Elite Equine Associated Championships: time to plan your campaign

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 14:15 GMT

With the resumption of BD competition, riders can now look forward to qualifying for the Elite Equine Associated Championships in the inaugural year of Elite Equine’s sponsorship of British Dressage competition.

Grey highland grass roots

This popular collection of championships showcases the wide range of breeds we see competing day-to-day by giving them the opportunity to compete against their contemporaries in an end of season finale. We also welcome Forces Equine to our Associated Championships family this year. Add to that mix, classes for veterans, and you have a diverse range of dressage talent across three championship finals. Now’s the time to start planning your 2021 campaign.

How do I qualify?
For each of the championships, a combination must achieve three scores of 60% or over in the relevant level and section, between 29 March and 31 August 2021.

What type of BD membership do I need?
To qualify for the Elite Equine Associated Championships, riders and horses must have either Club, Full or Trial membership, or Associate Membership with a class ticket.

Before competing at the Championships, riders and horses competing at Prelim level and above must hold Full BD membership and registration alongside being registered with the relevant partner association.

Those riding at Intro level only need to be Club members and have Club horse registration for the Championships but they also need to be registered with the relevant partner association.

How do I register to compete?
The introduction of pre-registration for this year enables us to monitor numbers and capture those members who are intending to campaign for these championships, which will help with planning. If you’re aiming for any of the 12 championships, please remember to complete your registration as soon as you can.

The three Championships will take place as below:

Arena UK, Lincolnshire, 2 September

Championship Levels Specification Partner Association
Forces Equine Intro to Medium Ex, serving or dependant personnel of Emergency, Government services or MOD Forces Equine

Vale View, Leicestershire, 14 – 17 October

Championship Levels Specification Partner Association
Coloured Horse & Pony Intro to Medium Any horse or pony registered with CHAPS CHAPS
Retraining of Racehorses Intro to Advanced Medium All RoR registered horses with current competition membership who have raced or been in training RoR
Thoroughbred Intro to Advanced Medium Any TB Weatherbys or other
Veteran Horse  Intro to Prix St Georges Horses over 15 Veteran Horse Society
Veteran Rider  Intro to Prix St Georges Riders over 55  

Bury Farm, Buckinghamshire, 10 – 14 November

Championship Levels Specification Partner Association
Arab Horse Intro to Medium Full, Anglo or part-bred Arab Arab Horse Society
British Native Pony Intro to Prix St Georges Full or part-bred Native pony Various
Draught Horse Intro to Medium Full or part-bred Draught horse Various
GB PRE Prelim to Prix St Georges Full or part-bred PRE GB PRE
Lusitano Prelim to Prix St Georges Full or part-bred Lusitano Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain
Traditional Gypsy Cobs Intro to Medium Full or part-bred TGCA horse TGCA

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“We are so looking forward to meeting all the riders and their horses and ponies and hearing about your championship journey, whether an experienced combination or competing at the championships for the first time,” she added. “We wish you all the very best of luck as you go down the centre line, we know this can be daunting for some and we admire your courage and determination, you all inspire us!”

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For more information on the championships and how to enter, please visit our dedicated Elite Equine Associated Championships page.