Annabella Pidgley and Dibert L unbeaten at Grote-Brogel CDI

  • Written By: British Dressage/Joanna Bowns
  • Published: Mon, 06 Sep 2021 12:10

Junior European double silver medallist, Annabella Pidgley enjoyed success last week at Grote-Brogel CDI in Belgium (02 – 05 September 2021) winning all three Junior Classes in convincing fashion.

The young rider from Berkshire and her up-and-coming ride, Dibert L (pictured earlier this year), won the Junior Team test on 72.17% and the Junior Individual with 72.91%. In Sunday’s Freestyle competition, Annabella rode another superb test, with Dibert L showing even greater confidence and expression throughout their programme, choreographed to music from Burlesque, to claim the class by a substantial margin on 79.18%.

Dutch-bred Dibert L is a 13-year-old Vivaldi x Balzflug gelding, bought two years ago by Sarah Pidgley as a future prospect for Annabella. The 16-year-old rider, in her first year of Juniors, is developing into a consistent performer on the international stage as demonstrated earlier this year with her historic double silver in Spain.

Reflecting on her week, Annabella took to social media to say, “Dibert has been amazing all week at CDI Grote-Brogel in Belgium. In the Junior Team Test he won with 72.00%. Then in the Individual he won again with 72.9%. Finally he won the Freestyle today with a massive 79%.

“I could not be happier with him this week, as this is our first international together and he has surpassed all of our expectations. My dad [the late Tony Pidgley] always loved Dibert and I know that he would be so proud to see him shining so bright and doing so well. I’m truly so excited for the future with this absolutely amazing horse. This is just the beginning.”

Results: top three
CDIJ – Junior Team Test
1. Annabella Pidgley and Dibert L, 72.17% (GBR)
2. Hector Milochevitch and Bernardo R, 68.68% (FRA)
3. Kebie Raaijmakers and Lord of Rock, 66.97% (NED)

CDIJ – Junior Individual Test
1. Annabella Pidgley and Dibert L, 72.91% (GBR)
2. Karoline Mathilde Ravnsbo and Atterupgaards Kawasaki, 69.58% (DEN)
3. Kevie Raaijmakers and Lord of Rock, 67.85% (NED)

CDIJ – Junior Freestyle
1. Annabella Pidgley and Dibert L, 79.18% (GBR)
2. Hector Milochevitch and Felipino, 70.21% (FRA)
3. Karoline Mathilde Ravnsbo and Atterupgaards Kawasaki, 70.20% (DEN)


Photo © Kevin Sparrow
Words: British Dressage/Joanna Bowns