Summer Regional Championships: Bicton Arena

  • Written By: Kim Forster
  • Published: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 11:34 GMT

There was no shortage of scintillating dressage combinations over three sunny days of competition at Bicton Arena Summer Regional Championships (21-24 July 2022), with the honours going to a different pair in every class, each gaining that sought after ticket to the LeMieux National Championships.

Novice Silver Hannah Luesley 2

The team from Elite Dressage were out in force competing at their local venue with wins in the BETTALIFE Novice Silver for Hannah Luesley (pictured above) and for Beth Bainbridge in the Equitop Elementary Gold class, plus places for Leah Cornish and Jess Ralton in the Centre Line Prelim Silver and BETTALIFE Novice Silver respectively.  Hannah and Newton Astro Nascente, a chestnut gelding owned and bred by Elite Dressage scored an excellent 69.81% to take first place in the Novice Silver class.  “He was amazing,” Hannah commented.  “He tried his heart out and gave all he could in the test.  He really seems to love being at a show and works as hard as he can.  I feel really lucky to be riding him and want to thank Anna Ross and the team at Elite Dressage for the opportunity to compete him – he really is a super horse!”

E Gold

Beth Bainbridge (pictured above) topped her Elementary Gold class on Dutch bred, My Pride with the highest score of the entire Championships - 75.47%. Needless to say, she was delighted with ‘Marvin’ as he is known to his friends.  “He’s five years old, what a guy,” she enthused.  “Anna Ross took a fancy to him in Holland last year and he came back with her – she is quite a fan!  He just loves competing, even in the prize giving he was smelling the flowers and generally enjoying himself so he’s a fantastic fun ride and he is so clever in training.  I think he is going to have a brilliant future.”

Novice Gold Charlotte (1)

Dannie Morgan was also very pleased to gain his tickets to the LeMieux National Championships in the BETTALIFE Novice Gold class.  Charlotte Dujardin (pictured above) came first and second on Times Mezatia, (Franklin x Belisomo M) with 75.12% and Times Magni (Geniaal x Van Jelinda M) with 73.89%.  Dannie knew he had to come third and fourth to get places at Somerford Park and he did just that.  Both mares, Oh My VH and Vive la Reinne VH are owned by Karen Rausing and came to Dannie as three-year-olds.  “I backed both of them and they are lovely horses with superb temperaments.  I have to say they were a total pleasure to train and really deserve their place at the Nationals, they are both superstar horses,” Dannie added.

Prelim Silver Charlotte Mack

 Charlotte Mack (pictured above) took The Centre Line Prelim Silver title on her own Unchained Melody, an ex-eventer who has only been doing pure dressage for four months, with a superb score of 72.30%.  “She can do no wrong,” Charlotte told us.  “I am really chuffed with her performance she has the most amazing temperament and is perfect for me, my trainer Georgia Stokes tells me.  She has so much potential, I can’t wait to work through the levels with her.”

 The Centre Line Prelim Gold class was won by Steffie Bryant on Northman of Kilanwith a score of 73.22%.  Known as Demi at home and owned by Christine Kirk, Steffie has only been riding him for eight weeks.  “He is the coolest four-year-old I’ve ever come across, a true gentleman, it’s almost as if he’s done it all before.  I train with Isobel Wessels and Rob Barker and they are both very excited about his prospects.”

 Stacey Escrig and her own Goldfrappe R placed first with a score of 70.78% in the Equitop Elementary Silver class along with a fourth in the same class on Joie De Vivre III.  Stacey who was thrilled with the result said, “He is just such a good boy, like a big Labrador really!”

M Silver Chloe Dawes

ZZ Top sired Femma Lijbra owned and produced by Chloe Dawes (pictured above)  came out on top in the Top Spec Medium Silver class.  Scoring 72.34% she was delighted with her test, known as Chilli at home because of her chilled-out temperament Chloe tells us, “She is so straightforward and reliable, she comes out of the stable the same every day.   I think I grinned the whole way round my test, she was going so well and it felt really good.  Femma Lijbra had a serous shoulder injury a year ago and it has been a long rehab, but she certainly seems to be back and ready to perform now.”

 The Top Spec Medium Gold class was won by Christine Kirk owned Herbstrot, ridden by Robert Barker with a score of 74.46%.  This result followed an Advanced Medium win at the Festival of Dressage at Hartpury earlier in July.

Sara-Jane Lanning AM Gold

Sara-Jane Lanning repeated her win from 2021 taking the Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium Gold class on the Nichola Seale owned mare, Hawtins Lirica.  Sara-Jane also came third in the same class on her own Breit Fantastic.  “We already had the Nationals ticket at PSG through a direct qualification at Vale View,” Sara-Jane explained. “She is a star act, I’ve been riding her since Elementary level – she loves to work to the extent that she actually is quite cross if she isn’t, so we keep her occupied with lots of varied work.”  Sara-Jane added “We absolutely love coming to Bicton Arena, its like having a mini summer holiday, everything is organised so beautifully.”

The Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium Silver ticket went to Natalie Passmore on the Johnson x Pessoa, Diago II with a score of 70.09%.

The Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Silver and Gold classes were won by Bridget Tate on her own Daltrey with a score of 68.33% and Natasha Rumble on Dragon Fly with 70.00% respectively.

The Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I class was won by Lucy Baker on her own pure thoroughbred Voolra.  “It has taken years but he now actually looks like a dressage horse and I was really proud of his score, it was a good test.” Lucy commented.  The Inter I Gold was won by David Harvey on Rosanna with a super score of 71.81%.

 Congratulations to all the competitors and thanks to the organisers and their team for their hard work in making the regional championships run smoothly.

Results - top three

The Centre Line Preliminary Silver
1. Charlotte Mack and Unchained Melody, 72.30%
2. Lauren Picknett and Bonnie V, 71.32%
3. Helen Govier and Marvin, 69.54%

The Centre Line Preliminary Gold
1. Stefanie Bryant and Northman of Kilan, 73.22%
2. Jessica Ralton and Half Moon Forever, 73.16%
3. Darren Hicks and Mischievous Me, 72.59%

BETTALIFE Novice Silver
1. Hannah Luesley and Newton Astro Nascente, 69.81%
2. Victoria Sollitt and Bravo Zulu, 68.21%
3. Alysia Matravers and Dargason’s Moon Shadow, 67.16%

1. Charlotte Dujardin and Times Mezati, 75.12%
2. Charlotte Dujardin and Times Magni, 73.89%
3. Dannie Morgan and Oh My VH, 72.72%

Equitop Elementary Silver
1. Stacey Escrig and Goldfrapp R, 70.78%
2. Hannah Luesley and Newton Astro Nascente, 70.63%
3. Hayley Ford and Crimson Gold, 69.74%

Equitop Elementary Gold
1. Beth Bainbridge and My Pride, 75.47%
2. Emily Ormerod and FLS Samphire, 71.25%
3. Alicia Laughton and Armada Bathsheba, 69.58%

Top Spec Medium Silver
1. Chloe Victoria Dawes and Femma Lijbra, 72.34%
2. Louisa Brend and Cynheidrefawr Gerwyn, 69.55%
3. Amy Searle and Haver II, 67.88%

TopSpec Medium Gold
1. Robert Barker and Herbstrot, 74.46%
2. Jezz Palmer and King IV, 71.22%
3. Lucinda Elliot and Hawtins Floresta, 71.04%

Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium Silver 
1. Natalie Passmore and Diago II, 70.09%
2. Ruth Almond and Hightricks, 67.32%
3. Helen Williamson and Fariseo, 65.79%

Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium Gold
1. Sara-Jane Lanning and Hawtins Lirica, 71.97%
2. Daniel Greenwood and His Highness, 70.13%
3. Sara-Jane Lanning and Breit Fantastic, 69.65%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Silver
1. Bridget Tate and Daltrey, 68.33%
2. Emily Burns and Lago Icon, 67.16%
3. Jennifer Charleston and Cinnamon Girl, 66.62%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold
1. Natasha Rumble and Dragon Fly VCG, 70,00%
2. Calum Whitworth and Hennessy T, 69.36%
3. Emily Ormerod and Freya FST, 68.92%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Silver
1. Lucy Baker and Voolra, 67.25%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Gold
1 David Harvey and Rosanna, 71.81%
2. Elder Klatzko and Dior VIII, 70.39%
3. Natasha Rumble and Dragon Fly VCG, 69.66%


Photo © ESP-Photography