Hickstead here we come!

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 20:13

For the next four days, all eyes will be on Hickstead for their feature competition which incorporates a CDIO3* which is the finale of the FEI Dressage Nations Cup™ Series, a CDI3*, CDI2* with Medium and Small Tour classes and CDI sections for u25, Young Rider, Junior and Ponies, 25 – 28 July 2019.

The iconic dressage event shares the showground with the Royal International Horse Show which features an array of show jumping and showing classes but the dressage side has plenty to watch with a range of food and shopping outlets. 

Tickets are available on the gate and are £25 per head each day with a £10 car park charge. Entrance tickets also include a seat in the British Dressage Covered Grandstand so you can shelter from the sun or rain – whatever the weather decides to do!

There’s a huge British contingent entered to support as detailed below, alongside riders from the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, China, Italy, Norway, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Thailand, Czech Republic, Singapore and Slovenia. So there’ll be a great international flavour to the four days of top flight competition.

For the first time ever, the event will be live streamed via Horse and Country for subscribers only – you can join for just £5.99 a month which gives you access to the live stream and plenty of other great content.

Keep up to date via the Dressage at Hickstead website and their scoring pages – plus the Facebook page. BD will be onsite with social media coverage across our channels and daily reports.

Daily programme
Thursday 25 July

  • 2* Small Tour PSG
  • Juniors
  • Young Riders
  • Ponies
  • Inter A

Friday 26 July

  • CDIO Nations Cup Grand Prix 3*
  • CDI3*Grand Prix
  • Small Tour Inter I
  • Young Riders
  • Juniors
  • Ponies

Saturday 27 July

  • CDI3* GP Special
  • CDIO Nations Cup Grand Prix Special
  • Inter I Freestyle
  • Inter B
  • U25s Inter II 
  • Pony Freestyle
  • Hickstead British Young Horse
  • Dressage at Hickstead Summer BBQ Party

Sunday 28 July

  • Nations Cup Grand Prix Freestyle
  • CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle
  • Young Riders Freestyle
  • Junior Freestyle
  • U25s Grand Prix
  • Hickstead British Young Horse

British entries: 

CDIO3* Nations Cup Team
Lara Butler from Gloucestershire with Wilfried Bechtolsheimer’s Rubin Al Asad (bay gelding, 17yrs, s. Rubin Royal ds. Wanderbursch II).
Emile Faurie from Oxfordshire with Hof Kasselmann’s Café’s Caletta (bay mare, 10yrs, s. Café au Lait ds. Calato).
Sara Gallop from Gloucestershire with her own Bandreo (bay stallion, 13yrs, s. Sandreo).
Hayley Watson-Greaves Gloucestershire with her own Rubins Nite (black gelding, 15yrs, s. Rubin Royal, ds. Limbo).

CDI3* Big Tour
Henriette Andersen from Oxfordshire with her own Flavio (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Florencio ds. Glueckspilz).
Louise Bell from Oxfordshire with her own and Tonya Wood's Into the Blue (roan gelding, 16.2hh, 13yrs, Ublesco x Calvaro Z)
Lara Butler with Wilfried Bechtolsheimer’s Kristjan (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Polarion ds. Napoleon Quatre).
Liz Diegutis from Hampshire with her own Saskia Hit (bay mare, 14yrs, s. Sandro Hit).
Maria Eilberg from Worcestershire with her own and Hermione Black’s Royal Concert (grey gelding, 16yrs, s. Royal Diamond, ds. Continue).
Emile Faurie from Oxfordshire with Niina Nilosaari’s Quentano 2 (brown mare, 11yrs, s. Quaterback ds. Dartagnan).
Tom Goode from Oxfordshire with Samantha Geddes’ Dior III (chestnut stallion, 11yrs, s. Gribaldi ds. Goodtimes).
Daniel Greenwood from Gloucestershire with Juliet Leighton’s Chevalier-O (bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Lord Leatherdale).
Willow Kemp from London with her own Dragon Heart (chestnut gelding, 16yrs, s. Dresemann).
Keith Robertson from Hertfordshire with his own Boheme Af Sulstead (chestnut gelding, 15yrs, s, Bernstein).
Vicky Thompson-Winfield from West Sussex with Samantha Francis’ Artist (palomino gelding, 11yrs, s. Abanos) and Samantha Francis’ Mango Jacaro (bay stallion, 14yrs, s. Rondeño IX).
Laura Tomlinson from Gloucestershire with her own and Wilfried Bechtolsheimer’s Duval’s Capri Sonne Jr (black stallion, 12yrs, s. Rhodium ds. San Remo).

CDI2* Small Tour
Katie Bailey with Leslie Forlee’s Boccelli 6 (liver chestnut gelding, 12yrs, s. Belissimo M ds. Riccione).
Immogen Chant from Hampshire with Susan Chant’s Dirty Dancing 29 (dark bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Don Frederico ds. Rodgau).
Kate Cowell from Worcestershire with Helen Illes’ Sirocco (brown gelding, 13yrs, s. Sandro Hit).
Dylan Deutrom from Berkshire with Matt Hicks and Sarah Warry’s Sunlit Uplands(chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Don Henrico).
Jessica Dunn from Lancashire with Jennifer Whittaker’s Alicante Valley (liver chestnut gelding, 14yrs, s. Caricello).
Paul Friday from Warwickshire with Sarah Overson’s Hawtins Horatio (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Hotline).
Andrew Gould from West Sussex with Terry and Joan Barnett-Knott’s Blue Hors Dexter(black gelding, 12yrs, s. Don Schufro ds. Blue Hors Cavan). 
Daniel Greenwood from Gloucestershire with Diana Louvain-Miller’s Exige M (grey gelding, 10yrs, s. Samarant).
Pammy Hutton from Gloucestershire with her own Armagnac (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Krack C) and her own Belmondo (bay gelding, 18yrs, s. Bernstein).
Nathalie Kayal from Buckinghamshire with her own Cleverboy (bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Sandreo) and her own Homerun (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Hochadel ds. Mooiman).
Elder Klatzko from Somerset with Little Richard (bay gelding, 18yrs, s. Longchamp).
Kate Lister from Warwickshire with her own World Exclusive (chestnut gelding, 13yrs, s. World of Dreams ds. Rohdiamant).
Kirsty Mepham from East Sussex with Anne Baldock’s Minain (brown mare, 16yrs, s. Idocus ds. Michellino).
Alice Oppenheimer from Hampshire with Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Davina(chestnut mare, 9ys, s. Dimaggio ds. Rubinstein) and Caroline Dibden’s Headmore Difinnity (dun gelding, 9yrs, s. Dimaggio).
Jezz Palmer from Hampshire with Samantha Dyer’s Dutch Class (chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Jazz).
Tahley Reeve-Smith from Hertfordshire with her own Special (brown gelding, 17yrs, s. Sandro Hit).
Cara Shardlow from North Yorkshire with her own Detonator (bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Demonstrator).
Zoe Sleigh from Worcestershire with Christine Sleigh’s Finero (brown gelding, 10yrs, s. Fidertanz).
Vicky Thompson-Winfield from West Sussex with Angela Jones’ Esquire (bay stallion, 10yrs, s. Valeron).

Isabelle Chaplin from Kent with Coral Ingham’s Vincente II (dark bay stallion, 17yrs, s. Gribaldi).
Megan Ingham from Berkshire with Coral Ingham’s Wanadoo (chestnut gelding, 18yrs, Wolkenstein II x Cavalier).
Ellie McCarthy from Hampshire with Bridget Mccarthy’s Belafonte (chestnut gelding, 15yrs, Belissimo M x Wendekreis).
Amy Schiessl from Wiltshire with her own Mr Mercury (skewbald gelding, 18yrs, s. Mars).
Tamsin Vaughan from Hampshire with her own Casse Cou (bay gelding, 17yrs, s. Carpaccio).

Angus Corrie-Dean from Wiltshire with his own Tiny Tempur (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Raikano).
Millie Gover from West Sussex with Phillip Gover’s Kamil T (bay gelding, 9rs, s. Thunder van de Zuuthoveve).
Jasmine Harding-Heitzmann from Berkshire with her own Deco (dark bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Valeron).
Ruth Hole from Suffolk with Dr Rachel Murray’s Easy VZ (dark bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Maestro).
Bethany-Rose Horobin from Suffolk with her own Cachet II (bay gelding, 12yrs, Vivaldi x Nourejev).
Lara Kuropatwa from Wiltshire with Sian Kuropatwa’s For Season (liver chestnut gelding, 9yrs, Fifty Cent 2 x Voltaire).

Harriet Brick from Herefordshire with her own World Dancer (chestnut gelding, 20yrs, s. Wolkentanz II).
Caitlin Burgess from Devon with her own Chocotof (dark brown gelding, 12yrs, s. Lord Leatherdale).
Anna Dalrymple from West Sussex with Oliver Weston’s Ibis II (chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Calderon).
Maddy Frewin from Oxfordshire with Christine Kirk’s Woodlander Rhythm N Blues (dark bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Woodlander Rockstar).
Clare Hole from Suffolk with Dr Rachel Murray’s Winnetou G.E.P. (black gelding, 16yrs, Gribaldi x Donnerhall).
Jessie Kirby from Oxfordshire with her own Belle Amie (black mare, 13yrs, s. Ronaldo).
Avery Maude from Kent with her own Double Agent (chestnut mare, 12yrs, s. Donnersohn).
Sophie Morgan Rodda with her own Zanthos (bay gelding, 15yrs, s. Negro).
Chloe Naylor from Derbyshire with her own Karisma (chestnut, gelding, 12yrs, s. Holme Grove Prokofiev).
Soraya Rogers from Surrey with Dr Deborah Kamal’s Evita I (black mare, 10yrs, s. Jazz).
Charlotte Snape from East Yorkshire with her own Camelot III (bay gelding, 17yrs, s. Carbas).
Samantha Willson from Hampshire with Jacqueline Willson’s Delhurens Sunshire (dark bay mare, 10yrs, s. Deans San Ciro Hit).
Olivia Wrennall from Buckinghamshire with Tessa Thorne’s Disneyland (liver chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Diamond Hit).

Caitlin Clancy from Somerset with Katy Price’s Browbank Jacob Black (black gelding, 9yrs, Foryd Dafydd Ddu x Sydenham Dragon).
Claudia Davis from Essex with her own Rubinia 37 (bay mare, 13yrs, s.Constantin).
Myles Graham from Wiltshire with Caron Roberts’ Harnells Erasmus (dun mare, 9yrs).
Scarlett John from Devon with her own BKS Grand Design (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. FS Golden Moonlight).
Olivia Langley from Leicestershire with Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel (grey gelding, 12yrs, s. Caesar 171).
Emilia Nelson from Berkshire with Sarah Steggall’s WFS Top Red (chestnut stallion, 11yrs, Top Yellow x Pilgrims Red).
Betsy Smetham from Kent with her own Amber V (palomino gelding, 9rys, s. Orchard Limb-Lopper).
Olivia Whitelaw from Nottinghamshire with Brouwershaven’s Vicerory (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Jurjen H).
Mollie Whitham from South Yorkshire with her own DZL Royal Sunrise (chestnut gelding, 8yrs, Domingos Golden Sunrise x Brockwell Prince Charming).