SW Seabiscuit race to BD Youth Inter Regional win

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 02 Jul 2018 21:52 GMT

Over 140 of Britain’s young leading lights in dressage descended on Keysoe in Bedfordshire last weekend for the BD Youth Inter Regionals Championship, 30 June – 1 July.

36 teams from the eight regions took part with riders aged from eight to 25 using the BD Youth rider tests which focus on the rider’s position, influence over the way of going and accuracy. It was a close fought battle over the two days but it was the South West Seabiscuit team who stole the lead from Saturday’s leaders the Central Camelelons to take the overall title.

Under 12 rider Lainey O’Neill gave the South West team a great shot at victory on Sunday with the highest score of the weekend with her pony Glyncoch Red Rascal, a stonking 97.4 while team mate Chloe Dawes finished as B+ squad champion with her eight year old Femma Lijbra to help the team score. Third member Destiny Billings raised her game on Sunday in the B Squad tests, bettering her Saturday score with Dovenca by 10% while Daisy Davies and Armada Dyffryncothi Bridget finished third in the C Squad section A with two great 83%+ scores. Eight tests producing a whopping score of 543.8, some 12 points ahead of the Central Cameleons.

South West riders took the final podium spot with the team South West Nijinsky.

The competition highlight is always the entertainment on Saturday and this year didn’t disappoint with the teams from the North West region grouped together to produce a song written and performed by them. They did the writing in a group on WhatsApp and played their own instruments – there may be plans to adopt the winning song as the BD Youth theme tune! Watch this space! 

Victorious RDO Amanda Heath commented on her teams Championship performances; “The SW riders are committed and work hard to support our region and progress with their riding and competition success. The SW BD Youth Rep Jo Lees has boundless energy and enthusiasm and our parents offer support that’s second to none. The success this weekend is because of all of this and as the RDO for the South West Region I’m so proud of each and every person who made our achievements this weekend possible. Thank you all!”

Full results:      TEAM         INDIVIDUAL

Team Competition
1. South West Seabiscuit (Destiny Billings, Chloe Dawes, Lainey O’Neil, Daisy Davies) 543.8
2. Central Cameleons (Amber Morris, Demi Howard Cartwright, Megan Field, Emily Collings) 536.4
3. South West Nijinsky (Caitlan Clancy, Lydia May Blake, Ella Glennon, Carys Baker) 531.9
4. Southern Amber 530.3
5. Southern Saffron 529.1
6. Eastern Cha Cha Slide 520.9
7. South West Shergar 520.7
8. Central Pythons 517.3
9. Northern Jugglers 514.5
10. Eastern Saturday Night Fever 514

A Squad
1. Samantha Wuidart and Blue P (Eastern) 173.8
2. Olivia Robertson and Fine Feathers (South West) 169.5
3. Jodie Reay and Perplex (Eastern) 168.2

B+ Squad
1. Chloe Dawes and Femma Lijbra (South West) 176.8
2. Tom O’Bryan and DHI du Rouet (South West) 172.0
3. Rose McMillan and Daiquiri IV (Central) 167.5

B Squad 
1. Emilia Nelson and WFS Top Red (Central) 190.8
2. Jersey Garrett and Crowide the Talisman (Southern) 179.4
3. Amber Morris and Bernwoode Golden Delicious (Central) 173.0

C Squad section B (riders 15 – 25 years)
1. Manon Evans and Otto VII (Southern) 181.0
2. Holly Hale and Cwmduad Hale Bopp (South West) 179.6
3. Lily Crisp and Mr McGonnagall (Northern) 172.4

C Squad Section A (riders 12 – 14 years)
1. Emily Collings and Chiddock Hour Glass (Central) 177.2
2. Poppy Burner and Rosewater Chamonix (South West) 171.4
3. Daisy Davies and Armada Dyffryncothi Bridget (South West) 169.6

u12 (riders 6 – 11 years)
1. Ella Glennon and Saltmarsh Dragon (South West) 192.2
2. Lainey O’Neill and Glyncoch Red Rascal (South West) 191.2
3. Demi Howard Cartright and The Longhouse Rosadonna (Central) 186.2