Youth riders shine at Hickstead CDI

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 13 May 2024 18:30

Britain’s youth riders were in action over the weekend at a sun-drenched Hickstead CDI, with great results for team riders and newcomers alike at the ICE Horseboxes All England Dressage Festival (10 - 12 May 2024).  


Man of the moment Myles Graham was back in the winners circle with Championship medal winning partner Nibeley Union Hit in the Junior category; the combination claimed both the team and individual tests with convincing scores of 72% and 73.677%. Alongside Caroline Bell’s British-bred mare, Myles has also collected the ride on fellow Nibeley Union Jack offspring Nibeley Black Pearl, owned by Josephine Eley – the elegant newcomer completed a one-two for Myles in the team test, earning 70.363%. Mette Dahl was hot on Myles’ heels for third in the team test and second in the individual competition, presenting Fiona Bigwood, Penny Bigwood and Anders Dahl’s Fidertanz 2-sired gelding Fidelio van het Bloemenhof at their first international as a combination.

Ella-Grace Dovey also completed a duo of wins at Hickstead, with David Pincus' Sheepcote Jackson showing star-quality in the Children on Horses classes. Ella-Grace rode two polished tests on board her new partner to achieve 75.450% in the team competition and an impressive 76.287% in the individual class. Evie Head was twice second with Robert and Nicola Lickley’s 13-year-old mare Gracia, whilst former Badminton winner Vanir Kamira was competing on the same weekend as the prestigious event, with rider Annabelle Wesley riding to some promising scores.  

In the Young Rider classes, it was Shropshire-based Hermione Tottman to take the opening round, with Niki Tottaman’s Exquisite living up to his name for 69.941% in the team test. Speaking on social media Hermione said, “simply over the moon to have achieved my first international victory on home soil here at Hickstead CDI. The pressure was on in the FEI Young Rider Team Test but Squidge and I kept our cool and stayed together every step of the way to achieve an international PB of 69.941%. So tangibly close to our goal of surpassing the 70% barrier in this test! The challenge continues!” On day two it was India Durman-Mills' turn to take the top step of the podium, with Verity Saul’s Escade going on better than his team test placing to earn 70.588%.  

The Pony ranks saw Britain take on Ireland; following a successful trip to Compiegne CDI in France, Sofia Games and Steendieks Cadillac were the team winners with 69.857%, before Ireland’s Laragh Byrne took the individual crown with the palomino stallion Steendieks Dali Gold – both winning ponies are bred by Peter Boege of Germany’s successful Gestüt Steendiek.  


Friday 10 May  

CDI Young Rider Team  
1. Hermione Tottman and Exquisite 69.941% (GBR)  
2. India Durman-Mills and Escade, 68.529% (GBR)  
3. Oliver Gould and Virtue, 67.971% (GBR)  

Saturday 11 May  

CDI Children on Horses Team  
1. Ella-Grace Dovey and Sheepcote Jackson, 75.450% (GBR)  
2. Evie Head and Gracia, 70.175% (GBR)  
3. Annabelle Wesley and Vanir Kamira, 67.675% (GBR)

CDI Young Rider Individual  
1. India Durman-Mills and Escade, 70.588% (GBR)  
2. Isobel Lickley and Katniss, 69.353% (GBR)  
3. Oliver Gould and Virtue, 69.353% (GBR)

CDI Pony Team  
1. Sofia Games and Steendieks Cadillac, 69.857% (GBR) 
2. Evie Head and WS Jackson, 69.400% (GBR) 
3. Madi May Haerr and Machno Excalibur, 68.371% (GBR)

CDI Junior Team  
1. Myles Graham and Nibeley Union Hit, 72.000% (GBR) 
2. Myles Graham and Nibeley Black Pearl, 70.363% (GBR)  
3. Mette Dahl and Fidelio van het Bloemenhof, 69.818% (GBR)  

Sunday 12 May  

CDI Junior Individual  
1. Myles Graham and Nibeley Union Hit, 73.677% (GBR) 
2. Mette Dahl and Fidelio van het Bloemenhof, 71.823% (GBR) 
3. Ruby Hughes and Brioso, 71.382% (GBR)  

CDI Pony Individual  
1. Laragh Byrne and Steendieks Dali Gold, 68.784% (IRL) 
2. Madi May Haerr and Machno Excalibur, 68.514% (GBR) 
3. Evie Head and WS Jackson, 67.613% (GBR)

CDI Children on Horses Individual 
1. Ella-Grace Dovey and Sheepcote Jackson, 76.287% (GBR)  
2. Evie Head and Gracia, 72.209% (GBR)  
3. Annabelle Wesley and Vanir Kamira, 68.472% (GBR)