Reduce your footprint at the Nationals

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 05 Sep 2022 10:40 GMT

Hear about how you can make your impact a positive one at this year's LeMieux National Championships and join us on our path to green equestrian journey!



We're excited to announce our partnership with Lifesaver for the Nationals! Lifesaver's a certified B-Corp on a mission to create fairer, cleaner, and circular power for people and the planet by supplying a circular service of renting power banks to reduce battery waste. We're offering this service for free for our spectators over the four days to enhance the digital experience we are providing this year! Clean, renewable energy in every power bank saves 13 grams of co2.

How will it work?

Visit the Lifesaver trandstand to pick up a fully charged pocket-sized power bank and cable. After paying the £xx deposit you'll be given your power bank and charging cable to power up your phone. If your power bank runs out throughout the day, you can exchange it for a fresh one as many times within the day as you like! When you're finished with your Lifesaver, return it by the end of the day and get your full deposit back.

We hope you make the most of this service as we are driving the digital experience this year and appreciate that battery life could affect this, we wanted to counteract this in a responsible and more sustainable way.


 Black Horse One

In our main arena, our judges are scoring completely paperless! This is doable with the help of Black Horse One. Looking into how we can adapt our sport to be kinder to the planet is something BD is seriously passionate about and working tirelessly to continuously improve! eDressage™ is described as "rock solid, proven technology delivers and visualises marks and results to the athlete, audience, broadcasts and everywhere else. In real time.". Currently, 20,202 shows have been judged by eDressage™ in 27 different countries with 7,694,077 marks have been given in eScribe for eDressage™. This is an innovative solution to reducing waste which can have a massive positive impact on the environment.

Paper production causes deforestation, uses vast amounts of energy and water and contributes to air pollution and waste problems. This year we will have saved XXX sheets of paper in the main arena meaning we have saved XXg of co2.


QR Code Stations

We've made our program completely digital this year with easy-access QR codes in key areas around Somerford Park. These will direct you straight to the digital program and web pages we know you want to see. This enormously helps reduce the carbon footprint of the Nationals and overall impact which we're warmly welcoming this year.

In 2022, we've also dedicated the British Dressage website homepage to the Nationals which will make information easier to access than ever before supported by QR codes onsite.

Radio Nationals

The much loved Radio Nationals will be live over the fours days and we encourage you to bring your own earphone. This will help reduce the amount of single use electrical waste we produce as we know how damaging this can be on the planet.


We will have recycling bins situated throughout the grounds of Somerford park which we hope our visitors will make use of. This is a simple but impactful way to be kinder to the environment and help make the National Championships cleaner and greener!