Under 21s Prime and Progress Squads announced

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 09:46

The Selectors are pleased to announce the new intake of Pony, Children on Horses, Junior and Young Rider Prime and Progress Squads following the Viewing Days in September.

Selected for Pony Prime Squad Training 2018/2019 
Bonnie Bourne and Fin C We
Holly Kerslake and Valhallas Zorro
Lily Laughton and Armada Magic Cadillac
Isobel Lickley and Valido’s Sunshine
Emilia Nelson and WFS Top Red
Annabella Pidgley and Ine
Annabella Pidgley and Cognac
Betsy Smetham and Golden Amber
Hermione Tottman and Beekzicht’s Bolero
Olivia Whitelaw and Brouwershaven’s Viceroy

Selected for Children on Horses Prime Squad Training 2018/2019
Amy Richards and Rotspons Rough Diamond
Soraya Rogers and Evita I

Selected for Junior Prime Squad Training 2018/2019
Jessica McConkey and Lady Gaga II
Charlotte McDowall and Alivia
Samantha Willson and Delhurens Sunshine

Selected for Young Rider Prime Squad Training 2018/2019
Rebecca Bell and Nibeley Union Hit
Isobel Berrington and Bing
Angus Corrie-Deane and Tiny Tempur
Charlotte Dicker and Sabatini
Alex Hellings and Uvender V

Selected for Pony Progress Squad Training 2018/2019
Beatrice Butterworth and Carlsson
Claudia Davis and Rubinia 37
Myles Graham and Harnells Erasmus
Steffi Tomlinson and Vivassa
Mollie Whitham and DZL Royal Sunrise

Selected for Children on Horses Progress Squad Training 2018/2019
Sophia Marston and Solitaire II

Selected for Junior Progress Squad Training 2018/2019
Harriet Brick and World Dancer
Jessie Kirby and Belle Amie I

Junior Progress Reserves (in alphabetical order) 
Caitlin Burgess and Chocotof
Avery Maude and Double Agent
Sophie Morgan-Rodda and Zanthoos Himself

Selected for Young Rider Progress Squad Training 2018/2019
Jade Ellery and Porsche’s Eloy - pictured
Lara Kuropatwa and For Season
Meghan Ingham and Wanadoo
Bridget Tate and Hawtins Werona