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Where do I find information on the para competition structure?             

There's a dedicated area in the Members' Handbook in Section 1, rules 16 - 25 or visit our para section on the website. Alternatively, Natasha Pearce, our Para Officer is always happy to chat things through to help you get started - 02477 087803.

Who do I contact about classification?   

British Equestrian organises classification so you'll need to get in touch with Felicity Towers at the BEF on 02476 698871 or email.  

I have just been classified and have no idea what test I should be riding to start competing?

All the Bronze para tests are free to download on the BD website. They’re all numbered as different tests and depending on your grade, you’ll download the relevant one to you.

What BD membership do me and my horse need to compete as a para rider?

To start competing in BD para at Bronze level, you and your horse need to be a minimum of Club members. Once you’ve qualify to attend a para national championship, you’ll both need to upgrade to full members. For Silver and Gold competitions, you both need to hold full membership.

Remember, if you haven’t already, you need to be classified first to compete.

Do I need to tell anyone about my classification and grade before I compete in BD para competitions?  

Yes, please contact the Para Officer, Natasha Pearce on 02477 087803 or email and send through all your classification information to her once you're a registered BD member.

What’s the difference between national and international (FEI) classification?   

The only difference is that national classification only allows you to compete in BD national para competitions in the Bronze and Silver sections. International classification via the FEI allows you to compete in the Gold national competitions and all international competitions.

What’s a compensating aid?

A compensating aid is essentially a piece of tack or equipment to help a para rider with their riding were needed. eg. a rider with no use of their legs would normally be granted permission to use two whips as compensating aids. Any approved compensating aids will be listed on a rider’s classification.

Can I use my compensating aids in BD able bodied competitions?            

Yes, however, you’d need to contact Natasha Pearce, Para Officer first to go through the dispensation process to get your compensating aids approved by the BD Dispensation Panel.

Where do I find all the latest para updates?        

Head to the Paramatters page on Facebook, read the Paramatters page in the BD magazine and we post updates on the BD website.

How many para championships are held through the year and where?  

Bronze, Silver and Gold Winter Championships are held each February at Myerscough College in Lancashire.

Bronze and Silver Summer Championships are held at Solihull in the West Midlands in August while the Gold Summer Championships are held as part of the Nationals in September, where riders will have previously qualified at the semi-finals held at Welllington in Hampshire in June.

How are points gained to qualify for BD para championships?    

Points can be gained in all para qualifiers, para pick your own classes and CPEDIs (international shows). Five points required for Bronze, 10 points required for Silver and 12 points required for Gold.

Can points from a CPEDI be used towards national (winter & summer) qualification?      

Yes - for Gold riders a maximum of six points can be used from the individual 3* test  and Silver riders can use a maximum of five points from the 1 and or 2* Novice A test.