Quest checklist

Complete the steps below and you’re ready to have a go at Quest competitions!

Are you and your team mates a BD Club Member and is your horse BD Club registered?

You’ll need a minimum Club membership and registration to take part, if you're not already a member you can sign up online:


Have you delegated your Team Captain and come up with a catchy name?

Usually the Team Captain is the one who loves a bit of admin and excels at writing lists! Check out whether your team name is available by emailing

Have you registered your team with our Quest Team?

If you haven't yet, you just need to complete the Team Registration form below and email to Remember there is no deadline to register your team, and we’ll email your Team Captain to let you know when your application has been processed!


Have you got your team or individual colours sorted and ordered team outfits?

The dress code for Quest is relaxed for horses and riders. Why not choose a colour and get matching saddle pads and gilets for the whole team? 

Have you looked up Quest competitions in your area?

Take a look at every Quest competition below - simply select 'Team Quest' or 'Quest Winter League' in the 'Event Type' box and click 'Search'. You can also filter by venues, counties and dates!


Have you entered directly with the venue?

Simply visit the website of the venue you wish to attend and use their online entry system to get you and your horse entered for an exciting day of Questing.

Started learning your tests?

You can buy all the BD tests from our shop or take a look at the BD TestPro App.