BD Abroad: Doha CDI5* CPEDI3* results

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 15:13

Results of the British riders who competed last week at Doha CDI5*/CPEDI3* in Qatar (7 – 9 March 2019).

CDI5* Grand Prix
1st Minna Telde with Isac, 71.543% (SWE)
14th Hayley Watson-Greaves with Rubins Nite, 67.870% (GBR) - pictured in 2018

CDI5* Grand Prix Freestyle
1st Borja Carrascosa with Ein Traum 2, 75.375% (ESP)
7th Hayley Watson-Greaves with Rubins Nite, 72.600% (GBR)

Grade II Team Test
1st Julie Payne with Pandora, 67.783% (GBR)

Grade II Individual Test
1st Julie Payne with Pandora, 69.853% (GBR)

Grade II Freestyle
1st Nicole den Dulk with Wallace N.O.P., 73.500% (NED)
2nd Julie Payne with Pandora, 70.000% (GBR)

Grade III Team Test
1st Annemarieke Roling-Noble with Doo Schufro, 68.235% (NED)
4th Amanda Shirtcliffe with Remi, 66.275% (GBR)

Grade III Individual Test
1st Annemarieke Roling –Noble with Doo Schufro, 68.775% (NED)
5th Amanda Shirtcliffe with Remi, 65.000% (GBR)

Grade III Freestyle
1st Roberta Sheffield with Fairuza, 70.167% (CAN)
2nd Amanda Shirtcliffe with Remi, 69.834% (GBR)