Heading to a Quest show? Find the answers to your questions below.


How do I get started in Quest?

Take a look at the Quest checklist - all your steps in one easy to understand page!

When do Quest competitions take place?

The Regular Quest season starts on 1 January and runs until 31 August. The Winter Quest league runs 1 September until 31 December.

What am I eligible for?

Take a look at the eligibility tables/flow charts in Section 2 of the BD Members’ Handbook.

Can I make changes to my team?

Yes! You can make changes to your team at any point during the Quest season, simply by emailing or calling 02476698845 – you don’t need to fill in the Team Registration Form again unless you are registering a new team. You can have a maximum of seven riders and an unlimited number of horses registered to your team.

Can we only compete in our allocated region?

You can compete in any region! The Team Quest points you gain will be allocated to your Team Quest leaderboard irrelevant of where in the country you gained these points. Your team must attend your allocated semi-final.

Can our team change leaderboard?

Yes! Your team can change Semi-Final, simply by emailing Remember, you must make this request within two months of first competing in the current Quest season!

Can my friend and I both ride the same horse?

Yes! Horses can compete in up to two Team Quest tests per day and this can be on the same team, at the same or different levels. Just remember your horse can only do a maximum of four tests a day, including My Quest tests.

Can I compete for two teams on the same day?

Yes! If you are riding two different horses on two different teams you can compete at the same level, or if you are riding the same horse on two different teams this must be at two different levels. 

Can I compete twice for the same team?

Unfortunately not, a rider may not ride more than once for a team on the same day.

The leaderboard is wrong – what can I do?

If you spot a problem, first check the list of missing results and that you and your horse are eligible. Then simply email to resolve any problems. Remember that only your points from your best five placings count towards your team’s leaderboard points.