Let the Games begin!

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 08:33

The Equestrian Team GBR dressage quartet are all safely through the first horse inspection and the horses looked stunning thanks to our hard working grooms. The draw has taken place and we’re tenth to go with Chef d’Equipe Caroline Griffith has naming the running order as:

Spencer Wilton with Jen Goodman and his own Super Nova II at 10:43 EST, 15:43 BST
Emile Faurie with Hof Kasselmann KG’s Dono Di Maggio at 15.24 EST, 20.24 BST

Carl Hester with Lady Anne Evans, Ann Cory and his own Hawtins Delicato at 11.10, 15.10 BST
Charlotte Dujardin with the Mount St John Stud’s Mount St John Freestyle at 15.51, 20.51 BST

Caroline Griffith, Team GBR Dressage Performance Manager commented; “It’s great we’ve got the draw done now and we know where we are in the order. It’s a good draw for us as the last to go in the second group. The horses and riders are absolutely ready to go. The stables, surfaces and facilities are excellent and we’re now ready for some top competition.”

We quizzed some of the riders today for their thoughts:

Spencer Wilton

Initial impressions of Tryon International Equestrian Centre
“The venue is improving every day. The ground team here have worked flat out to make our stay as comfortable as they can.”

On Jen Goodman’s Super Nova II 
“Neville travelled really well. At an event away he usually hits a wall on day five so we gave him a quiet day but he’s now ready for action. He’s coped remarkably well as this is a very difficult environment for him with the construction going on. He’s really surprised me just how well he’s coped.”

On his own injury
“The injury to my back has been a slight issue but the back is much better but it’s now gone into my calf muscle; it’s like I have constant cramp. Walking is a challenge so running would be impossible, that’s why Carl [Hester] trotted Neville up this morning. Thankfully, riding is not painful at all.”

Thoughts on the Grand Prix test
“My aim is to get a good, solid score which supports the team.”

Emile Faurie

Initial impressions of Tryon International Equestrian Centre
“It’s a really nice venue actually. The stables are brilliant, the surfaces are good and we have a great team behind us. Everything is good.”

On Hof Kasselmann KG’s Dono Di Maggio
“He’s in really good form. He’s a young horse and so inexperienced; this is the biggest thing he’s ever done but he’s coping really well and not put a foot wrong. He’s not a spooky horse and has been very relaxed. In my experience, there’s no point in being nervous as it just negatively impacts performance. Our preparation has gone really well and he’s just got better and better this season.”

Thoughts on the Grand Prix test
“We have a strong team of horses and all of them are fit and well. We’ll go out there and do our best but I have no expectations. We’ve had a great run up but he’s done less than a dozen Grand Prix tests so I’m positive. We have a great support team who’ve done their best, now it’s down to us riders to make it happen.”

Charlotte Dujardin

Initial impressions of Tryon International Equestrian Centre
“The venue is fantastic. The arenas, surfaces, stables are all excellent and I’m really looking forward to getting started.”

On Mount St John Equestrian LLP’s Mount St John Freestyle
“She’s feeling great. She’s worked hard the past couple of days so today was a rest day – at just nine, she need a day off! She was fantastic in the main arena yesterday so I felt there was no need today to go again. So far, she’s taken everything in her stride.

Thoughts on the Grand Prix test
“I’m not sure what to expect but she’s felt brilliant this far and taken everything on board so we’ll see what brings.”

Carl Hester

Initial impressions of Tryon International Equestrian Centre
“The facilities are superb. They’re working so hard to get everything ready and doing a phenomenal job. If the weather can just hold, we’re in for a great Games and top notch competition.”

On Lady Anne Evans, Ann Cory and his own Hawtins Delicato
“It’s big test for his character. Yesterday he was really on his toes, the arena walk blew his mind a bit. However today he’s given me a really relaxed ride so that’s given me huge confidence in him.”

Thoughts on the Grand Prix
“It’s the test I’ve been building towards all year. If the team are to be in a chance of a medal, I have to ride a positive, forward test rather than just play it safe.”