All about Herning

The FEI World Dressage Championships are taking place from the 6 – 14 August 2022. Denmark has been awarded this year's host country in both dressage and para dressage.

About the Venue

Herning contains 11 arenas with three main arenas (Stutteri Ask Stadium, BB Horse Arena, Jyske Bank Boxen), two VIP restaurants, three public restaurants and eight sponsor lounges/sky boxes.

  • The dressage competitions will be held at Stutteri Ask Stadium
  • The Stutteri Ask Stadium is a multi-use football stadium, MCH Arena (at the occasion called Stutteri Ask Stadium) will have a capacity of 10,000 seated guests and a large VIP-lounge.
  • Para dressage will be showcased in the BB Horse Arena
  • The BB Horse Arena is a purpose built arena with 3,000 seats

Event sponsors

  • Blue Hors are presenting the dressage competitions
  • Orifarm Healthcare are the sponsors partnering the para dressage
  • Helgstrand Dressage is the sponsor for the VIP Lounge

 FEI World Championships in numbers:

  • Two years of planning and preparation
  • Nine days of inspiring competitions
  • 22 nations have entered dressage teams
  • 25 Ejner Hessel A/S exclusive plug-in hybrid cars.
  • 36 different nations are nominated for dressage 
  • 550 athletes
  • 1,000 horses
  • 1,100 national and international accredited media
  • 36,000 m2 of sand to be laid
  • 200,000+ guests
  • 130 million DKK budget
  • 200 million viewing audience 

 Herning Map



The FEI and the Herning organising committee consider horse welfare as paramount in their preparation and activation of the championships. The elite horses at the championships need to have optimal conditions to perform the top of their game. Preparation to provide first class care to those on site includes an a farrier and veterinary clinic stationed in the stable area to ensure all horses are looked after. The footing and underground of the arenas has been built using the latest technology to ensure the best conditions possible for the horses to perform on.




Sporting events are great vehicles for setting environmental standards. Tokyo 2020 was a pinnacle example of the number of sustainable considerations which can be made to have a positive imprint on the planet.

Herning, Denmark is leading by example when hosting the FEI World Championships, by setting a new benchmark for approaching sustainability for large events. They have displayed sustainable opportunities to the world through their sustainable development goals focused around three overarching principles. 

  • Seek positive ripple effects
  • Think circular
  • Engage all suppliers in a dialogue on sustainability. 

Find out more about how Herning are making an impact at this year's FEI World Championships.