Set for Somerford: Jackie Siu and Ekitof

  • Written By: British Dressage | Alice Daish
  • Published: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 09:49 GMT

Jackie Siu representing her home country Hong Kong will be making her way to the LeMeiux National Championships on Carl Hester’s ride Ekitof.


With one gold medal in her pocket from the Asian Games in 2018 Jackie Siu, Hong Kong rider has competed at four consecutive Asian Games in 2006, 2010, 2014 where she and Ferrera were placed 4th individually. Making history twice when she qualified and competed at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses and the World Equestrian Games.

Picking up the reins on Carl Hester’s Zucchero gelding Ekitof in March of this year they attended Somerford Park Premier League in the hope of qualifying for the LeMieux National Championships. Training with Carl but based at her own yard in Oxfordshire, the pair had only competed together at two other competitions before claiming third in the Stübben Inter II.

The gelding had a three year break from competition, having previously competed in two Grand Prix tests with Carl it was a solid start for the duo. “It’s fabulous to have a Grand Prix horse again,” said Jackie. “I’m starting to get to know him in a show atmosphere.” The fourteen year old gelding then gained two top five placings at Wellington and Hartpury in June and July to finish off their season before heading back to Somerford in a few weeks.

Her dressage passion started when she was ten years old when she moved to the UK and joined the Pony Club, thanking a naughty pony says Jackie, “he always let me down when jumping so I focused on my flatwork to improve his behaviour.”

Venturing into top-level sport with the help of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Jackie has the drive and determination to succeed, “is extremely challenging. As an athlete, you are always pushing yourself to your limits in order to develop and reach your potential.”

Talking about what it’s like training horses from Young Horse to Grand Prix, “You have the added dimension of the horse, which has its own mind. So not only do I have to ensure that I am fit and well, but also that my equine partners are the same. Understanding your horse and know what makes them happy or motivates them, is the stage when you have a partnership.”

Now running her own breeding programme in the Cotswolds, Pebbly Hill Stud she stives to combine the best bloodlines she says, “I want to provide a quality environment, ensure positive development for horses that are destined for top level sport.  The in-depth knowledge and passion for bloodlines and their attributes is invaluable in selecting the mares we have at stud and which sires to match with them.”