Winter Regional Championships: Myerscough College

  • Written By: British Dressage | Joanna Bowns
  • Published: Wed, 21 Feb 2024 17:36 GMT

Myerscough’s Winter Regional Championships (10 – 14 January 2024) witnessed five days of thrilling competition as those who travelled to the Lancashire venue went head-to-head in a bid to qualify for the NAF Five Star Winter Championships in April. Kirstie Clarke achieved an impressive treble, Jess Dunn, Freya Metters and Sarah Rao took two wins apiece, while mother and daughter duo Ros and Bridget Tate each sealed a win.

Kirstie Clarke and Powered By Furst Impressions

Blackpool-based Kirstie Clarke, who won three regional titles here at Myerscough last year, repeated this feat by securing another treble twelve months on. Riding Broomhill Sport Horses' 12-year-old British-bred gelding, Powered by Furst Impressions (Furst Kiss x Dramatic), pictured above, she won both the HorseLight Medium Gold (70.90%) and the Spillers Medium Freestyle Gold (72.78%).

Kirstie, who trains with international Grand Prix rider Becky Moody, also took the PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Gold regional title with her six-year-old KWPN stallion, Nureno (Blue Hors Farrell x Johnson), on a score of 73.01%.

International rider Jess Dunn enjoyed a great show with young prospect WHS Funtime Frankie (Franziskus x Ferro), a six-year-old black gelding owned and bred by Jennifer Whittaker of White Hill Stud, where Jess is based. This combination won both the Prestige Novice Gold (73.09%) and the Equi-Trek Elementary Gold (70.80%). Next stop for Jess will be Lier CDI in Belgium where she will contest the Small Tour with the Durable son, Dan It's Carston.

Freya Metters and Hoghton Maverick

Freya Metters was another to walk away with a double win. The 30-year-old from Lancashire took home the Equi-Trek Elementary Silver and HorseLight Medium Silver regional titles on scores of 70.68% and 69.50% respectively with Raine Harthern’s seven-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Hoghton Maverick (Fürstenball x Dante Weltino OLD), pictured above.

At the FEI levels, Sarah Rao was on top form with Geniaal (Vivaldi x Biotop) to ace two classes on 70+% scores. Sarah and the 13-year-old Dutch gelding, who competed together at the 2023 Asian Games, won both the Magic Prix St Georges Gold (70.54%) and the Superflex Intermediate I Gold (70.98%).

Sarah and Geniaal made history at Le Mans CDI in April of last year when they sealed the first-ever win for China at an international dressage competition. Geniaal also won the Inter I at Kronenberg CDI in December ridden by British rider Sarah Higgins, with whom Sarah is based.

Ros Tate and Targa Florio

The Shropshire-based mother and daughter duo of Ros and Bridget Tate, both riding greys, each topped the leaderboard in their respective classes. Ros (66) won the PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Silver with Bridget’s 11-year-old Oldenburg mare Targa Florio (by Vincent), pictured above, on a score of 71.47%, while Bridget (25) took the Equitex Advanced Medium Gold on 68.42% aboard her 10-year-old Hanoverian mare Dancing Magic (by Dimaggio).

Young rider Izzy Lickley (19) was the clear winner in the Magic Prix St Georges Silver with her father, Robert Lickley’s exciting prospect, Nymphenburg’s First Ampere (Ampere x Weltruhm). Izzy and the 13-year-old licensed Hanoverian stallion, who’ve formed a promising partnership since he joined the Lickley stable in August of last year, scored 70.05% to take the win ahead of Jade Clark and Jemimah HH.

Congratulations to all the winning riders and owners, and to everyone who took part. Thanks go to organiser Kelly Thompson and the entire team at Myerscough College for hosting a successful Winter Regional Championships.

Results – top three
Saturday 10 February
Class 1: HorseHage Preliminary Silver
1. Rachael Mosey and Isle Valena, 70.06%
2. Helen Peel and Lightning Lass, 69.89%
3. Emily Wallace and Rowan Prince, 69.71%

Class 2: HorseHage Preliminary Gold
1. Hayley Colwell and Magnetic, 73.39%
2. Greg Sims and First Dance T, 72.30%
3. Bridget Tate and Ozymandias, 72.13%

Class 3: Baileys Novice Freestyle Silver
1. Julia Case and Dylasau Dai Harris, 71.57%
2. Emily Westwood and Rummaggio, 71.02%
3. David Phelan and Embla Highlight, 70.46%

Sunday 11 February
Class 4: Baileys Novice Freestyle Gold
1. Jane Critchley and Evolve, 73.98%
2. Laura Parkes and Chacot Showman, 71.85%
3. Bridget Tate and Ozymandias, 70.65%

Class 5: Prestige Novice Silver
1. Paula Holden and Mikardo, 71.42%
2. Susan Kiernan and Just Me, 70.37%
3. Fiona Denton and Donau VDL, 68.95%

Class 6: Prestige Novice Gold
1. Jess Dunn and WHS Funtime Frankie, 73.09%
2. Charlotte Lutener and Nacho SR, 72.35%
3. Jennifer Harkness and Woodcroft Milibizi, 70.06%

Class 7: PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Gold
1. Kirstie Clarke and Nureno, 73.01%
2. Matthew Burnett and Mackintosh II, 71.54%
3. Nathalie Kayal and Graaf Lincom CL, 71.28%

Monday 12 February
Class 8: PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Silver
1. Rosalind Tate and Targa Florio, 71.47%
2. Robert Gilsenan and Forest Fairy Caledonia, 70.06%
3. Samantha Baker and Limerick Lady Rebel, 68.27%

Class 9: Equi-Trek Elementary Silver
1. Freya Metters and Hoghton Maverick, 70.68%
2. Manon Roberts and Gilinda, 68.80%
3. Rosalind Tate and Targa Florio, 68.23%

Class 10: Equi-Trek Elementary Gold
1. Jess Dunn and WHS Funtime Frankie, 70.80%
2. Carmen Gammie and Lets Make An Opera M, 70.94%
3. Kirstie Clarke and Nureno, 69.38%

Class 11: Spillers Medium Freestyle Gold
1. Kirstie Clarke and Powered by Furst Impressions, 72.78%
2. Rebecca McNair and Lolalinja US, 72.78%
3. Katie Owens and For Alondra, 70.94%

Tuesday 13 February
Class 12: Spillers Medium Freestyle Silver
1. Carmen Gammie and Lets Make An Opera M, 75.22%
2. Sarah Edmondson and Kyaro, 70.72%
3. Charlotte Calvert and Woodlander Frampton, 70.56%

Class 13: HorseLight Medium Silver
1. Freya Metters and Hoghton Maverick, 69.50%
2. Laura Whyte and Lagona Verina, 69.28%
3. Carmen Gammie and Lets Make An Opera M, 68.65%

Class 14: HorseLight Medium Gold
1. Kirstie Clarke and Powered by Furst Impressions, 70.90%
2. Matthew Burnett and Mackintosh II, 69.68%
3. Henry Boswell and Belinski, 69.50%

Class 15: Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Silver
1. Jennifer Ainscough and Florence PFB, 70.06%
2. Annabel Abell and Sheepcote Lets Go, 68.11%

Class 16: Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Gold
1. Josephine Clewlow and Bon Jovi AKW, 67.56%
2. Nathalie Kayal and Wolken Wonderboy, 67.33%
3. Darcas Lever and Miss Moneypenny V, 65.67%

Wednesday 14 February
Class 17: Equitex Advanced Medium Silver
1. Annabell Abell and Sheepcote Let Go, 68.07%
2. Kate Jones and Hollywood VI, 67.37%
3. Isabella Caldwell and Don Geniro, 67.02%

Class 18: Equitex Advanced Medium Gold
1. Bridget Tate and Dancing Magic, 68.42%
2. Jess Dunn and Lord Lenny, 67.50%
3. Darcas Lever and Miss Moneypenny V, 66.18%

Class 19: Magic Prix St Georges Silver
1. Isobel Lickley and Nymphenburg’s First Ampere, 70.05%
2. Jade Clark and Jemimah HH, 65.74%
3. Victoria Johnson and Temujin, 63.68%

Class 20: Magic Prix St Georges Gold
1. Sarah Rao and Geniaal, 70.54%
2. Sarah Higgins and Samuel IV, 69.46%
3. Hermione Tottman and Exquisite-D, 68.43%

Class 21: Superflex Intermediate I Silver
1. Samantha Bloor and Elason, 65.98%
2. Claire Cooper-Wyatt and Devivio, 63.28%

Class 22: Superflex Intermediate I Gold
1. Sarah Rao and Geniaal, 70.98%
2. Sarah Higgins and Jolene, 69.90%
3. Matthew Burnett and Woodlander Buddy Holly, 65.25%


Photo © Becky Swallow Photography