SICAB dressage qualifiers in the UK

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:39 GMT

We're delighted to announce that for a second year ANCCE (the Spanish PRE society), GBPRE (Great Britain PRE) and British Dressage have secured qualification in the UK for the annual COPA ANCCE PRE World Dressage Championships final which takes place at SICABin Seville, Spain, in November.

There will be eight opportunities in the UK for riders of pure-bred Spanish horses to secure dressage qualification for SICAB (Salon Internacional del Caballo) which is the pinnacle of the PRE calendar drawing over 250,000 visitors every year and holding championship finals for multiple disciplines but only involving one breed – the PRE (Pura Raza Española).

Each PRE (Purebred Spanish horse), depending on its age and training, may participate in the ANCCE Cup from Four-Year-Old Young Horse classes up to Grand Prix.

2018 ANCCE Cup for Dressage UK qualification competition calendar


11 – 13 May - Addington, Bucks CDN3*, 1.2

26 – 28 May - Somerford, Cheshire CDN3*,  1.2

6 – 10 June - Wellington, Hants CDN3*, 1.2

19 – 23 June - Hickstead, Sussex CDN3*, 1.2

4 – 8 July - Hartpury, Glos CDI3* & Premier League, 1.5

26 July - Hartpury, Glos GBPRE National Show, 1.3

24 – 26 August - Bury Farm High Profile Show CDN3*, 1.5

September - To be confirmed CDN3*, 1.2

For the full rules and regulations see the GBPRE website or email:

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