Simple, flying & tempi changes

Simple change
A change of leg in canter through walk

This is a change of leg where the horse is brought back immediately into walk and, after approx. one horse’s length, is restarted immediately into a canter with the other leg leading. The walk steps should be clearly shown. A simple change is always through the walk. If walk steps are not required the movement should be described as a ‘change of leg/lead through trot’ and not as a simple change.

Flying change
The lead leg is changed in mid air in canter

The flying change is performed in one stride with the front and hind legs changing at the same moment. The change of the leading front and hind leg takes place during the moment of suspension. The aids should be precise and unobtrusive.

Tempi changes
Where flying changes are put together

Flying changes of leg can also be executed in series at every fourth, third, second or at every stride. The horse, even in the series, remains light, calm and straight with lively impulsion, maintaining the same rhythm and balance throughout the series concerned. In order not to restrict or restrain the lightness, fluency and ground cover of the flying changes in series, enough impulsion must be maintained.