The I.C.E. Horseboxes All England Dressage Festival Premier League

  • Written By: Helen Triggs
  • Published: Thu, 27 May 2021 16:25

Dressage’s relocation to the ‘other side’ of the Hickstead site received a unanimous thumbs up from the riders at the first Premier League under the new regime. Despite horrendous weather conditions, the prestigious event at Hickstead, West Sussex (21 - 23 May) was well-organised with a great atmosphere.

There were a number of firsts. Anna Ross and Newton Domino (pictured above) won their first Premier League Grand Prix (GP), Mette Dahl her first Under 25 GP and Tom Goode and Saint Julian their first Inter II. There were also some high-scoring young horses on display, with Emma Jamieson and Lawrence M scoring over 87% in both their five-year-old classes.

“Dotty is quite new to [GP] level so to win was unexpected,” said Anna who rides the DeNiro x Rubinstein mare for the Newton Stud. The pair narrowly beat Fiona Bigwood and Fame XX into second place. “We’ve been slowly working away at Grand Prix. We knew she had it in her. I’ve had a few DeNiro horses. They tend to be hot but I get on quite well them and they always have power. It took Dotty a while to find her wings in the trot work but now it’s a highlight. She was never a horse for the young horse classes, she’s a GP horse through and through.”

Dotty was bred by Lorna Wilson at the Newton Stud out of their foundation mare, Grandiosa. She has had several offspring by embryo transfer and her son is in Anna’s yard waiting to be backed.

Mette Dahl has dressage in her genes. She’s the daughter of Olympians Anders Dahl and Fiona Bigwood. Her win in the Under 25 GP was on the Sir Donnerhall gelding, Sir Donato, who was ridden by both her parents. “He had an injury and has come back into work,” said Fiona. “He’s such a lovely kind horse, sensitive but nice to ride. Mette has been doing the movements on him for a while at home. We waited until the pair was established before going out. Mette was very up for the challenge at Hickstead.”

Tom Goode has been riding Ulla Smirnova’s Saint Julian (Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) - pictured above - for four years and has brought him up the levels to Inter II. “It’s his first Inter II win,” said Tom. “I was really happy with how he’s stepped up. There were a few little green moments but he’s an exciting horse for the future. His flying changes are always a highlight – he got a few 9s for those. While his piaffe is still developing, he has very good passage.”

Nathalie Kayal and DHI Homerun were beaten into second place by Tom but Nathalie had an excellent victory in Friday’s Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges (PSG) with her other ride, DHI Cleverboy.

“Cleverboy has really come into his own. He won at the regionals the week before,” commented Nathalie. “I’m very lucky as he loves his job and is a real showman who lives up to his name! He coped brilliantly with the adverse weather conditions.”

Cleverboy is also introducing 13-year-old Demi Howard-Cartwright to the joys of moving up from horses to ponies. Demi won the Children on Horses Team Test. “Demi’s mum Anna asked me to give her some lessons to get her used to the idea of riding horses,” recalled Nathalie. “She ran through the Children on Horses test and the selectors liked the video so we decided to try them out at a show. I was a bit worried that all the tests would be too much but he’s such an experienced horse, he doesn’t need to warm-up for long and Demi’s test is only Elementary level.”

Demi also won the Pony Team Test on her pony Fin C We.

Jessica Whitehead was also celebrating a first Premier League win, this time at Young Rider level. She and The Amazing Spiderman won both Young Rider tests. ‘Spider’ is a 14-year-old Samarant x Breitling W gelding. As she said later on social media, the win in the team test gave her the confidence to do the individual class, despite never having ridden through the test.

Another dressage dynasty was also on display with both Andrew Gould and his son, Oliver, going home with red rosettes. Andrew brought two exciting young stallions to Hickstead and won Friday’s young horse seven-year-old class with Active Solaris and Sunday’s Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I with Genie I. Oliver headed up the Junior Individual test on Feiner Stern II.

Tatiano Skillman’s Genie I (Zhivago x Sandro Hit), has been training with Andrew for 18 months. He was third in the Inter I at Wellington CDI earlier this month.

“We’re getting a good partnership and more consistency,” said Andrew. “He’s got the most fabulous brain and is happy to work. I hope to push on to Grand Prix next year.”

Solaris (by Sezuan) was bred in Britain by Nicola McGivern and bought by Jo and Terry Barnett-Knott as a youngster. Andrew has been training him for two years. This was only his third show. “We’ve been training at home and only went out last week and won two Advanced Medium classes,” said Andrew. “I was blown away by his maturity. He’s quite a fruity stallion and there were 20 horses in the warmup but I couldn’t fault him. He gave me an amazing ride.”

Also flying the flag for British breeding were Alice Oppenheimer and Headmore Bella Ruby who won Saturday’s Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I. “We did the PSG on the first day in a 50 mph gale – and she’s a hot mare!” said Alice. “The second day she was much better. She always tries really hard, even when she’s buzzy. She’s such a delight to ride and train and it will be so exciting when I get her to Grand Prix.”

“Lockdown wasn’t good for her as she’s a horse that needs to get out competing. I’ll keep her at small tour for a season to get her confidence back again and work on building up her strength.”

Sunday’s Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges was won by Daniel Timson and it was a first win at the level for Debra Barr’s 15-year-old Friesian gelding Tjade Fan Lutke Peinjum (by Rindert 406) - pictured above. “He’s a joy to train and have around,” commented Daniel. “He gives you everything and is easy and uncomplicated. He does his flying changes and canter pirouettes very well. He got better and better throughout the week and tried really hard.”

Lucy Amy is hoping for a place on the British Under 25 team at the European Championships so her win in Sunday’s Haygain Intermediate II on Rudy was a good boost. It was a slightly surreal experience for the pair as the last time they were in that Hickstead arena was at a showjumping competition five years ago.

“He felt amazing, he’s starting to go exactly how I want him to,” said Lucy who trains with Gareth Hughes.” He’s feeling really good and has got to grips with the piaffe and passage.”

Helga owned by Matt Frost and Nicola Keenan, gave Matt a super ride to win Saturday’s Fairfax Saddle Prix St Georges. “The lockdown has been the making of us as it gave us time to train consistently,” said Matt. “She worked with a lot of pizzazz but I was delighted with how she concentrated in the test.”

Matt has been riding the I.C.E. Horseboxes Grand Prix Special winner, Tribiani (pictured above), while his owner/rider Caroline Chew was locked down in Singapore. Caroline took over the reins again a month ago. “He’s a horse that thrives on competition,” said Matt. “It was only his second time doing the Special and it was good for him as he didn’t know where he was going! During lockdown I’ve been doing a lot of hacking and fittening work with him and he’s gained more muscle which has helped his piaffe and extensions.”

Team Millis had a good show with multiple wins and placings in the young horse classes. Lawrence M (Galaxie x Valdez), jointly owned by Sarah and Katja Kuistila, won both five-year-old classes, ridden by Emma Jamieson. “He showed himself well,” said Sarah. “He has a super walk and steps through from behind in all three paces.”

Sarah rode Kissingdale (by Lord Leatherdale) to victory with a score of over 85% in the Shearwater 6yo class and third in the LeMieux BD International Young Horse class. Sarah part-owns him with Lilah Gibbs and he was bought as a two-year-old. “He’s lovely to ride, elastic and soft,” commented Sarah. “His mind is always with you.”

The LeMieux BD International Young Horse 6yo class was won by Sarah riding Kodora, a Lord Leatherdale mare she owns with Kate Moisson. “She’s very intelligent and quick to learn, light and maneuverable,” said Sarah. “She has energy without being crazy!”

British-bred stallion Timolin’s offspring were on display. Charlotte Dicker and Catherston Tarantella won the Shearwater 4yo class and Emma Jamieson and Catherston Tiffany were second in the Shearwater 6yo class.

Top-three results

Friday 21 May
Shearwater Young Horse 4yo
1. Charlotte Dicker and Catherston Tarantella, 83%
2. Thomas Bobis (FRA) and Maxwell TN, 78.8%
3. Kerry Mackin and Milano III. 78.4%

Shearwater Young Horse 5yo
1. Emma Jamieson and Lawrence M, 87%
2. Dylan Deutrom and Liverpool 85.4%
3. Sarah Millis and Le Zorro 81.8%

Shearwater Young Horse 6yo
1. Sarah Millis and Kissingdale, 85.4%
2. Emma Jamieson and Catherston Tiffany, 78.2%
=3. Dylan Deutrom and King Boy and Sarah Millis and Kodora, 77.8%

BD 7yo Young Horse
1. Andrew Gould and Active Solaris, 69.8%
2. Anna Jesty and Commodore Platinum, 68.88%
3. Emma Jamieson and Jackpot Trichelhof, 67.5%

BD Young Pony 4yo
1. Natasha Powell-Richards and Hammerwood Flamingo, 66.8%

BD Young Pony 5yo
1. Natasha Powell-Richards and Longhalves Golden Sword, 64.8%
2. Sarah Ablewhite and Abbeywoods Under Pressure, 60.6%

Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium 91
1. Stephanie Taylor and WGS Inanda, 71.36%
2. Dannie Morgan and Breit Fantastic, 70.34%
3. Judy Harvey and S P Bento, 70.17%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges
1. Nathalie Kayal and DHI Cleverboy, 72.23%
2. Daniel Sherriff and I’m Bayford Hall Incognito, 70.04%
3. Dannie Morgan and Blakes Delaney, 69.56%

Haygain Intermediate II
1. Tom Goode and Saint Julian, 70.79%
2. Nathalie Kayal and DHI Homerun, 70%
3. Lucy Amy and Rudy 69.6%

Saturday 22 May
LeMieux BD International Young Horse 5yo
1. Emma Jamieson and Lawrence M, 87.4%
2. Dylan Deutrom and Ramall Finale, 87.4%
3. Sarah Millis and Le Zorro, 78.2%

LeMieux BD International Young Horse 6yo
1. Sarah Millis and Kodora, 80.8%
2. Dylan Deutrom and King Boy, 78.4%
3. Sarah Millis and Kissingdale, 77.9%

LeMieux BD International Young Horse 7yo
1. Dannie Morgan and Breit Fantastic, 73.94%

Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium 98
1. Ruth Hole and Fidalgo Classic, 71.22%
2. Becky Edwards and Laerke Stensvang, 70.43%
3. Dannie Morgan and Breit Fantastic, 70.3%

LeMieux Grand Prix U25
1. Mette Dahl and Sir Donato, 66.31%
2. Dylan Deutrom and Sunlit Uplands, 65.31%
3. Imogen Chant and Dirty Dancing, 62.79%

FEI Children on Horses Team Test
1. Demi Howard-Cartwright and DHI Cleverboy, 79.20%
2. Coco Mussell and Zolansky, 70.45%
3. Crystal Robinson Long and Baldovino, 67.22%

Pony Team Test
1. Demi Howard-Cartwright and Fin C We, 68.46%
2. Beatrice Butterworth and Carlsson, 67.86%
3. Daisy Mansfield and Rayid Heartbreaker, 65.08%

Junior Team Test
1. Annabella Pidgley and Sultan des Paluds FRH, 74.14%
2. Holly Kerslake and Extasia, 70.36%
3. Annabella Pidgley and Hilus MHB, 69.95%

Young Rider Team Test
1. Jessica Whitehead and The Amazing Spiderman, 63.42%
2. Jessica Hickey and Ziezo I, 62.46%
3. Anna Bates and Jolianna, 61.44%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges
1. Matt Frost and Helga, 70.04%
2. Alice Oppenheimer and Headmore Dionysus, 69.91%
3. Emile Faurie and Davinci 35, 68.59%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I
1. Alice Oppenheimer and Headmore Bella Ruby, 73.09%
2. Nathalie Kayal and DHI Cleverboy, 72.89%
3. Matt Frost and Helga, 72.76%

LeMieux Grand Prix
1. Anna Ross and Newton Domino, 70.54%
2. Fiona Bigwood and Fame XX, 70.4%
3. Louise Bell and Into The Blue, 69.54%

Sunday 23 May
Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium 91
1. Ulrik Molgaard and Oestergardens Twilight, 70.45%
2. Ruth Hole and Baptista-Ra, 70.27%
3. Zoe Sopp and Vilan, 69.59%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges
1. Daniel Timson and Tjade Fan Lutke Peinjum, 70.35%
2. Beth Bainbridge and Habouche, 69.78%
3. Amanda Petts and Babera Van Alfen, 68.28%

Children on Horses Individual Test
1. Crystal Robinson Long and Baldovino, 68.21%
2. Coco Mussell and Zolansky, 68.11%
3. Natasha Macdonald and Sauvey Golden Condor, 67.2%

Pony Individual Test
1. Beatrice Butterworth and Carlsson, 67.96%
2. Demi Howard-Cartwright and Fin C We, 67.68%
3. Lucy Thomas and Milano Hojgard, 66.87%

Junior Individual Test
1. Oliver Gould and Feiner Stern II, 69.29%
2. Chloe Hill and Headmore Delegate, 67.06%
3. Alice Knight and Fernando Van Weltevreden, 65.52%

Young Rider Individual Test
1. Jessica Whitehead and The Amazing Spiderman, 64.6%
2. Jessica Hickey and Ziezo I, 64.47%
3. Anna Bates and Jolianna, 62.67%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I
1. Andrew Gould and Genie I, 71.47%
2. Tyler Bradshaw and Gijsbert, 67.01%
3. Molly Key and Absinth W, 67.01%

Haygain Intermediate II
1. Lucy Amy and Rudy, 70.30%
2. Amy Stovold and Bobo L, 68.02%
3. Matt Frost and Helga, 67.45%

I.C.E. Horseboxes Grand Prix Special
1. Caroline Chew and Tribiani, 69.94%
2. Dane Rawlins and Espoire, 67.84%
3. Belinda Brereton and Captain Negro C, 65.96%

Full results

Photo © Spidge Event Photography