Summer Regional Championships: Northallerton Equestrian Centre

  • Written By: British Dressage | Joanna Bowns
  • Published: Fri, 18 Aug 2023 10:56

Paul Hayler and Becky Moody each secured a double of titles at Northallerton Equestrian Centre’s Summer Regional Championships (22 – 24 July 2023), while Katherine Tullie was the highest scorer when taking The Centre Line Preliminary Gold win at the North Yorkshire venue.

List 1 Judge and former BD Training Director, Paul Hayler dominated the Gold sections at the FEI levels, taking a double win with the 10-year-old chestnut mare Suhara Jubilee (Showmaker x Almaz), pictured above. The pair posted 71.91% to scoop the Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold and 71.62% to win the Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Gold, with Charlotte Lutener and AB Barroco claiming the runners-up spot in both.

“I was delighted with her,” commented Paul about the talented homebred. “You get those tests where everything goes to plan, and that happened at the Regionals. She offered it, as she always does, and there’s more to come as she develops further.”

Suhara Jubilee was started off as a youngster by Paul’s now son-in-law, Andrew Wright. Later produced and competed by Paul’s daughter Bobby (Hayler-Wright), the ride was subsequently passed to Paul when the mare grew taller than expected. “She was tiny as a youngster… but now she’s 17.3hh! And because of her size, we gave her a lot of growing time. She has everything there - a good temperament, super paces, plus she is fantastic in the arena and never ‘looky’. She’s also a really nice person in the stable.”

Paul, who has also qualified six-year-old mare Delta Force TH (by Diagio) for the BETTALIFE Novice Gold Championship, has ridden at countless National Championships throughout his career. “It always feels very special to compete at the Nationals. The atmosphere is fantastic and after all the hard work over the year, it’s a good way to end the season. You never tire of it.”

Grand Prix rider Becky Moody, who is making great strides on the international stage this year, added to her memorable year so far with a successful Summer Regional Championships at Northallerton including two young rides each securing a ticket to the LeMieux National Championships.

Topping the HorseQuest Elementary Gold with her five-year-old German-born gelding, Sieben Siegel SL (by Secret), pictured above, Becky's TopSpec Medium Gold regional title came courtesy of a winning performance by her KWPN mare, Magic Dream (Governor x Swarovski), who also won Northallerton’s KBIS 6YO Semi Final.

The highest score across the three days belonged to Katherine Tullie who piloted her five-year-old KWPN gelding, Neymar (Feel Good x Vivaldi), pictured above, to take The Centre Line Preliminary Gold win on a super 73.74%. Katherine also rode her Everdale daughter Joie À Vie (Everdale x Krack C) to second place in the Bret Willson Dressage International Advanced Medium Silver and fourth in the TopSpec Medium Gold.

"He was just amazing," commented Katherine about Neymar who she bought as a two-year-old from the Netherlands. "He's only five and it was his first regionals but he didn't bat an eyelid - he just did his job. His trot work is really good and the feeling he gives is really flowing. He's 17.2hh and the canter can be a little strung out, but it's getting better as he gets stronger. 

"He's always very willing and I've never got any doubt that he is going to behave, which gives me a chance to actually ride the test," added Katherine (29), who is from the Scottish Borders but based with the Hayler family at their County Durham base for the summer before embarking on training to become an agronomist. "I'm working with the Haylers for this summer and have the two horses with me. Following the Regionals, Neymar went home for a two-week holiday but he's now back with me at Paul's to prepare for the Nationals."

The Silver sections boasted competitive fields, with the highest score (71.72%) belonging to the HorseQuest Elementary winners, Nicola Naprstek and the 15-year-old British-bred Hanoverian, Don Cru (Don Henrico x Grand Cru) - pictured above. The duo also took a close second place to Jade Whitelaw and Late Night in the TopSpec Medium Silver.

"I was pretty thrilled with him, even though it felt like winter!" said a delighted Nicola, referring to the unseasonably wintry weather that struck during the show. "He's a superstar. I love him to bits. He pulled out two lovely tests."

Nicola has owned 'DC' since he was a two-year-old, produced him herself and says he is very much part of the family. "We have a really good relationship and I love riding him. He's stabled just outside my window and always looks out for me," says Nicola, who has a small private yard in North Yorkshire where she lives with her husband Mark and their five-year-old son William. As well as being a partner in a business with Mark, Nicola does some freelance coaching when time allows.

She and DC also won the Advanced Medium Bronze at the recent Petplan Summer Area Festival at Alnwick Ford. "Going to shows is our opportunity to spend time together as a family - it's a good family day out. William loves coming to shows, he won't let me start the lorry without him!"

Congratulations to all the winning riders and owners, and to everyone who took part. Thanks go to organiser Tina Walker and the entire team at Northallerton Equestrian Centre for hosting a successful Summer Regional Championships. 

Top three places
The Centre Line Preliminary Silver
1. Helen Little and Merlot ‘T Hage, 70.86%
2. Inola Smith and Upsall’s Lorna, 70.06%
3. Tracy Squire and Monnington Da Vinci, 68.74%

The Centre Line Preliminary Gold
1. Katherine Tullie and Neymar, 73.74%
2. Anna Burns and San Isidro, 72.36%
3. Jade Whitelaw and Nancy I, 72.01%

BETTALIFE Novice Silver
1. Jordan Kavanagh and Magic Mikey, 68.70%
2. Elaine Wormwell and Finest Midnight Blue, 68.27%
3. Annabelle Tyson and Havanie, 65.62%

1. Ruth Hole and Woodlander Querrida, 73.46%
2. Hannah Esberger-Hancock and Moonlight Dancer JVDS, 72.41%
3. Kirstie Clarke and Sunshine Valley, 72.04%

HorseQuest Elementary Silver
1. Nicola Naprstek and Don Cru, 71.72%
2. Hilary Janion and Active Zeitgeist, 71.46%
3. Samantha Jimmison and Roccoco CJS, 70.21%

HorseQuest Elementary Gold
1. Becky Moody and Sieben Siegel SL, 71.67%
2. Jade Whitelaw and Late Night, 70.26%
3. Melissa Chapman and Godieta’s Mind Over Matter, 69.79%

TopSpec Medium Silver
1. Jade Whitelaw and Late Night, 70.09%
2. Nicola Naprstek and Don Cru, 70.00%
3. Jessica Ely and Formidable I, 69.10%

TopSpec Medium Gold
1. Becky Moody and Magic Dream, 73.15%
2. Amy Woodhead and MSJ Gold Standard, 70.95%
3. Melissa Chapman and Koning II, 69.55%

Bret Willson Dressage International Advanced Medium Silver
1. Patsy Bartram ad Greenacres Cadiz, 68.11%
2. Katherine Tullie and Joie À Vie, 68.07%
3. Jade Whitelaw and Dauphin III, 66.36%

Bret Willson Dressage International Advanced Medium Gold
1. Mary Pritchard and Koeka Matcha JCS, 71.84%
2. Anne-Marie Cowan and Lumière L, 71.80%
3. Anne-Marie Cowan and Kracka GH, 68.60%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Silver
1. Grace Webster and Eureko, 66.03%
2. Emily Clarke-Attwood and Inspector Gadget II, 65.00%
3. Rebecca McNair and Bolana, 64.75%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold
1. Paul Hayler and Suhara Jubilee, 71.91%
2. Charlotte Lutener and AB Barroco, 68.82%
3. Melissa Chapman and TCE Jubilant Al Sno, 68.63%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Silver
1. Emma Bond and Lime Walk, 64.51%
2. Sally Walker and Wilton Wood Blaze, 63.04%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Gold
1. Paul Hayler and Suhara Jubilee, 71.62%
2. Charlotte Lutener and AB Barroco, 70.10%
3. Sally Walker and Wilton, 67.40%


Photo © Paul Dobson Photography