We're live!

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Tue, 04 Dec 2018 12:34 GMT

Yesterday was a huge day for British Dressage - we launched phase II of our IT transformation project which covers results and qualifications. A year in build, months of testing and over 1.5 million data records have resulted in a bespoke, modern portal for all our stakeholders to use and enjoy. There’s no interpretation of data required as with our previous system – it’s like a window to the system we see in the office so data is accurate.

Designed and built in partnership with the team from Horse Monkey, the new system has a very similar look and feel to our scheduling platform (phase I) and provides three areas of search request; rider, horse and venue. The venue search also has several targeting criteria to help narrow the search. For rider or horse search, simply enter any part of a name and click on the blue magnifying glass to the right to search. This will return a list of names, just click on the one you want. For venues, use the drop down boxes to set your filters and click on the blue Show search button.

The upload of results should be much quicker and the data much more accurate. BD venues currently using the Horse Monkey entries platform will be able to upload their results direct to the system on the day of competition and once verified by the office, they’ll be live. On launch day, three sets of results from the weekend were showing live by 2pm – an exciting development. This will save the team in the office a great deal of time and gives more opportunity for inputting of results from other venues to keep us as up to date as possible. We’ll be working on a similar upload feature for all venues in phase IV of the project.

It’s early days in the new season but keep an eye out for automatic qualification emails as you achieve your necessary results. Quest riders and those hoping to qualify for the Summer Bronze and Summer Music Festival can run the leaderboards at any time using the search criteria to ‘build’ your own leaderboard with up to the minute results. As results are verified, the leaderboards will change by the minute. Leaderboards are accessed in the Results & Rankings left hand navigation menu.

We hope you love the new system as much as we do! We’ve done a lot of testing but if there are any glitches or you have feedback, we want to hear it! There’s a simple online form for you to use – provide as much detail as you can as it’ll help us resolve any issues quickly.

Here are a few FAQs you may have with the new system:

How do I find it?
Click on the Results & Rankings tab of the left hand website navigation and then follow the Latest Results link underneath. The guide on the landing page of Results & Rankings will help you with your search.

How do I search?
On the main page, you’ll find three options to search; rider, horse and venue (with other more specific search options via the boxes). Fill in part of any name and click on the corresponding blue search button. Results will be returned in a list, just click the one you require.

Something isn’t right with my results/I have ideas for improvement – how do I feedback?
The bottom of any page has a link to a feedback form where you can report issues, give us your ideas or make comment. Alternatively, you can click here.

Why can’t I see all the information on my mobile?
With a smaller display area comes restrictions on what we can show you so we’ve given what we felt was the most vital information. You can access more using the drop down boxes at the top of the display.

I’m missing some recent results, why is this?
Venues using the Horse Monkey system will send their results directly into the system so they’ll appear sooner than other venues. You'll therefore see them quicker. Other venues will take much longer to process. Venues have 48 hours to send their results electronically and then they’re manually checked and input so it takes a little longer. If you don’t think the above is the reason, please use the feedback form to report your issue.

How do I return to the main BD site from the search?
Simply click on the BD logo at the top of the page and you’ll be returned to the home page.

What’s next?
We’re already well advanced with phase III which looks after membership as it was required for the qualification aspects of this phase. We just need to work on joining, renewing and other CRM features and then we can start testing for launch next year. In parallel, we’ll be developing the website using the work we’ve already done previously so we can launch that shortly afterwards. There’s already a phase IV in planning which continues some of the phase II work as well as systems for judges, officials and coaches.