Winter Regional Championships: Little Mill Equestrian

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  • Published: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 10:06 GMT

The Winter Regionals at Little Mill saw a host of top names travelling to the idyllic Carmarthenshire venue, producing some impressive results across three days of competition (23 – 25 February 2024).  

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Mark Forrest and Flavio B (Furst Romancier x Matcho AA) were dual winners at Small Tour level, securing their tickets to the NAF Five Star Winter Championship after two convincing performances in the Magic Prix St Georges Gold and Superflex Intermediate I Gold. The thirteen-year-old gelding earned 68.09% in the Prix St Georges before going on to achieve 69.90% in the Intermediate I class, making it two from two for Herefordshire-based rider.  

Angharad Harries earned the highest score of the weekend with Claire Gordon’s six-year-old Nonovanck. The black gelding by Painted Black has been produced under the watchful eyes of Gareth Hughes and has had an impressive start to his career with Angharad in the saddle. Speaking on social media, Welsh-born Angharad commented: “A wet Welsh regionals (I shouldn’t have expected anything different), but a successful weekend. Claire Gordon’s Nonovanck was a superstar, second in the Novice Gold with 73% and winning the Novice Gold Freestyle with 76%; Nono will now have a well-deserved holiday before we start training for the championships. Despite the weather it was lovely to be competing in Wales again and lovely to catch up with so many old friends.”

Hereford’s Lucy Scudamore achieved the highest score in the Silver championship classes, claiming the HorseLight Medium Silver with Carl Hester’s River Rise Atomic. On board the seven-year-old British-bred mare, Lucy rode to 71.35% in front of judges Alison Duck, Richard Baldwin and Sandra Smith. Bred by Sarah Tyler-Evans, ‘Kitty’ is by Carl’s London 2012 superstar Uthopia and out of Nicky (Amsterdam x Abgar XX); the grey made her competition debut in just April last year with Lucy in the saddle, with the 26-year-old rider commenting that she ‘loves riding this talented queen’.

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NAF Five Star Winter Championships celebrity Davy Harvey booked Benefit’s pass to this year’s event for owner Judy Peploe; the eight-year-old Danish-bred gelding earned an impressive 74.81% to win the PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Gold. Whilst Lewis Carrier (pictured above) also notched up an impressive 74% win with his own Forgio (For Dance x Sergio Rossi) topping the Prestige Novice Gold.  

Former Petplan Area Festival Champions Emma Woolliscroft and the Bordeaux-sired Just Magic BH secured their place at the Championships with a win in the Equitex Advanced Medium Silver; the duo are joined by fellow 2023 Petplan Championship winners Amy Foster-Smith and Kimberley SHR who follow up their October Area Festival Advanced Medium Bronze Freestyle win, with a Regional title in the Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Silver class.  

Congratulations go to all competitors and class winners. Thanks go to the organising team at Little Mill Equestrian for a second successful BD Winter Regional Championships.  


Friday 23 February  

SPILLERS Medium Freestyle Silver 
1. Annabel Hunter Blair and Ballynoe Hallo, 69.94% 
2. Amy Foster-Smith and Kimberley SHR, 69.72% 
3. Lucie Stokoe and Dolores ii, 69.11%

HorseHage Preliminary Silver 
1. Sian Lowe and Pinecroft Indigo, 69.83% 
2. Amelia Dovey and Jilly, 67.36% 
3. Diane Dickson and DST Bulgari, 63.39%

HorseHage Preliminary Gold  
1. Brendan Tegg and King’s Nexus, 73.74% 
2. Hilary Clemerson and Hawtins Kashmir, 66.09% 
3. Claire Gaskin and Another Fable, 63.85%

Equi-Trek Elementary Silver 
1. Lucie Stokoe and Led Zeppelin, 69.32% 
2. Lucy Scudamore and River Rise Atomic, 68.85% 
3. Philippa Morgan and Davinci VI, 68.59%

Equi-Trek Elementary Gold  
1. Sarah Clack and Intrepid, 70.62% 
2. Isobel Goodwin and Milano van hof Olympia, 68.80% 
3. Vikki Pengilly and Cynheidrefawr Issac, 68.23%

Saturday 24 February

Equitex Advanced Medium Gold  
1. Darren Hicks and Kinnear, 72.89% 
2. Katie Bailey and Escomond, 71.14%

Equitex Advanced Medium Silver 
1. Emma Woolliscroft and Just Magic BH, 68.25% 
2. Brendan Tegg and Foxcourt Solar Eclipse, 66.36% 
3. Brendan Tegg and Haybrook Welita, 66.05%

PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Silver 
1. Lisa Evans and Syfydrin Solitude, 68.08% 
2. Patricia Haskins and Gaelic Surprise, 67.69% 
3. Meg Morgan and Pencwarre Butty Bach, 67.63%

PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Gold 
1. Davy Harvey and Benefit, 74.81% 
2. Annabel Hunter Blair and Champignon Sauvage, 71.92% 
3. Isobel Goodwin and Milano van hof Olympia, 70.64%

Horselight Medium Gold 
1. Gijs Van Vooren and Hawtins Floresta, 72.93% 
2. Brendan Tegg and Foxcourt Solar Eclipse, 70.27% 
3. Darren Hicks and Mischievous Me, 67.97%

Horselight Medium Silver 
1. Lucy Scudamore and River Rise Atomic, 71.35% 
2. Amy Foster-Smith and Kimberley SHR, 68.78% 
3. Katie Kneen and Springtime Everafter, 67.43%

Prestige Novice Gold  
1. Lewis Carrier and Forgio, 74.26% 
2. Angharad Harries and Nonovanck, 73.70% 
3. Maddy Frewin and Senscionale, 71.05%

Prestige Novice Silver 
1. Christy Shuall and Shaq O’Neal, 66.11% 
2. Sally Wilson and Drim Tiger, 65.80%

Sunday 25 February  

Magic Prix St Georges Gold 
1. Mark Forrest and Flavio B, 68.09% 
2. Deborah Childs and PK Van Graf, 67.84% 
3. Mark Forrest and Fidel Von Singng, 67.30%

Magic Prix St Georges Silver 
1. Sara Squires and Laetitius C, 68.33% 
2. Isobel Goodwin and Gameboys Welcome, 62.50% 
3. Emma Woolliscroft and Just Magic BH, 61.96%

Superflex Intermediate I Gold 
1. Mark Forrest and Flavio B, 69.90% 
2. Deborah Childs and PK Van Graf, 68.14% 
3. Caitlin Burgess and Chocotof, 66.63%

Superflex Intermediate I Silver 
1. Bryony Jones and Northcliff Samantha, 63.48% 
2. Isobel Goodwin and Gameboys Welcome, 61.67%

Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Silver 
1. Amy Foster-Smith and Kimberley SHR, 68.56% 
2. Emma Woolliscroft and Just Magic BH, 68.00% 
3. Chantelle Oliver-Symonds and Stadmorslow Coffee n Cream, 65.78%

Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Gold  
1. Vikki Pengilly and Indianna, 75.61%

Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Silver 
1. Christy Shuall and Shaq O’Neal, 68.24% 
2. Erica Drozd and Elladora, 65.65%

Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Gold 
1. Angharad Harries and Nonovanck, 76.94% 
2. Lucie Stokoe and Nicolaas B, 70.19%  


DSC 2627

Angharad Harries & Claire Gordon's Nonovanck

Photos © Powell Photography / British Dressage