Quest Format Refresh for 2023

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Fri, 02 Dec 2022 14:42

British Dressage is delighted to announce a new format for Quest competitions in 2023, offering year-round competition opportunities and improved accessibility for British Dressage Club members.

Team Quest and My Quest, powered by Saracen Horse Feeds, is our entry level series designed for those looking to experience dressage in a fun, relaxed environment.  Originally launched in 2013, after ten years we are refreshing the format in 2023, as we look to continue improving this much enjoyed and popular competition opportunity.

Following feedback from our members and data analysis conducted by our team at BDHQ, it was identified that competitors in Quest were travelling further for their Quest Regional Finals than they would for an Area Festival.  With the cost of living and fuel prices increasing, we wanted to reduce rider travel time and costs, ensuring that this championship remains accessible for our Club members. We also recognised that Full members have year-round qualification opportunities within other series, an important part of the competing rider’s membership and aspirations, as they aim to progress on their dressage journey.

Taking all of this into consideration, we’re excited to unveil our plans for Quest competitions spanning all twelve months of the year, with the introduction of a Winter Quest League, as well as new semi-finals within the Quest Championship pathway, to ensure that the Quest series can continue to attract and offer opportunities to as many grass roots riders as possible.

2023 Championship format

With the current tender agreements coming to an end in 2022, we’ve introduced ten new semi-finals, which will offer an improved geographical spread across the UK.  Competitors will be able to select their chosen semi-final at the start of the season, with the option to request a change within two months of their first Quest competition, as per current rules.

Please contact the Quest team to make venue registrations in writing.

2023 Semi-Final Venues

  • Codham Park, Braintree, Essex
  • Colraine, Truro, Cornwall
  • Golden Cross, Hailsham, East Sussex
  • Highfield at Howe, Fife
  • Holmside Hall, Burnhope, Durham
  • Little Mill, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire
  • Moreton, Dorchester, Dorset
  • Radfords, Oswestry, Shropshire
  • Vale View, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
  • Willow Banks, Claxby, Lincolnshire


Each venue will have their own leader boards, designed in a similar format to those used for Regional Finals in previous years.  Riders and teams can compete anywhere in the UK and their points will be added to their chosen semi-final leader board.

Leader boards will be updated weekly and available to view on the Quest section of the British Dressage website. Riders and teams will need to gain two scores at a level before appearing on the leader boards; please contact if you have any queries or wish to notify the team of incorrect points.

Winter National League and Competitions

Starting from 1 September 2023 and running through to 31 December 2023, we will be offering a winter series of competitions at regular BD Quest venues with a national leader board for each level / section. This brand-new opportunity will offer riders and teams a great chance to continue progressing their performance at the end of the year when the normal Quest season would otherwise be coming to an end.

Points will be awarded in the same way as the Quest Championships, with the winter leader boards updated on a fortnightly basis.  At the end of the winter season, there will be rosettes awarded to the top ten and prizes will be awarded to the top three in each level and section.

Entry and participation in the Winter Quest League will not affect eligibility for Quest Championships in the future. However, all riders must be eligible for the classes they are competing in, as per the eligibility tables at the start of the winter season.  Please refer to the 2023 BD Members’ Handbook for the rules regarding eligibility, which will be available online from early next week.

BD Chief Executive, Jason Brautigam commented, “Quest has been an integral part of our competition structure since its introduction shortly after London 2012. We wanted to create a series that offered a fun, relaxed introduction to dressage for all, and it has been a tremendous success, with 3,500 Club members enjoying Team Quest and My Quest.  Ten years on it’s a fitting time to refresh this much-loved opportunity and continue our own quest to bring dressage to a new audience.

“We have listened to member feedback and introduced these new initiatives to allow more riders to experience Quest on a national scale, not only within the current championship pathway but also with the introduction of the Winter Quest League.  Together with our valued sponsors, Saracen Horse Feeds, we want to offer BD Club members the best grass roots experience in equestrian sport and look forward to seeing Quest continue to thrive in 2023 as we evolve this series onto the next level.”