Petplan Equine: Wild Card SECOND RELEASE

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Thu, 01 Mar 2018 22:39

British Dressage can announce the second release of combinations to receive a wild card for this year’s Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships, 11 – 15 April 2018.

Qualification packs will be sent out by post to the rider of the horse upon request. Please email – However, due to the adverse weather and limited time, it is recommended you enter online

PLEASE NOTE – the close of entries date for the second release wild cards is Wednesday 14 March 2018 and no late entries will be accepted.

Please contact the office immediately if you will not be attending the Area Festival Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination.

Preliminary Bronze
Currently no further wild cards

Preliminary Silver – 2nd release
Amanda Price, Luckist Clover, 66.60%
Natascha Whitehead, Jimbo Furry Foot, 66.46%
Judy Nolan, Furlongs Black Jack, 66.46%
Charlotte Payne, Calimero Farasohof Z, 66.46%
Kathryn Ovenden, Lady Larissa, 66.46%
Kathryn Murdoch, Spiorad Rolaist, 66.18%
Sarah Carrington Gull, Vivace Springtime Spice, 66.11%

Preliminary Under 18 – 2nd release
Leigha Ashworth, Logs Master Amigo, 67.43%
Chloe Lane, Hilin Enrico, 67.36% Col 207

Novice Bronze – 2nd release
Sarah Chambers, Egassini I, 67.08%
Caryl Thomas, Cwmpandy Carlo, 67.08%
Emma Grady, Benassis Fine Example, 66.94% Col 124

Novice Silver – 2nd release
Olivia Robertson, Fine Feather II, 68.06%
Maria Veale, Gabbana II, 67.92%
Karen Lisk, Quito 1, 67.71%

Novice Under 18 – 2nd release
Evie Lynch, Fairlady, 66.32%
Grace Blenkinsopp, High Sherriff, 66.18%
Aimee Stunt, Tiger Attack, 66.04%
Chloe Baker, Cold Diamond, 65.90%

Elementary Bronze – 2nd release
Anna Hadi, Aragon VII, 67.06%
Rosie Coulson, Remador XIII, 67.06%
Kelly Greaves, Fentons Flint, 67.06%
Jake Poynter, Dunlop, 66.96% Col 161

Elementary Silver – 2nd release
Elizabeth Jones, Elano II, 67.70% col

Elementary Under 18 – 2nd release
Rosie Geaves, Miller Motivator, 64.75%
Holly Sargent, Rosewater Breant, 64.51%
India John, Capote GB, 64.26%

Medium Bronze – 2nd release
Leanne Bailey, Sandro’s Star, 65.83%

Medium Silver – 2nd release
Charmaine Keevil, Zandor Utopia, 66.27%
Patrick Troddyn, Altogether Endeavour, 66.23%
Amy Small, Triumph VD Laarseheide Z, 66.18%
Janet Clarke, Got the Flyte, 66.03%
Penny Birch, Platinum Essence, 65.98%
Sheena Grierson, Rewarding Glance, 65.93%

Medium Under 18
Currently no further wild cards

Advanced Medium Bronze – 2nd release
Rosa Hall, Coronado, 65.00%
Jo Wrighton, Westhills Jam-Boree, 65.00%
Sue Grice, Chao Lingsham, 64.96% Col 160

Advanced Medium Silver – 2nd release
Sue Thomas, Llangybi Billy Boy, 66.15%
Lorraine Strachan, Furstenberg, 66.07%

Prix St Georges Bronze – 2nd release
Kate Thorne, Caspari VC, 64.34%

Prix St Georges Silver
Currently no further wild cards

Intermediate I Bronze
Currently no further wild cards

Intermediate I Silver
Currently no further wild cards

Intermediate II Silver
Currently no further wild cards