Saracen Horse Feeds Quest Semi-Finals 2023

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 11 Oct 2023 14:21 GMT

With ten semi-finals happening across the country during September and October, see who'll be making their way to the new Saracen Horse Feeds Quest Championship venue at Arena UK, 3 - 5 November. 

Quest Semi Finals Radfords 23

Willow Banks Equestrian Centre

9 - 10 September

Starting the series of Quest Semi-Finals was Lincolnshire based venue Willow Banks, where the top three My Quest riders from each level and section go through to the National Championships.

Maisie Mountain and the eleven year old Palomino gelding, Kered Stormchaser gained themselves two tickets in the U21 Prelim and Novice sections. Starting Quest three years ago this will be their second time at the championships. It was another double sash day for Millie Brierley and Barnsview Little Asti, who are also part of the U21 Quest Team, Penistone Piaffers. This is their first season at Quest and took home a red rosette in the U21 Intro and supported their team to take second place in the U21 Team competition too.

After being placed in D Squad earlier this year, Caitlin Evans-Simpson wanted to give Quest a go. Heading to the championships with nine year old gelding Thorngate Crusader after the pair came second in the U21 Prelim and third in the U21 Intro. It's A Bling Thing will be making their way to the championships once more in the U21 Team Quest as well as the Moor Hens who placed fifth at Bury Farm last year in the Open Team.


Daisy Radfords 23

Radfords Equestrian Centre

9 - 10 September

On the same weekend Radfords Equestrian also hosted their Quest Semi-Final, welcoming riders from the North West and Wales. ‘Team Whalebone' placed second in the Open Team competition. Supported by rider Christine Boanas, who competed in the Prelim section, told us, “Thank you to all the organisers who made the event feel extremely special, full of team spirit and encouragement. Incredibly proud to have ridden on Team Whalebone.”

Michele Cook, who is part of the winning Open Team ‘It’s a Pleasure to Judge’ also said “They made us all feel so special and nothing was too much trouble. They went above and beyond to make the semi final a fabulous experience.”

Biscuit IV and young rider Daisy-Mae Gaunt are also heading to the championships in the My Quest Intro after coming second with 67.61%. There first experience of dressage, only picking up the reins this year.


Prancing Queens Moreton

Moreton Equestrian Centre

23 September

Heading down to Dorset, riders were welcomed to Moreton Equestrian. Ruby Walker took home two qualifications in the U21 Prelim and Novice classes with Moylough Cruz, producing two over 73% scores. This is their first year at dressage, only heading down the centre line in January.

Having only done four Quest shows before heading to the Moreton, Lily-Mae Richardson and her fourteen year old gelding My Cinnabar Fox topped the podium in the My Quest Open Prelim class. “We had a lovely time, so relaxed, great atmosphere and loved the effort put into the prize giving. It was a real atmosphere,” Lily told us. ‘The Prancing Queens’ were delighted to take the win in the Open Team competition, “We had a fabulous day at Moreton. The lap of honour a particular highlight!” With two riders scoring over 72% in the Open Prelim.


Nikcy's Girls Vale View

Vale View Equestrian

23 - 24 September

Theo Charnley and RSCPA George are heading back to the championships after placing eighth in the U21 Intro last year. Also part of the WMDG Bluebirds who won the U21 Team Quest competition, he’s secured two tickets to Arena UK.

‘Nicky’s Girls’ came second in the Open Team Quest, with riders competing in the Prelim and Novice classes, it was Millie Higgs and Freya's Fantasy who achieved the highest score for the team with 69.33%. Double sashes were awarded to Sasha Holmes and Cooley Rambler in the U21 Prelim and Novice with two scores over 70%. Starting their dressage journey only two years ago where they qualified for an Area Festival, they turned their hand to Quest this year, competing in a handful of shows since August.


Breakspear Blazers Codham Park

Codham Park Equestrian

23 - 24 September

Coming second in the Open Team Quest, Breakspear Blazers with a total score of 210.54%, with riders competed in all three sections, it was Emily Jane Edwards and Skywalkers Silver Lass who produced the top score in the Intro on 70.54%. They're also heading to the championships as an individual in the Open Prelim too. “We had a great day at Codham Park, thanks to all the Codham Park organisers, judges and helpers," Emaily said.

It was a close top three in the U21 Prelim, all scoring within 0.4% of each other, but Elizabeth Horne and Cillbhrid Kate topped the podium. They started their Quest journey earlier this year, only competing in four shows before the Semi-Final. Also attending the Sheepgate U25 Championships where they came fifth in the Prelim.


Rebecca Holmside Hall

Holmside Hall

23 - 24 September

It was second place and a qualification for Rebecca Winstanley and Samurai VI in the Open Novice section with 66.34%. A regular at Holmside Hall for Quest since 2021, they are also part of ‘Holmside Hall's Half Passed It’ team who came seventh.

Kathryn Brown is heading to the championships in the My Quest Open Intro with her six year old gelding Llanarth Bay Flyer. Their first year at dressage and Quest they have regularly placed on top of the podium. ‘Joy Riders’ were our winners in the U21 Team competition, with all four riders placing in the top three across all three levels, Beth Harrison and Garthfach Whisky Rocks in the Novice as well as Becky Weston and Boleyglass Jocker riding in the Intro coming first.


Loud Bandits Howe 23

Highfield at Howe Equestrian Centre

23 - 24 September

The ‘Spur Sisters’ who came second in the U21 Team Quest competition loved their first experience at the Semi-Finals, in the Intro and Prelim it was Jaime Ives McNeil and Whineray Playboy who achieved the highest score for the team. However it was the ‘Loud Bandits’ who pipped them to the top of the podium with a total score of 196.63%.

“It was our first big solo trip away with my young horse and we had a lovely time,” Louise Hare told us about her experience. Winning the My Quest Open Intro with Menlo Casper on 68.15% they were delighted to have won. “Super venue, so friendly and well organised. Thanks so much to everyone involved in organising it.”

It was second place and a ticket to the championships for Shanyn Wilson, who competed in the My Quest U21 Intro class with Eglwysfach Llewelyn. Normally in the showing ring this will be the pairs first time at Arena UK.


Dreckly Dressage Colraine 23

Colraine Equestrian Centre

30 - 1 October

Chloe Dutton topped the podium at Colraine in the U21 Prelim and Novice My Quest classes, with her 13.2hh grey gelding Brimpts White Star. Their first season at quest and they’ve exceeded all expectations, having a very clean record of first places since they started in March.

'Dreckly Dressage', who competed in the Intro and Prelim classes in the Open Team Quest were the highest placed team with 206.70%. The four riders;  Alison Gaisford, Emily Hunt, Jennifer Booth and Lucy Trowt will be making their way to the championships for the first time. Also making their way to Arena UK for the first time in the My Quest Open Intro is Hannah Care and seven year old gelding Brechfa Ciga with an impressive score of 71.20% they’ll be making the trip from Cornwall.


Golden Cross 23

Golden Cross Equestrian Centre

30 - 1 October

In the Open Prelim classes it was two over 70% scores that secured Hannah Rogers and Jade Mitchell a place at the National Championships. Riding Woodendfarm Viva, Hannah was awarded 75.38% by the judge Kathryn Bottomley (B) and June Carol Long (C) while Jade was a close second with 74.13%.

‘Fillies on Top’ were certainly on top at this semi-final in the Team Quest Open classes. Competing in all three levels, the four riders had an average of 68% to be awarded red rosettes. Cydney Gilbert, who is part of the team, is also heading to the championships in the U21 Prelim My Quest class too after scoring 75% with Quel Surprise.


It's A Bling Thing Little Mill

Little Mill Equestrian

30 - 1 October

Little Mill Equestrian was the last chance for Quest riders to qualify for the National Championships in November. Placing fifth at Bury Farm last year the Moor Hens are back, winning the Open Team Quest with 204.23%, which puts them in a good place on the leaderboard. As Team Quest qualification is based on ratios relating to the teams who finish on the relevant Semi-Final leaderboard.

‘It’s a Bling Thing’ also attended the championships in the U21 Team class finishing just outside the top ten, they placed top of the podium with an almost similar score of 204.68%. In the My Quest competition, Rosamund Hughes Price and Major Rocky secured the red rosette in the Intro with 71.74%, a personal best for the pair. With this being the first full season at Quest, the nine year old gelding will be heading to the championships for the first time.