Equine tack and competitor dress

Wondering on what to wear to your dressage competition - our Membership Experience Team have put together the most popular FAQs around tack and equipment.

Take a look at our approved tack and equipment guide below and some commonly asked questions.


What should I wear?

There's full information on what you can wear in our Members' Handbook. Quest competitions are more relaxed - no jackets required! While full BD classes require you to wear a riding jacket. You'll need a hat to the correct standards and correct foot/leg attire. Gloves are mandatory but can be any colour. Any questions, just call the membership team on 02476 698832.

Can my horse wear boots and bandages?

They're allowed while warming-up, but not during a test. If boots/bandages are left on the horse during a test. the combination will be eliminated.

Can I have a sponsors' logo on my saddle cloth? If so, how big?

You certainly can. A sponsor's logo may appear on each side of a saddle cloth and the area of the logo must not exceed 200cm square. Our guide to logo sizes will help with the measurements.

Can I use a neck strap?

Neck straps or balancing straps (a loop on the front of the saddle) are permitted at all levels.

What colour jacket can I wear?

In BD competitions, jackets may be of any conservative dark colour providing they are not multi-coloured or boldly striped. Hacking jackets can be worn from Intro to Advanced Medium level. In Quest competitions, team colours may be worn as long sleeve shirts/jumpers or jackets.

Are swan neck spurs allowed?

Subject to the other spur requirements, swan neck spurs are permitted provided they are correctly fitted as detailed in our Approved Tack & Equipment guide.

Do I have to wear gloves?

Gloves are mandatory in all BD competitions but can be any colour.

How do I know my bit is BD legal?

Our Approved Tack & Equipment Guide covers all legal bits but if you need further help, email a picture to our Membership Experience Team and they'll take a look for you. It's best to check as the wrong bit could result in elimination. 

What standard does my hat need to meet?

Please refer to the competitor dress section of the members handbook, which can be found here.

Can I wear a body protector and/or air jacket?

Body protectors, air jackets and soft shell air jackets in any conservative, muted tone are permitted.