Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

A core principle of British Dressage’s strategy is to ensure that the sport is accessible to all, by removing the barriers to participation and creating opportunities for riders with limited access to the sport.

Urban Equestrian Centre Programme

The British Dressage Urban Equestrian Centre Programme is designed to give a first-class opportunity for young people to experience dressage for the first time, particularly for those who come from less privileged backgrounds and urban areas. 

The programme comprises a six-week training course led by a BD coach, with the goal of performing a British Dressage test in a competition environment at the end of the programme. There are also lessons on horse care, welfare and life skills, with each pupil completing a programme log book. 

In Spring 2024, BD launched its pilot programme in coordination with Birmingham-based Summerfield Stables; those who participated were all young people from a variety of different backgrounds, each sharing the passion to expand their equestrian knowledge, develop their riding skills and understand more about the sport of dressage. 


Hidden Disability Sunflower 

The Hidden Disability Sunflower supports those with non-visible disabilities. Some conditions, chronic illnesses or disabilities are not immediately obvious to others. For some people this can make it hard to understand and appreciate that someone with a non-visible condition genuinely needs support.

British Dressage is proud to recognise the Sunflower, and is committed to providing all BD stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to support members with non-visible disabilities. Click the link below to find out more about British Dressage and the Hidden Disability Sunflower.