LeMieux Nationals '19 wild cards

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 15:40

British Dressage can now announce the wild cards for this year’s LeMieux National Dressage Championships. Congratulations to all the riders, owners and horses concerned.

PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for wild cards is Tuesday 20 August 2019.
NO late entries will be accepted
You must make your entry online via My Riding Life by visiting the Entries/Times/Results page on
Please contact the office immediately via email if you will not be attending the LeMieux Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination.

BackinAction Preliminary Silver
Stephanie Graves, Rockwell Blue, 72.41%
Samantha Crosdil, Venezia 1, 71.84%
Ursula Treadgold, Tyler II, 71.44%
Eliza Mackworth-Praed, Thacka Playboy, 71.38%
Katie Robotham, My Lady Myfanwy, 71.15%
Laura Barrow, Angel II, 70.98%
Chloe Arnold, Full House, 70.92%
Jennifer Colbourne, Alvescot Dakato, 70.57%
Melissa Percy, Giolita, 70.46%
Sally Crane, Florance, 70.23%

Dodson & Horrell Novice Silver
Jordan Kavanagh, Billy James, 70.62%
Louise Moses, Forever Endeavor, 70.12%
Kathy Staples, John Travolta 11, 70.12%
Bethan Young, Jackpots Forsetti, 70.06%
Louise Robson, Remi 11, 70.00%
Clare Bennett, Jozef S, 69.94%
Laura Hill, Jobarde-E, 69.81%
Natasha Baker, Keystone Dawn Chorus, 69.69% 168 coll

Dodson & Horrell Novice Gold
Jennifer Johnston Harman, Jazzman MfS, 71.98%
Jayne Turney, Fred Astaire WD, 71.73%
Dan Greenwood, SJL Baks Zacco, 71.48%
Nikki Barker, Dan Icarus, 71.48%
Lotte Seal, Fenix, 71.23%
Sara Squires, Laetitius C, 70.93%
Claire Ballantyne, Dvorak, 70.86%
Antonia Brown, Impulz De B, 70.74%
Jennifer Harkness, Inouk, 70.62%
Dianne Breeze, Fittipaldi, 70.56%

Childéric Elementary Silver
Lyndsay Gammon, Glorestan Jazz, 71.20%
Claire Johnston, Sensation, 70.94%
Roberta Collyer, Fiasco II, 70.83%
Janine Jansen, Spitfire III, 70.57%
Danielle Brown, Wasara, 70.52%
Emma Murray, Wainthropp, 70.31%
Cath Creemer, Floris, 70.00%

Childéric Elementary Gold
Melissa Chapman, TCE Jubilant Al Sno, 71.98%
Nicky Heale, Furstinclaire, 71.35 %
Sara Squires, Billy Jean D, 70.99%
Melanie Phillips, Ruxton Shogun, 70.94%
Jayne Turney, Donna Frederica, 70.94%
Nick Lawson, Fandango V, 70.89%
Benjamin Franklin, De Angelis, 70.83%
Nikki Barker, History, 70.63% 173 coll

TopSpec Medium Silver
Simon Lawrance, Sir Wilfred, 70.99%
Hazel McCorriston, Blue Hors Zagato, 70.86%
Sissel Hansen, Le Rondine, 69.32%
Katie Owens, Saffira, 69.10%
Niki Compton, Roulette MKM, 68.87%
Linda Barnes, First Miss Sunrise A.S., 68.51%
Debra Fews, Fabizio, 68.38%
Patsy Bartram, Donisbroc, 68.33%
Ali Govani, San Salvador III, 68.20%

TopSpec Medium Gold
Nicky Heale, Furstinclaire, 70.77%
Jo Barry, Goofy La Perle, 70.18%
Laura Wollen, Ivan Carlos, 69.82%
Georgina Roden, Harley, 69.77%
Lucy Cartwright, Grandio, 69.73%
Eilidh Grant, Mount St John Doornroos II, 69.73%
Joshua Hill, Mallards Sirena, 69.19%
Darcas Lever, Flying Dream II, 68.92%

Equine Construction Advanced Medium Silver
Taylor Denness, Amaro O, 69.52%
Jane Morris, Quinet Du Buisson Z, 69.47%
Rebecca Marsden, El Zorro, 69.39%
Antonia Brown, SJL Jackson, 69.39%
Charlotte Hollis, Suitably Gracious, 68.99%
Millie Gover, Kamil T, 68.86%

Equine Construction Advanced Medium Gold
None at present – to be advised

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold
Premier Leagues
None at present – to be advised
None at present – to be advised

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Gold
Premier League
None at present – to be advised
None at present – to be advised

Cavalor Intermediate II Gold
None at present – to be advised

LeMieux Grand Prix Gold
All riders will be contacted individually early next week. If you qualified directly by winning a Premier League GP and DO NOT intend competing, can you please let the office know by emailing Charlene Bryant.

Shearwater Young Horse Championships
4yr old
King Boy ridden by Dylan Deutrom 8.1
First Lady ridden by Semke Meiland 8.06
Keystone Drum Role ridden by Fred Hodges 8.04
Princess Florina ridden by Georgina Day 8.02

5yr old

Djoe Dimagio ridden by Katie Bailey 8.02
TCE Jubilant al Sno ridden by Melissa Chapman 8.0
Jenny Wren ridden by Ashley Jenkins 7.9
Active Scalini ridden by Charlie Hutton 7.86

6yr old
SP Bento ridden by Judy Harvey 7.98
Freeman ridden by Hannah Biggs 7.98
Woodlander St Louis Blues ridden by Carsten Sandrock 7.84
Hawtins Quattro ridden by Lucinda Elliot 7.84
Jennifer Martell with Fiderstan 67.89