Regional sponsors

We're proud to work with our regional sponsors, whose support helps us deliver all of our activities and events for our members in Wales.

Regional Sponsorship is now starting to take off and Wales Region would be delighted if you would join us

Key Benefits:

  • Promotion in all our regional newsletters, website and Social Media campaigns
  • Social Media reach to more than just our members, informing them about your product and any special offers
  • Opportunities to introduce your product at special events and training camps
  • Brand awareness via our marketing through events, social media and regional communications
  • Feedback on click rates through regional communications so you can monitor yourselves the interest your product is getting 

Sponsorship Opportunities in Wales

It doesn't have to be a monetary package, we can tailor to your individual needs and finances. Payment plans can be arranged and specific sponsorship packages. If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities within Wales, please get in touch: