skillman from Holland in April. The nine-year-old had not competed since he was six and although he knew the Grand Prix movements Andrew gave him time to build his strength up.

“He lacks competition experience and ring craft,” said Andrew. “He’s going much better than I thought he would at this stage. He’s consistent and is getting better all the time and the tests are flowing more. It felt easier going from movement to movement. It’s still so early. I’m still learning how to ride him in a competition environment. In each test I’m getting information on how we can improve.”

Indigro has very impressive piaffe and passage and Andrew nailed the difficult transitions into and out of the movements, with the judges awarding lots of 8s.

“In the freestyle I was happy with the beginning – he lost a bit of balance in the canter. That’s where he’s got to get better self-carriage. I love the music programme Sara Green put together for us – I’ve tweaked it a bit since the Nationals.”

Andrew also rides Tatiana Milne-Skillman’s Genie III (by Zhivago) who was second in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special (GPS). “I’m enjoying having two horses out at GP. It makes a massive difference and I can learn from both of them.”

In the Grand Prix Freestyle, second and third places went to rising stars Daniel Sherriff and the 10-year-old Bayford Hall Incognito and Hayley Watson-Greaves and the sprightly 18-year-old Rubins Nite. The combinations were separated by less than 1 per cent.

Laura Tomlinson and Fallatijn

Laura Tomlinson and her own and Ursula Bechtolsheimer’s chestnut gelding Fallatijn (Cabochon x Vivaldi) - pictured above - won the GPS, showing a light-footed and rhythmic passage and piaffe which scored a slew of 7s. Laura didn’t have an easy ride in the GP but in the Special, Fallatijn regained his confidence to show some of the lovely work he’s capable of. He‘s a very impressive stamp of horse – bright chestnut with four white socks with a lot of presence in the ring.

“There were still some sticky moments where he held himself but he also showed his potential in lots of parts of the test. When he’s more confident there’s more fluency in the test.”

Henriette Andersen and Zackery

Henriette Andersen’s big bay beauty Zackery (by Blue Hors Jack) was on top form all weekend and won the Prix St Georges, Inter I and Inter I Freestyle. She has owned Zackery (pictured above) since he was a foal and bought him from his British breeder, Nicky Golding.

“He gave me a lovely ride. He’s grown in confidence and has probably been the best he’s ever been in a show environment like this,” commented Henriette. “He’s a mega-horse but suffers from insecurity so I’ve taken my time with him. Once he trusts you, you can do anything with him. He does everything to try and please you. He’s a world-class horse and he doesn’t know what it means to be naughty.”

The pair has had a good year, winning the PSG and Inter I at Hickstead Premier League and having top 10 places at the Nationals. “This is his last Small Tour show,” said Henriette. “He’s got all the movements now for GP except his one-time tempis are still a work in progress. He has big movement so he sometimes makes it hard for himself.

“The whole experience of staying away for three days is new to him and he’s gradually learning that it’s totally normal.”

Congratulations to all the competitors and thanks to all at Keysoe for such a smooth-running show.

Results – top three
Grand Prix
1. Andrew Gould and Indigro, 71.41% (GBR)
2. Andrew Gould and Genie III, 70.34% (GBR)
3. Daniel Sherriff and Incognito, 68.30% (GBR)

Grand Prix Special
1. Laura Tomlinson and Fallatijn, 68.83% (GBR)
2. Andrew Gould and Genie III, 65.76% (GBR)
3. Georgina West and Skyla, 63.85% (GBR)

Grand Prix Freestyle
1. Andrew Gould and Indigro, 72.71% (GBR)
2. Daniel Sherriff and Bayford Hall Incognito, 71.37% (GBR)
3. Hayley Watson-Greaves and Rubins Nite, 71.20% (GBR)

Prix St Georges
1. Henriette Andersen and Zackery, 71.64% (GBR)
2. Andrew Gould and Rockwood Virtue, 69.94% (GBR)
3. Sara-Jane Lanning and Hawtins Lirica, 69.67% (GBR)

Intermediate I
1. Henriette Andersen and Zackery, 70.76% (GBR)
2. Jaqueline Wing Yin Siu and Brioso, 69.20% (HKG)
3. Emily Ormerod and Freya FST, 68.92% (GBR)

Intermediate I Freestyle
1. Henriette Andersen and Zackery, 74.84% (GBR)
2. Jacqueline Wing Ying Siu and Brioso, 71.77% (HKG)
3. Nikki Barker and Iwan, 71.34% (GBR)


Photo © Kevin Sparrow