An insight into the BD Youth Academy Programme

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 15:06

After attending the British Dressage Youth Academies, and then moving into the National Academy, the ethos behind this series of foundation camps has shaped how Sophia rides and trains, but more importantly how she views herself and her horse as being athletes.

A parental perspective

For a parent, the national academy allows your child to develop in an environment that is full of positive goals and advice where the coaches’ intentions are to improve the individual rather them rating them on just results. The camps do not revolve around money or the best horse, it concentrates on what is the best you can be with your horse and how this knowledge can be transferred to help you throughout life.

To witness young keen riders absorbing the range of workshops and coaches, but also observing other rider’s development and bounce ideas off each other is something we can all admire and be inspired by!

What did Sophia learn?

From personal experience Sophia loves the goal-setting especially the short to long-term goals, as it doesn’t just focus on results at shows, it incorporates your health and fitness and challenging your riding skills on attempting more complex dressage movements.

Sophia now knows that she has to concentrate on her fitness instead of just relying on her horse being fit. Within the mentoring scheme, Jill Day talks about well-being and creates an open area where riders can raise their internal pressure that they create and learn how to channel that.

The future is bright

Since attending the camps Sophia has aims of where her British Dressage journey is directed and that isn’t around being the best rider in the world but instead being the best rider for her horse.

What an opportunity British Dressage has provided for its members!

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