Winter Regional Championships: Wellington Riding

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Fri, 01 Mar 2024 15:46 GMT

Wellington Riding’s Winter Regional Championships produced four days of high-class dressage in Hampshire, with 22 titles well-earned by the winners in top quality fields (24 – 28 February 2024).

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Gloucestershire-based Sarah Rogers was a dual winner with two bright talents owned by Ursula Bechtolsheimer. With the impressive home-bred Forest Hill (Furstenlook x United), Sarah was rewarded 71.72% from the judges panel of Susie Cumine (E), Richard Baldwin (C), Sharon Butterworth (M) to place just a handful of marks ahead of Laura Tomlinson on board Forest’s stable mate Full Moon II, who earned 71.22%, making it a successful class all-round for team Tomlinson. Speaking on social media about Forest’s success, Sarah commented: “Absolutely thrilled with Forest Hill winning the Prix St Georges on Monday at Wellington Riding Regionals. What a cool horse he is with the kindest of heats. Extremely proud of how he is developing. I feel incredible grateful to have the opportunity from the Bechtolsheimer family to bring on such a talented horse like Forest from a young age.”

Sarah went on to claim the Superflex Intermediate I class with the Vivaldi-sired mare Viva Lotte, who was standout in scoring 75.74%.  

There was plenty of success for young riders in action at Wellington. Former BD Young Professional Bursary winner Evelina Shrieve collected two tickets to the NAF Five Star Winter Championships, winning the Nupafeed Advanced Medium Silver on 71.78% and also placing second in the Equitex Advanced Medium Silver; Her ride Insist TC is an 11-year-old Dutch-bred gelding by Apache and out of a Gribaldi mare. Former international Junior rider Olivia Wrennall achieved success in the Magic Prix St Georges Silver Regional Championships, riding to a winning score of 69.02% with the British-bred liver chestnut Disneyland; whilst Harriet Ford won the Equi-Trek Elementary Silver with the 18-year-old former Eventer According To Archie and Avery Maude took the HorseHage Preliminary Gold title with her own British-bred Deepest Blue (Duke of Capri x Pascal).  

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Jemima Upton (pictured above) made her Petplan Summer Area Festival Championship debut a winning one last October, and continued her high-flying dressage journey with success at her first Regional Championships. Jemima, who balances dressage alongside her career as a surveyor at Savills, notched up 70.72% to top the HorseLight Medium Silver podium at the reins of her own 10-year-old mare Centre Stage.  

Italian international Grand Prix rider Nathalie Wahlund showed her class in the Prestige Novice Gold on board Caroline Edgeley’s Nova Zembla, rewarded with 73.83% from Janet Surr, Sue Petty and Linda Waller. The six-year-old KWPN gelding has blue-blooded pedigree, by former FEI WBSFH World Breeding vice-champion Secret and out of a Negro mare, and started his British Dressage journey with Duncan Gipson in the saddle before Nathalie took over the reins in 2023. Nathalie took to social media to praise her dancing partner and the team at her home base with Sarah Millis, “So very proud of him! Biggest thank you to Caroline Edgeley for trusting me with your amazing Normie. Thank you to the whole Millstones team for all your help and support.”

Congratulations to all of our qualified riders, regional champions and owners. British Dressage thanks the organising team at Wellington Riding, as well as all the Winter Championships sponsors for their generous support.


Equi-Trek Elementary Silver 
1. Harriet Ford and According To Archie, 71.82% 
2. Ben James and Clapton Banks Primadonna, 70.68% 
3. Grace Durkan and Navarro I, 68.54%

HorseHage Preliminary Gold 
1. Avery Maude and Deepest Blue, 71.72% 
=2. Alexis Knight and Mila, 71.32% (214) 
=2. Robyn Walker and St Giles Flamborghini, 71.32% (214) 
4. Tereza Hejdukova and Euripides, 70.81%

PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Gold 
1. Dannie Morgan and Fever Tree, 76.73% 
2. Lynn Wickes and Furstino, 71.15% 
3. Teghan Cantrell and Divine Providence, 69.87%

PDS Saddles Elementary Freestyle Silver 
1. Amy Hose and Enrique, 75.64% 
2. Alison Heywood and Thomas K, 72.44% 
3. Chelsey Babbs and Corscaron Comet Aur, 71.73%

Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Silver 
1. Tereza Hejdukova and Euripides, 73.70% 
2. Tom Carter and Newton Freddie Flintoff, 72.41% 
3. Beverley Dixon and Barnadarrig Boy, 71.30%

HorseHage Preliminary Silver 
1. Leah Cornish and Newton GlobeTrotter, 71.38% 
2. Sarah Overson and Chicago Himself, 70.69% 
3. Emily Kemp and Boleybawn Arctic, 70.23%

Prestige Novice Silver 
1. Mandy Keen and Jackpot IV, 70.19% 
2. Tereza Hejdukova and Euripides, 68.15% 
3. Sammi Birch and Parkfield Pumpkin, 68.09%

Equitex Advanced Medium Silver 
1. Lily Kelly and Newton Tiger, 69.87% 
2. Evelina Shrieve and Insist TC, 69.47% 
3. Demi Howard-Cartwright and Newton Astro Nascente, 68.11%

Equi-Trek Elementary Gold 
1. Dannie Morgan and Fever Tree, 75.68% 
2. Davy Harvey and Benefit, 70.99% 
3. Jodie Pharaon and Coco Dancer, 70.21%

Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Gold 
1. Lucy Amy and Morrico M, 76.57% 
2. Jezz Palmer and Toddington Debut, 75.37% 
3. Luke Bacon and Graaf Lincom CL, 75.19%

Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Gold 
1. Jezz Palmer and Romanno Weltino, 77.78% 
2. Matt Frost and Kerouac, 75.67% 
3. Kate Cowell and Zia Zara, 74.44%

Prestige Novice Gold 
1. Nathalie Wahlund and Nova Zembia, 73.83% 
2. Emily Ormerod and San Serai ZK, 72.35% 
3. Robyn Walker and St Giles Flamborghini, 71.91%

HorseLight Medium Gold 
1. Dannie Morgan and Viva la Reinne VH, 72.61% 
2. Matt Frost and Lemmo, 71.17% 
3. Jessica Wade and Maclaren II, 70.22%

SPILLERS Medium Freestyle Gold 
1. Anna Wilson and Finest Hour, 72.72% 
2. Sarah Khairallah and Firekracker, 70.94% 
3. Charlotte Blain and Feodore, 70.44%

Magic Prix St Georges Silver 
1. Olivia Wrennall and Disneyland, 69.02% 
2. Olivia Sugdon and Cortez, 66.52% 
3. Katie Lawrence and Donaulied, 66.08%

Magic Prix St Georges Gold 
1. Sarah Rogers and Forest Hill, 71.72% 
2. Laura Tomlinson and Full Moon II, 71.22% 
3. Jayne Turney and Fortunas, 70.93%

HorseLight Medium Silver 
1. Jemima Upton and Centre Stage, 70.72% 
2. Harvey White and Davos, 70.54% (174) 
3. Jennifer Corrett and Joie De Vie, 70.54% (171)

Equitex Advanced Medium Gold 
1. Kate Cowell and Zia Zara, 69.12% 
2. Jack Boarder and Bermuda WD, 68.86% 
3. Katie Richards and Dixie Rose, 68.33%

SPILLERS Medium Freestyle Silver 
1. Grace Blenkinsopp and Archangel III, 71.67% 
2. Mandy Chaffin and Daley’s Daimler, 71.50% 
3. Kate Oppenheimer and SOS Sealpoint, 70.00%

Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Silver 
1. Evelina Shrieve and Insist TC, 71.78% 
2. Steffie Bryant and Atlantic II, 71.72% 
3. Owen Davies and Churchtown Holly Boy, 71.50%

Superflex Intermediate I Silver 
1. Richard Black and Furst Ruprecht, 70.34% 
2. Olivia Sugdon and Cortez, 66.81% 
3. Katie Lawrence and Donaulied, 65.88%

Superflex Intermediate I Gold 
1. Sarah Rogers and Viva Lotta, 75.74% 
2. Annabella Pidgley and Kadans, 71.22% 
3. Fiona Brennan and Gestion, 70.93% 


Photos © Charlotte Bury Photography / British Dressage