Versatility on view at BD Combined Training Championships

  • Written By: Helen Triggs
  • Published: Thu, 14 Apr 2022 16:59

Hot competition at the Science Supplements Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre, where the British Dressage Combined Training Championships was held (09 - 10 April 2022), saw dressage horses showing their levitation skills and eventers and showjumpers channelling their inner dressage divas.

For clinical biochemistry masters student, Georgia Carpenter, the long trip from Bedlington in Northumberland was worthwhile. She and her partner of five years, Eden Maybe (pictured above), took home both the Preliminary titles. They had massive dressage scores, both over 75%, and once the 12-year-old gelding had seen the jumps, the jumping rounds were no problem.

“When I got him he was spooky and nervous and I couldn’t even get him over a pole on the ground. It’s taken a lot of help and training to get him this far,” said Georgia, who trains with Vicky Wilson. “He was spooking at the jumps when we first went in so I made sure he had a good trot round to have a look at them. In the 80cm round he was much better as he’d already seen the jumps and it was a really positive round.”

Georgia mainly focuses on dressage and the pair’s next appearance is at the Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships at Novice level. “I entered the combined training for a bit of fun. I wasn’t sure how he would cope at a faraway venue and big atmosphere, but he took it all in his stride.”

A dazzling dressage score of 78.39% and a clear round secured the Elementary 1m championship for French rider, Claire Giraudmaillet and Very Queen (pictured above). Claire has owned the French-bred mare for seven years, having bought her from her breeder and trainer in France as a five-year-old.

“I come from an eventing background so I enjoy having several tests in a day,” said Claire who is an automotive engineer and trains with Lucinda Huzzey. “She’s a really good student for the dressage and has a good capacity for show jumping as she’s very careful. In her dressage test her entry was a little tense but then the rest was lovely and she was really listening so I could ride and enjoy the five minutes of the test.”

“I work long hours so I’m always juggling my time – I try and ride at least five times a week.”

Boo Riley was originally an eventer but admits being drawn to the dark (dressage) side. She and Charlotte Swain’s 12-year-old Dutch warmblood, Enrico IV (pictured above), won the Elementary 90cm class after the reserve champions, Georgia Rockingham and September Song had a fence down for four faults.

Boo started riding Enrico nine months ago to help Charlotte get him fit and was then asked to compete him as well. They have had a good start to their Elementary career and Boo plans to move him up to Medium shortly.

“He absolutely loves jumping,” said Boo, who trains with Leonie Smith. “He gets such a buzz out of it. I loved that the courses were a bit more technical than the qualifier. The fences were more imposing and the turns more challenging.”

It was a first-time appearance at the Championships for Boo, who is a freelance rider and trainer based in the Midlands.

Eventer Anthony Clark was a Prelim winner last year with Peroni BS, who was reserve champion this year in the Novice 90. He also won the Novice 1m on Baskin Wicked Game (pictured above), a nine-year-old eventer who has been successful in all his Blenheim eventing age classes and is a grade B showjumper. The last 18 months have been difficult for the pair as the horse had an injury 18 months ago and just as they got back eventing, Anthony had a nasty fall.

“I did the BD show on the Friday to get him into the competition environment so he was settled by the time he did his CT test,” said Anthony who will start eventing him in a few weeks, aiming at Blenheim.

Jessica Nevin’s Novice 90 champion, Nicky Byrne (Ernie) - pictured above - does dressage alongside his main career of eventing. The pair has qualified for the Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships at Prelim Silver, having previously come fourth in Prelim Bronze.

Jessica bought Ernie in 2019 as a green nine-year-old and last year qualified for the Badminton grassroots championships. “He often does well in his dressage as he’s very consistent,” said Jessica who is a surveyor. “Some of the turns on the jumping course were quite tight but it was a nice flowing course.”

The show was very well supported, and the results were close in many of the classes. Congratulations to all the riders and thank you to the organisers.

Results: top ten
Preliminary 2 and 70cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Georgia Carpenter and Eden Maybe, 75.51%, 0, 219
2. Alys Maltravers and SD Out of the Blue, 74.13%, 0, 211
3. Emma Moore and U2, 72.41%, 0, 210
4. Alison Jones and Maesmynach Velvet, 71.89%, 0, 208.5
5. Lucinda Huzzey and Mick, 72.24%, 4, 205.5
6. Alys Matravers and Dargsons Moonshadow, 69.13%, 0, 200
7. Jo Hales and Que Sera, 68.79%, 0, 199.5
8. Grace Smith and Mochaccino, 68.79%, 0, 199.5
9. Shona Leckie and Lyrical Dancer, 71.37%, 8, 199
10. Gary Foggon and My Wife, 68.10%, 0, 197.5

Preliminary 18 and 80cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Georgia Carpenter and Eden Maybe, 77.5%, 0, 201.5
2. Gary Foggon and My Wife, 70%, 0, 182
3. Lauren Lanik and Sew N Sew, 71.34%, 4, 181.5
4. Aimee Arathoon and Amaretto du Mullentime, 68.84%, 0, 111
5. Bex Vinton and Tresorya Aled, 68.65%, 0, 178.5
6. Anthony Clark and Cambridge Comic, 68.26%, 0, 177.5
7. Eilidh Jack and Knockbridge Drumdun, 67.69%, 0, 176
8. Anthony Clark and Peroni BS, 67.69%, 0, 176
9. Sophie Stead and Sir Oakleigh, 67.69%, 0, 176
10. Joanne Monkman and Damascus, 67.50%, 0, 175.5

Novice 24 and 90cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Jessica Nevin and Nicky Byrne, 74.56%, 0, 171.5
2. Anthony Clark and Peroni BS, 72.72%, 0, 167.5
3. Caroline Saunders and TGI AB Initio, 72.39%,0, 166.5
4. Bethan-May Greaves and Attyrory Roadrunner, 71.95%, 0, 165.5
5. Daisy Willmott and Bush Buster, 67.17%, 0, 154.5
6. Jo Hales and Worthy Illusion, 67.60%, 4, 151.5
7. Anastasia Meadows and MGH April, 65.43%, 0, 150.5
8. Michelle Wilson and Kanae Legacy, 65.56%, 0, 148.5
9. Sophie Stead and Sir Oakleigh, 67.60%, 8, 147.5
10. Lucy Robinson and Derryroane Lad, 66.95%, 8, 146

Novice 34 and 1m (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Anthony Clark and Baskin Wicked Game, 69.28%, 0, 145.5
2. Caroline Saunders TGI AB Initio, 70.47%, 4, 144
3. Alison Roberts and Professor Sprout, 68.57%, 0, 144
4. Anthony Clark and Swell Touchdun, 68.33%, 0, 143.5
5. Rachel Hobbs and Wonderboy VB, 68.09%, 0, 143
6. Katie Kneen and Springtime Monsoon, 68.33%, 4, 139.5
7. Isla McCallum and Luna V, 67.14%, 4, 137
8. Lily Hinch and Parklodge Mini, 67.38%, 4, 137.5
9. Poppy Burgess and GFS Dizzy Rascal, 70.23%, 12, 135.5
10. Isabel Gwizdala and Flaxcroft Jasper, 68.09%, 8, 134

Elementary 42 and 90cm (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Boo Riley and Enrico IV, 71.89%, 0, 230
2. Georgia Rockingham and September Song, 72.03%, 4. 226.5
3. Karen Richardson and Riversdale Geronimo, 70.31% 0, 225
=4. Victoria Gregg and Langson Governor, 69.68%, 0, 167
=4. Teri England and Coady Bay Logic, 69.68%, 0, 223
6. Amy Hose and Billingbear Rex, 67.50%, 0, 216
7. Elizabeth Allen and Borado S, 67.18%, 0, 215
8. Angela Hartas-Patterson and Whisper-Tetti, 66.87%, 0, 214
9. Lucinda Huzzey and Ricardos PJ, 66.25%, 0, 212
10. Zoe Smart and Aristocat II, 67.96%, 10, 207.5

Elementary 50 and 1m (Dressage, SJ, Total)
1. Claire Giraudmaillet and Very Queen, 78.39%, 0, 219.5
2. Georgie Rockingham and September Song, 73.39%, 0, 205.5
3. Victoria Gregg and Langson Governor, 73.57%, 4, 202
4. Sallyann Burns and After Darkness, 70.53%, 0, 197.5
5. Samantha Cutts and Picola Diavola, 71.79%, 4, 197
6. Elizabeth Allen and Borado S, 71.25%, 4, 195.5
7. Boo Riley and Enrico IV, 71.07%, 4, 195
8. Karen Richardson and Riversdale Geronimo, 69.46%, 0, 194.5
9. Alison Roberts and Professor Sprout, 68.75%, 0, 192.5
10. Lucinda Huzzey and Roucayrol, 68.39%, 0, 191.5

Photo © Emmpix Photography