Summer Regional Championships: Parwood Equestrian Centre

  • Written By: Helen Triggs | British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 24 Jul 2023 11:41 GMT

It may have been a blowing a gale at Parwood Equestrian Centre (15 – 17 July 2023) but competitors toughed it out to win those precious qualifications to the LeMieux National Championships. Nicola Buchanan and Sue Brougham both won two titles and a number of riders went home with more than one ticket to the Nationals.

Nicola Buchanan and St Giles Flamboyant

Nicola won both Medium and Advanced Medium Gold with St Giles Stud’s talented mare, St Giles Flamboyant (Franklin x Fürst Romancier), pictured above. These wins added to a tally of nine wins in a row, including a first place in the 7yo class at Hartpury Premier League. The pair were also reserve Medium Gold champions last year.

“She goes in and tries so hard,” said a delighted Nicola who has been riding her for her breeder the Countess of Shaftesbury since she was a five-year-old. “She was a little bit more relaxed in the Advanced Medium as it was her second time into the arena and her canter was a little more forward and uphill. But she felt lovely in both – I’m nit-picking!”

Amazing VY (Krack C x Olivi) lived up to his name, delivering both PSG Silver and Inter I Silver titles for his owner of two years, Sue Brougham. The pair are having a super year as they landed the Inter I Silver championship at this year’s Winter Championships.

Sue has owned the 18-year-old for two years and has worked hard to teach him to relax. “I’ve taken it slowly with him and now most days he’s very chilled,” said Sue. “We came here with no expectations as we’d only done Area Festivals before – I was just hoping for a rosette! He was very rideable and listened to me. I was actually smiling through the test. I had talked through the tests with (trainer) Richard Barrett and I rode them as if I was having a lesson. Our walk pirouettes have been tricky but they came off. I prefer the full canter pirouettes in the Inter I – they’re his party piece.’

“It was a fantastic shock to qualify for Somerford – it’s a long way for us but my daughter Caroline will come with me. I’ve no expectations again so will be going to enjoy it.”

The PSG Gold winner was Jezz Palmer, riding Emily Ivins’ eight-year-old breeding stallion, Ketcher B (Negro x Stedinger). “He held his own considering he’s had a busy few weeks' competing and covering,” explained Jezz who had help from Sadie Smith in the warm-up. “It was probably the best work he’s done in a test. The results were very close and we were lucky to get the win.

“He’ll have a break before the Nationals. Being a breeding stallion, he has to be strong enough to cover and supple enough to be a dressage horse. Emily likes him to have lots of breaks.”

Jezz also scored a stonking 79.31% on Becky Latimer’s five-year-old British-bred Toddington Debut (Glock’s Toto Junior x Blue Hors Zack) who was bought as a foal. “He’s an absolute dream,” enthused Jezz. “He’s a sensitive soul. He has a massive canter and his big movement can make him a bit nervous. He’s a real yard favourite – everyone loves him. He came to me over the winter for training and when he went back to Becky the girls cried! It was Becky who qualified him for the Regionals.”

Inter I Gold honours were taken by Gary Hoult and Angie Rutherford’s SP Santana (Sir Donnerhall I x Lanciano), a son of Sandy Phillips’ World Equestrian Games ride, Lara. “Angie bought him two-and-a-half years ago and he was a green Advanced Medium horse,” explained Gary. “I was really pleased with the test. There were no major mistakes and he showed improved energy and self-carriage. His canter pirouettes are particularly strong. He’s a lovely horse – the best I’ve ever sat on.”

Andrew Harris is having a lovely time riding his daughter Emily’s horses while she is expecting her first baby. Anna Fullerton-Batten’s Sans-Serai ZK (by Secret) delivered two Nationals qualifications, winning the Novice Gold and coming third in the Prelim Gold. “Anna bought him with Emily’s help in Verden last year and he’s only been competing since the end of March,” explained Andrew. “He’s a very smart-looking horse with three very good paces and tall and elegant. He’s got an excellent temperament. It was very windy and he just got on with it.”

Continuing success
Irish Sports Horse Glasker Anneka is the current Winter Area Festival Reserve Champion at Prelim Bronze and added the Regional Prelim Silver title to her tally. Beth Crawley bought the eight-year-old mare, pictured below, in April last year and has established a very successful partnership with her.

Beth Crawley and Glasker Anneka

“The test felt lovely. She was very relaxed, forward and rhythmical and I was super-happy with her,” said Beth who works full-time and keeps her at livery in Epsom. “She’s very kind and genuine and easy to take out to shows. This was our first Regionals and will be our first visit to the Nationals.”

Isabel Hooley’s Don Grande won the Novice Silver and was second in the Elementary Silver despite ‘Barney’ only having done four Elementary tests before. “I’ve had him for two years,” explained Isabel who works for Andrew Gould. “We backed him at work and I fell in love with him. He’s huge – 17.3hh but so amazing to train. He’s still only five and coped really well in all the wind. He went to the Winters at Hartpury and found it a terrifying experience where everything was scary. Hopefully he’s now able to cope much better.”

Michelle Simpson describes here Elementary Silver winner as ‘a big bouncy ball’ and is thrilled to be taking him to his first National Championships. “I bought him two years ago when he was very wonky and weak,” said Michelle. “We did lots of hacking and clinics. At first, he would only turn out for an hour but now he lives like a normal horse. It was only the third time we’d done this Elementary test and he was lovely. It was the first time he’d been to Parwood so he held his breath a bit at the beginning.”

Keystone Dawn Chorus (Dimaggio x Escudo), Natasha Baker’s World Equestrian Games para dressage silver medallist, produced a lovely test with Natasha’s trainer, Lisa Hopkins, to win the Elementary Gold with 74.01%. Lisa is competing ‘Lottie’ while Natasha has a baby break to give her some more mileage at bigger shows. Natasha will take back the reins later in the year to campaign for the Paralympics next year. “It’s good for Lottie to do different tests as the para tests are always the same,” said Lisa. “She felt super throughout the test and I was pleased with her balance. She got lots of 8s. She’s becoming very established and reliable at the level. We’re not planning to train her any higher as her job is to be a para horse.”

Sharon Power describes her Medium Silver winner Desirado (Danciano x Rhodiamant), pictured below, as ‘an absolute charmer’. “Everyone adores him,” said Sharon who is a freelance groom. “He’s a very special horse. I was a little bit apprehensive before the test but he was just the same as normal. He gets more rideable each test I do. He’s been learning his changes so I have to hold my breath a bit in the counter canter.

Sharon Power and Desirado

“I’ve been training with Karen Shepherd and she’s incredible at focusing on the detail. She’s changed my way of riding and his way of going. She came and worked me in and I went round the test with her still in my ear.”

Dana Sandrock’s Advanced Medium Silver winner, Billie Jean 15, was bred by her mother in Germany so she has known her since she was a foal. German-born Dana originally considered a riding career before training in hospitality which eventually brought her to the UK eight years ago. She has worked in London for four years and keeps Billie at Lea Valley Riding Centre in East London.

“I was pleased with our test,” commented Dana who has had training help from Pippa Hutton. “My main goal was to have fun and make it look effortless. She can get a bit nervous and intimidated so I have to reassure her. It’ll be my first time at the British Nationals. I’ve no expectations but it will be a really exciting experience to have.”

Congratulations to the organisers and their team for keeping the show on the road despite the horrible weather. Thank you to the judges, volunteers, stewards and scorers who make it all possible.

Results (top three)
The Centre Line Preliminary Gold
1. Jezz Palmer and Toddington Debut, 79.31%
2. Lynne Wickes and Furstino, 76.32%
3. Andrew Harris and San Serai ZK, 75.29%

The Centre Line Preliminary Silver
1. Beth Crawley and Glasker Anneka, 70.46%
2. Abi Moore and Coednewydd Kansas Express, 69.83%
3. Rupert Byam-Cook and Twyford Salamander, 69.77%

BETTAlife Novice Gold
1. Andrew Harris and San Serai ZK, 72.78%
2. Jody Haswell and Valentinio, 71.61%
3. Lynne Wicks and Furstino, 71.23%

BETTAlife Novice Silver
1. Isabel Hooley and Don Grande, 73.52%
2. Amy Hose and Enrique, 70.86%
3. Natasha MacDonald and Sauvey Golden Condor, 69.51%

HorseQuest Elementary Gold
1. Lisa Hopkins and Keystone Dawn Chorus, 74.01%
2. Dannie Morgan and Oh My VH, 73.50%
3. Dannie Morgan and Monsieur Frederique, 72.70%

HorseQuest Elementary Silver
1. Michelle Simpson and Frydendal’s Zacko, 69.69%
2. Isabel Hooley and Don Grande, 68.8%
3. Debbie Tausig and Florance, 68.65%

TopSpec Medium Gold
1. Nicola Buchanan and St Giles Flamboyant, 71.31%
2. Alice Oppenheimer and Dascha, 70.81%
3. Amy Stovold and Kenjiro, 70.72%

TopSpec Medium Silver
1. Sharon Power and Desirado, 70.77%
2. Fiona Gierer and Fairoak Daydream, 70.50%
3. Jennifer Corrett and Joie De Vie, 69.55%

Bret Willson Dressage International Advanced Medium Gold
1. Nicola Buchanan and St Giles Flamboyant, 73.82%
2. Oliver Gould and Rockwood Virtue, 70.70%
3. Jezz Palmer and Romanno Weltino, 70.66%

Bret Willson Dressage International Advanced Medium Silver
1. Dana Sandrock and Billy Jean 15, 70.61%
2. Maeve Morris and Headmore Footloose, 70.18%
3. Becky Latimer and Vilan, 69.96%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold
1. Jezz Palmer and Ketcher B, 69.66%
2. Alex Hardwick and Joie De Vivre Prins, 69.51%
3. Olivia Oakley and Rock Diva, 69.46%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Silver
1. Sue Brougham and Amazing VY, 67.40%
2. Paula Sherwood and Zepelin, 67.06%
3. Megan Assouline and Stald Lykke’s Black Magic, 65.74%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Gold
1. Gary Hoult and SP Santana, 70.44%
2. Olivia Oakley and Rock Diva, 70.00%
3. Debbie Poynter and Keystone For Real, 67.26%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Silver
1. Sue Brougham and Amazing VY, 67.89%
2. Megan Assouline and Stald Lykke’s Black Magic, 66.52%
3. Paula Sherwood and Zepelin, 65.69%


Photo © Lottie-Elizabeth Photography (Nicola Buchanan and Beth Crawley) and private (Sharon Power).