Multi-talented impress at Ideal Saddles Combined Training Championships

  • Written By: Helen Triggs
  • Published: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 17:11 GMT

The Ideal Saddles Combined Training Championships gives jumping horses the chance to show off their fancy flatwork and dressage horses the opportunity to show they are not just one-trick ponies. This year’s series concluded at Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex (11 – 12 December 2021) where multi-talented performers competed for the six titles on offer.

Anthony Clark & Peroni BS c Emmpix

Eventer Anthony Clark won the prelim 80cm Championship and took Champion and Reserve spot in the novice 100cm. Anthony has qualified for the Championships three times before but for various reasons never made it to the show. This time he made it and his young string did him proud.

He won the prelim title on six-year-old Peroni BS (pictured above), who is full brother to the successful British team pony George Clooney BS. “He was bought as a dressage horse but came to me a year ago as he was a bit cheeky,” said Anthony who trains with Olympian Nicola McGivern. “He gets bored easily and likes to add to the excitement! Fortunately he was really laid back at the show. He’s been out to five dressage shows recently and won every time.” Peroni is owned by Liz Mather, Anthony’s long-standing client.

Anthony Clark & Swell Touchdun c Emmpix

Swell Touchdun (pictured above), Anthony’s novice winner, is also owned by Liz and arrived with him 14 weeks ago. He has been placed at 2* eventing. The eight-year-old Irish sports horse has recently upped his game on the flat. Anthony hopes to contest the eight/nine-year-old classes at Blenheim next year.

Rebecca Parsonage & Wacton Billy

Rebecca Parsonage (pictured above) had the Championships’ highest dressage score of 75.63% which, together with a clear show jumping round, secured them the elementary 90cm title. Becky started combined training a couple of years ago to give her horse Wacton Billy something different to do.

Now ten, Billy was bought as an unbroken four-year-old from his breeder. “His mum is a cob and his father was a coloured Hanoverian,” explained freelance rider Becky. “He was bought to produce and sell but he stayed! He’s careful and brave [jumping] and has just started Advanced Medium dressage.”

“He’s pretty chilled and always does his dressage accurately. He wakes up a bit for the jumping!”

Becky qualified for the Championships on a wild card. Her dressage score was a personal best for the pair. They are also the current BD Part-bred Traditional Gypsy Cob Associated Championships medium champions.

Alys Matravers & Tiger Mazarati

Alys Matravers’ prelim 80cm winner, Tiger Mazerati, is also of traditional gypsy cob x Hanoverian parentage and is by the famous dressage cob, Tiger Tim. The 11-year-old was bred by Alys’s partner Anthony Burks.

Two years ago Mazerati fractured his pelvis and Alys was told he would never be sound again. After three months’ box rest and two months of in-hand work, he was turned away for six months. Then disaster struck again when on Christmas Eve 2020 he was diagnosed with a keratoma in the hind foot and put back on box rest and another six months off work.

Fortunately Mazerati has come sound and repaid all the care he’s been given to land the title. “He did a sweet dressage test,” said Alys. “He was a bit keen jumping but listened to me.”

Amy Hose & Billingbear Rex

Amy Hose, from the Isle of Wight, won the novice 90cm with Billingbear Rex, a Blue Hors Romanov 10-year-old (pictured above). “I’ve had him for two years,” said Amy who runs a livery yard, teaches and has also just started a cardboard bedding business.

Amy used to event but a bad rotational fall when she was 16 meant she turned to dressage. Recently she started jumping Rex ‘to give him something to think about’. “He enjoys it and it makes him more level-headed,” said Amy.

In the prelim 80cm, Amy led the dressage but two fences down relegated them to fifth place. In the novice 90cm, her strong dressage score meant they took the title despite a fence down, a great result for their first time at the Championships.

Victoria Gregg & Rock Supreme c Emmpix

Victoria Gregg (pictured above) took on the most difficult challenge of elementary 50 and 100cm fences and with a clear round and 74%+ dressage score were the runaway winners.

She bought 17-year-old Rock Supreme five years ago for ‘meat money’ and it has turned out to be a wonderful investment. He is mainly aimed at eventing and was BE Reserve National Grassroots Champion at BE90 this year and won his first BE100 at the beginning of this year.

“This win has topped off a wonderful season!” said Victoria who is a BHS accredited coach and has a yard near Cheltenham. “His dressage was mega and I was thrilled with his clear round. We’ve stepped up to medium dressage this year and he was third at the Kings Area Festival. We’ll aim for the summer Area Festival Championships.”

Results: top ten
Preliminary 2 and 70cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Alys Matravers and Tiger Mazarati, 74.48%, 0, 216
2. Daisy Willmott and Pig Bush Buster, 74.31%, 0, 215.5
3. Jasmine Bone and Rackwood Danny Boy, 72.59%, 0, 210.5
4. Sarah Hannaford and Izzy’s Star, 69.66%, 0, 202
5. Holly Croall and Nipna King’s Ransom, 70.86%, 4, 201.5
6. Kate Sanderson and Cefncoch Crusador, 69.48%, 0, 201.5
7. Gina Seggar and Daisy Chain III, 68.62%, 0, 199 (69)
8. Rebecca Davies and Oxhill Bill, 68.62%, 0, 199 (68)
9. Amy Bird and Magical Merlin, 69.83%, 4, 198.5
10. Alison Jones and Maesmynach Velvet, 68.28%, 0, 198

Preliminary 18 and 80cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Anthony Clark and Peroni BS, 70.00%, 0, 182
2. Lily Clarke and Camills Muriel, 68.85%, 0, 179
3. Tracie Lavelle and Sarco Sovereign, 68.27%, 0, 178
4. Jasmine Bone and Rackwood Danny Boy, 68.27%, 0, 178
5. Amy Hose and Billingbear Rex, 70.96%, 8, 177
6. Jane Courtney and Dominant Van Slabroek, 67.12%, 0, 175
7. Michelle Spiers and Billy Corona, 66.54%, 0, 173
8. Grace Clarke and UCS Sheffield, 66.54%, 0, 173
9. Heather Elston and Stormhill Starlight, 66.35%, 0, 173
10. Alexandra Windross and Herbie I,66.15%, 0, 172

Novice 24 and 90cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Amy Hose and Billingbear Rex, 72.17%, 4, 162
2. Bethan-May Greaves and Attyrory Road Runner, 70.22%, 4, 162
3. Lucy Counsell and Insey Winsey Cinsey, 68.26%, 0, 157
4. Georgina Clarke and Carrick Honey Queen, 66.09%, 0, 152
5. Caroline Saunders and TGI Ab Initio, 67.61%, 4, 151.5
6. Michelle Spiers and Billy Corona, 67.17%, 4, 150.5
7. Sophie Plater and Beyond the Stars, 65.22%, 0, 150
8. Clare Holmes and Kim’s Star, 66.96%, 4, 150
9. Alison Garner and B Walt Lando Z, 66.74%, 4, 149.5 (41)
10. Alison Thompson and Killea Gambler, 66.74%, 4, 149.5 (40)

Novice 34 and 100cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Anthony Clark and Swell Touchdun, 72.14%, 0, 152
2. Anthony Clark and Baskin Wicked Game, 71.43%, 0, 150
3. Alys Matravers and Vorvashill Vertigo, 69.05%, 0, 145
4. Emma Littlewood and Joey J, 68.33%, 0, 144
5. Anthony Clark and Fortune, 68.10%, 0, 143
6. Olivia Georgetti and Storm Clara, 68.33%, 4, 140
7. Caroline Saunders and TG Ab Initio, 67.62%, 4, 138
8. Albert Padfield and Cradty Fernhill, 66.19%, 4, 135
9. Emma Littlewood and KMS Avarus, 67.14%, 8, 133
10. Isla McCallum and Luna V, 65.24%, 4, 133

Elementary 42 and 90cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Rebecca Parsonage and Wacton Billy, 75.63%, 0, 242
2. Emily Watts and Rascalini, 74.53%, 0, 238.5
3. April Joynson and Brytegllwynau Rocky Robin, 72.97%, 0, 233.5
4. Abi Scott and Camarnaint Rambler, 71.56%, 0, 229
5. Alex Greatorex and Carrick Toomes Ambassador, 70.78%, 0, 226.5
6. Caroline Toman and D-Pandora Ramall, 71.72%, 4, 225.5
7. Sarah Rotheram and Demi Minutus, 69.53%, 0, 222.5
8. Yasmine Chaffer and Figarro Van’t Hoogstehof, 68.91%, 0, 220.5
9. Sarah Heathcote and Lord Archie II, 69.69%, 4, 219
10. Diana Burgess and U Naturel, 69.38%, 4, 218

Elementary 50 and 100cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Victoria Gregg and Rock Supreme, 74.64%, 0, 209
2. Diana Burgess and U Naturel, 71.61%, 0, 201
3. Katie Warner and Burnlea Sea Dancer, 70.54%, 0, 198
4. Karen Richardson and Riversdale Geronimo, 70.89%, 4, 195
5. Karen Martin and Playwrite, 70.54%, 4, 194
6. Marie Pope and Party Pop, 69.11%, 0, 194 (56)
7. Joanne Elliott and Thornwood Illusion, 68.75%, 0, 193
8. Joanne Brett and North Astor Rossco, 68.21%, 0, 191
9. Sophie Plater and Beyond the Stars, 68.04%, 0, 191
10. Sallyann Burns and After Darkness, 69.29%, 4, 190

Photos © Emmpix / Emma Gann Photography