British Dressage launches visual guides to the new BD Tests

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Tue, 09 Apr 2024 16:37

British Dressage is delighted to unveil the diagrammatic versions of the new BD Tests, now available to buy online and in person at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships. 

Ahead of the transition to the new BD Test system from 1 July, we are pleased to release these guides to the new BD Tests, offering visual learning for all British Dressage tests from Introductory to Advanced level. 

These diagrammatic versions of the new BD Tests offer a host of benefits to members and have been developed with all users in mind.  The design and layout of these guides is modern, and fresh, printed in full colour to allow each change in pace to be easily distinguished. The test instructions are legible and easy to follow, with clear presentation of movements in the arena, which appear exactly as you will see on the written BD tests and scoresheets. Each change of pace or movement is also indicated by a lettered code, to enable clear learning and direction. 

All visual test guides will be available to purchase in a range of formats, both physical and digital.  You can choose to buy tests individually, which is a new service offered for the first time, or in various level bundles.  As part of our sustainability drive, digital downloads will be available via the BD website from 1 June 2024, once the initial free trial period for the word versions has ended. 

The first release of the BD Test Plans for purchase in physical form are available in A4 format, with a presentation folder included for levels or bundles.  The physical versions are coated, to help protect against the elements when using them outdoors.  With a close eye on ensuring these test guides are environmentally friendly, we’ve also carefully chosen the paper stock to ensure it is fully biodegradable. 

Over the next month we will be releasing additional variations of the BD Test Plans to tailor the design for those who are neurodivergent or have accessibility needs. We will be producing and offering versions with alternative colourways, shades, font sizes and print sizes. We’re committed to supporting members with dyslexic and neurodivergent requirements and welcome feedback on how we can best support your needs. 

In response to requests from our officials, in May we will also be releasing alternative viewpoints from the judge’s position at C, to aid further learning of the tests from their all-important perspective. These versions of the tests, from Introductory to Advanced, will be released next month, well in advance of the new tests going live. We will also have blank templates for members to design their own Freestyle floor plans.

We have aimed to ensure that the price points for the new BD Tests are affordable and offer a cost-effective solution, including the ability to purchase the visual guides individually, as well as packs by level or multi-level bundles.  All income generated from the sale of these test guides will go directly back into the sport, for the benefit of all members.  

Jason Brautigam, British Dressage CEO, commented: “It’s a big step forward for British Dressage to be able to offer an in-house service for these test diagrams.  I hope that members who prefer to learn visually will enjoy the opportunity to view the revised BD tests in a fresh and contemporary new format. 

“It’s important to confirm that this is a staged release of the visual guides, with the first chance to purchase the physical versions offered at the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships, as well as online via the BD website.  Over the next six weeks we will be extending the formats and sizes for members with neurodivergent and accessibility needs, as well as providing downloadable versions in digital form before the new tests go live.

“All profits from the test guides will be reinvested in the sport, helping us to continue developing and improving the competition and training experience for all members.” 
Pricing & how to purchase 

Item Price
Individual BD Test Plans (printed)  £2.50 per test
Individual BD Test Plans (digital)  £2.00 per test
Level sets
BD Introductory Test Plan set (x4)  £10.00 
BD Preliminary Test Plan set (x6)  £15.00 
BD Novice Test Plan set (x6)  £15.00 
BD Elementary Test Plan set (x6)  £15.00
BD Medium Test Plan set (x6)  £15.00 
BD Advanced Medium / Advanced Test Plan set (x7)  £15.00 
Bundle packs
BD Introductory & Preliminary Test Plan bundle (x10)  £20.00 
BD Preliminary & Novice Test Plan bundle (x12)  £25.00 
BD Novice & Elementary Test Plan bundle (x12)  £25.00 
BD Elementary & Medium Test Plan bundle (x12)  £25.00 
BD Medium, Advanced Medium & Advanced Test Plan bundle (x13)  £25.00 
Full set (x35) £65.00

Please note that all printed tests are produced in coated stock on biodegradable paper. Level sets and bundle packs are only available to purchase in printed, physical form, although individual tests will also be available as digital downloads from 1 June 2024. Please expect delivery of printed tests within 10 working days. 
You can place your order online now via the BD shop on the BD website or visit the BD trade stand at the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships this week to view the visual BD Test Guides and take your pack away on the day.