Team NAF Junior, YR & Children on Horses short lists

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 19:58 GMT

The British Dressage Junior, Young Rider and Children on Horses Selectors, David Trott, Leanne Wall and Nikki Herbert have today released a short list of combinations for a place on the Team NAF squad at the upcoming Junior, Young Rider and Children on Horses European Championships in Fontainebleau, France on 9 – 15 July 2018.

Children on Horses
Lily Payne (14) from Boston Lincolnshire with Ann Savage’s Beckhouse Cancara (black mare, 12yrs, 14.3hh).

Jessica McConkey (16) from Watlington, Oxfordshire with her own Lady Gaga II (dark bay mare, 9yrs, 16.2hh, s. Quaterback ds. Solos Landwind).
Maddy Whelan (15) from Hailey, Oxfordshire with Sandy Phillips’ Diamond Design (dark brown stallion, 13yrs, 16.1hh, s. Diamond Hit).

Young Riders
Lucy Amy (20) from Jersey with her own Extra Time (dark brown gelding, 9yrs, 17hh). 
Amber Barton (21) from Bewdley, Worcestershire with her own Labiat (chestnut stallion, 14yrs, 16.2hh, s. Le Primeur ds. Werther).
Rebecca Bell (18) from Faringdon, Oxfordshire with Caroline Bell’s Nibeley Union Hit(dark bay mare, 11yrs, 16.1hh, s. Nibeley Union Jack).
Lewis Carrier (21) from Downham Market, Norfolk with Diego V (dark bay gelding, 10yrs, 16.2hh, s. Spielberg)
Angus Corrie-Deane (18) from Salisbury, Wiltshire with his own Tiny Tempur (bay gelding, 13yrs, 17.1hh, s. Raikano).
Dylan Deutrom (20) from Reading, Berkshire with Matt Hicks’ Zorro (bay gelding, 14yrs, 16.2hh, s. Amsterdam).
Charlotte Dicker (19) from Stockbridge, Hampshire with her own Sabatini (dark brown mare, 13yrs, 16.2hh, s. Stedinger ds. Sherlock Holmes).
Jade Ellery (19) based in Cadiz, Spain with her own Porsche’s Eloy (chestnut gelding, 15yrs, 16.2hh, s. Earl ds. Wendenburg).
Alexander Harrison (21) from Chew Magna, Bristol with his own Diamond Hill (chestnut gelding, 7yrs, 15.2hh, s. Don Diamond).
Alexandra Hellings (18) from Bakewell, Derbyshire with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V (bay gelsing, 17yrs, 16hh, s. Krack C ds. Juventus).
Anna Jesty (19) from Wimborne, Dorset with her own Aquiro (bay gelding, 15yrs, 17.1hh, s. Aquino, ds. Donnerschlag).

The horse and rider combinations listed are those from which the Individuals for Children on Horses and Juniors, and Team for Young Riders, are likely to be selected, but others may be considered for selection if they reach the requirements set out in the Selection Policy.

The individual riders for Children on Horses and Juniors, and team and reserve riders for Young Riders, will be announced on Monday 18 June.

The Pre-European Team Camp will be held on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 July. This camp is compulsory for all selected riders/horses and reserves.