NAF Five Star Winter Championships - WILD CARDS

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 22:21 GMT

BD can announce the list of combinations to receive a wild card for this year’s NAF Five Star Winter Championships (11 – 15 April 2018).

PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for wild cards is Wednesday 14 March 2018

NO late entries will be accepted

Due to the disruption caused by the adverse weather and limited time available, qualification packs will only be sent out by email on request to

We strongly recommended you enter online for ease and speed.

Please contact the office immediately if you will not be attending the Winter Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination.

KBIS Preliminary Silver
Samantha Edwards, Farrago, 71.90%
Hilary Janion, Equitrek Atom, 71.84%
Charlotte Clark, OFS Ferrari, 71.44%
Molly James, Gracia Cavalli, 71.44%
Elizabeth Richards, Treraven, 70.92%
Stefanie Dando-Mansell, Pinto IV, 70.63%
Amy Daye, Prince William MBS, 70.63%

Blue Chip Novice Silver
Jersey Garrett, Crowide The Talisman, 69.69%
Debra Fews, Fabizio, 69.44%
Katie Roberts, Nemo VII, 69.32%
Holly Clarke, Newoak Truffel, 69.32%
Erin Denney, Rafferty I, 68.70%
Tamsin Hembrough, Sancerre, 68.64%

Blue Chip Novice Gold
Robert Barker, River Rise Isabell, 73.21%
Alice Peternell, Istrade Thonga, 72.84%
Georgia Davis, Laurentina, 72.22%
Darren Hicks, Diamond Cut II, 71.42%
Jessica Thompson, Ad Destination, 71.30%
Craig Millard, Ivanhoe, 71.17%
Jo Barry, Hidalgo II, 71.11%
Jessica Bennett, Holynight, 71.05%

Equi-Trek Elementary Silver
Abi Jacobs, WS Jackson, 71.46%
Nicola Grainge, Eminence, 71.09%
Jodie Pharaon, Forbidden Forrest, 70.78%
Danielle Balsdon, Lord Lennox, 70.16%
Cara Hayward, His Braveheart, 69.79%
Rosie Boulton, Dino 391, 69.74%
Beth Bexon, Fonz, 69.69%
Jane Buchan, Carleton, 69.32%
Sally Green, Keystone Rhia, 69.32%
Eliza Stoddart, Future Gravitas, 69.27%
Emma Castle, Go Girl, 69.27%

Equi-Trek Elementary Gold
Emma Jablonski, Higgens Van De Uilenhoek, 71.93%
Jessica Bennett, Holynight, 71.88%
Darryl Thickitt, Faszination I, 71.30%
Ryan Todd, Mount St John Di Romantica, 71.30%
Arabella Whelan, Feur Noir, 71.04%
Garry Williams, Seisichthon, 70.52%
Jo Stoyell, Movinight, 70.52%
Dan Greenwood, Johnnie Walker, 70.31% col 173

Albion Medium Silver
Tiggi Bentley, Santaire, 69.55%
Katherine Lewis, Albertho B, 69.41%
Lucinda Bellis, Windhover II, 68.87%
Lucy Pye, Superstar III, 68.69%
Nicola Bell, Hammerwood Rubinetta, 68.60%
Tanya Slade, Tango III, 68.60%
Joshua Hill, Mallards Sirena, 68.56%
Lily Laughton, Ode To Shannon, 68.56%
Eliza Stoddart, Future Gravitas, 68.51%
Danielle Hardwick, Edendawn William Wombat, 68.42%

Albion Medium Gold
James Burtwell, Serendipitous, 71.58%
Amy Schiessl, Knoxxs Figaro, 71.17%
Alice Oppenheimer, Headmore Difinnity, 71.08%
Maddy Whelan, Beaurepaire Frodo, 70.95%
Sonnar Murray-Brown, Damon, 70.41%
Laura Wollen, Woodcroft Francisco, 70.32%
Calum Whitworth, Faydirmie ZH, 70.00%
Jayne Turney, Distinction, 69.95%
Lucy Amy, Extra Time, 69.86%

Charles Owen Advanced Medium Silver
Rowan Bryson, Lazulith, 68.42%
Lotte Seal, Safira, 67.98%
Harriet Kipping, Camelot's Black Knight, 67.94%
Angharad Harries, Be Mine, 67.59%
Toby Hewlett, Diggo, 67.59%
Julie Beckwith, Keystone Washington, 67.41%
Antonia Brown, SJL Duuk, 67.11%
Shelly Harriss, Soden Fflach, 67.06%
Samantha Holland, Double Check, 67.02%
Susan Dunlop, Dancer RV, 67.02%
Rachel Lade, Royal Diamont, 67.02%
Nicholas Knightly, Deejay STH, 66.97%
Samantha Thake Price, Cycle Kings Final Answer, 66.97%

Charles Owen Advanced Medium Gold
Laura Tomlinson, Fallatijn Van Kairos, 72.94%
Paul Hayler, Forever Amadeus, 72.11%
Lizzie Murray, Ulyssa, 71.49%
Edward Johnson, Destiny I, 71.05%
Luke Baber-Davies, Keystone Disaronno, 70.83%
Emily Harris, Freya F.S.T, 70.75%
Jayden Brown, MSJ Top Secret, 70.66%
Elizabeth Murdin, Santana, 70.48%
Nicola Mahoney, Dream Of Joy, 70.31%
Jezz Palmer, Dutch Class, 69.91%
Kate Cowell, Dramatic Conquest, 69.91%

Magic Prix St Georges Gold
Charlie Hutton, Seagry Sanay, 69.87%
Hannah Biggs, Don Caledonia, 69.78%
Nathalie Kayal, Bravo, 69.78%
Sara-Jane Lanning, Mi Amigo, 69.61%
Henrietta Cheetham, Dancer Khan, 69.43%
Ann Staines, Royal Standard, 69.25%
Louise Davison, De Galles, 69.12%
Miss Emma Jablonski, Cor IV Z, 68.82%
Suzanne Lavandera, Keystone Daganay, 68.68% col 129

Superflex Intermediate I Gold
Charlie Hutton, Seagry Sanay, 70.00%
Miss Emma Jablonski, Cor IV Z, 69.91%
Jayden Brown, Mount St John De La Beaute, 69.61%
Luis Principe, Le Docteur, 69.56%
Kate Smith, De La Veiga, 69.56%
Charlotte Dicker, Sabatini, 69.52%
Sharon Edward, Rivaal, 68.73%
Kate Cowell, Sirocco, 68.20%

Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Silver
Tracy Fall, Mount Pleasant Herman, 73.24%
Holly Clarke, Newoak Truffel, 72.04%
Becky Gibbons, Duckey Bank , 71.67%
Jackie Sutherland, Bibertels, 71.57%
Hayley Dolby, Pendancer Mickey Bricks, 71.48%
Myles Graham , Heavenly High Jinks, 71.48%
Emma Briggs, Camelia Herself, 71.11%
Jessica Clarke, TT Amika, 70.93%

Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Gold
Paul Friday, Charlie Brown Himself, 73.98%
Tahley Reeve-Smith, Hoemathika M , 73.61%
Katie James, Seventh Heaven III, 72.96%
Jon Revell, Hartpury Ultimo Ragazzo, 72.96%
Tahley Reeve Smith, Woodcroft Valentino, 72.78%
Jo Barrie, Hidalgo II, 72.78%
James Burtwell, Veritas VS, 72.50%
Lynn Wickes, Pauldarys Tiger Two Sox, 72.22%
Melanie Phillips, Ruxton Shogun, 72.22%
Beth Bainbridge, Southern Cross Borealis, 72.13%
Martin Schleicher,Tom Cruz, 72.04%

PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Silver
Susan Chant, Pascal McCoy, 72.50%
Lily Laughton, Armada Magic Cadillac, 72.50%
Rachel Christopher, Divertimento, 72.44%
Hazel Mccorriston, Blue Hors Zagato, 72.05%
Juliet Penwarden, Decorum, 71.92%

PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Gold
Jo Barry, Goofy La Perle, 71.47%
James Burtwell, Veritas VS, 71.03%
Alice Oppenheimer, Headmore Difinnity, 70.96%
Katherine Lewis, Albertho B, 70.51%
Anne-Marie Cowan, First Pitch, 70.45%
Lucy Amy, Rudy, 70.32%
Sarah Williams, Amo II, 70.26%
Laura Woodcock, Salvator, 69.94%
Colin Hamilton, Sabella MKM, 69.87%

Spillers Medium Freestyle Silver
India Sheridan, Ardie, 72.56%
Holly Colgate Hardaway, Dalvangs Lorenzo, 72.28%
Tanya Slade, Tango III, 71.56%
Hannah Knight, Knights Parnashe, 71.50%
Helen James, Corbeau, 71.39%
Susanne Piner, Zifron, 70.22%
Russell Guire, Tresaison Roulette, 70.06%

Spillers Medium Freestyle Gold
Lizzie Murray, Timolin, 71.33%
Alice Oppenheimer, Headmore Difinnity, 71.22%
Ruth Hurst, Penhaligon Rockstein, 71.06%
Sarah Cheetham, Stoiber’s Black Pearl, 70.78%
James Burtwell, Serendipitous, 70.56%
Charlotte Dicker, Moviman, 70.50%
James Burtwell, Burlington B, 70.39%
Claire Randall, Undaunted, 69.56%
Jamie Broom, Mr Q, 69.22%
Jade Deter, Revenue, 69.17% col 315

Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Silver
Antonia Brown, SJL Duuk, 71.83%
Vikki Pengilly, Zion E, 70.67%
Rebekah Wintle, Dolce Vita IV, 70.44%
India Sheridan , Ardie, 70.06%
Joshua Hill, Double Check, 69.83%

Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Gold
Eilidh Grant, Eranda Retto, 73.94%
Jayne Turney, Penhaligons Jupiter, 73.67%
Tahley Reeve Smith, Sharola Show Star, 71.83%
Olivia Palmer, Candini, 71.44%
Devan Woodgate, Distaulgold, 71.39%
Olivia Towers, Mercian Edjena, 70.72%
Jasmine Harding, Heitzmann Deco, 70.33%
Serena Gordon, Wonderland, 70.28%
Jezz Palmer, Dutch Class, 70.17%
Jamie Broom, Furst Impression, 70.11%
Maddy Whelan, Monsieur Pomerol, 70.00%