Red Gorilla Combined Training: qualifiers approaching

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 10:45 GMT

Fine tune your dressage and showjumping skills with the unique opportunity to compete in the Red Gorilla Combined Training series, as the qualifiers begin in January 2024. 

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We are proud to offer, in partnership with Red Gorilla, the Combined Training series a chance for you compete in two disciplines - dressage and showjumping. You only need a British Dressage Community membership to compete, making it the perfect opportunity to aim for a Championship during the winter season.

Rule reminder

The course will consist of eight to twelve jumps, any faults that occur will be deducted from the marks awarded in the dressage phase, with the winner being the combination with the highest score. The Introductory class is open to all combinations who haven't competed at Elementary and above, Prelim to Novice classes are open to everyone who has not competed at Medium and above and finally Elementary classes are open to any combination no matter their previous competition record.

The same horse must compete in both phases and may not compete in more than two classes on the same day. The dressage phase is run under British Dressage rules, which can be found below, as well as the British Showjumping rules and is timed accordingly.


Qualification dates

With the first qualification event taking place at Northallerton Equestrian, 20 January and the last taking place at Wellington Riding, 23 March there is plenty of time to get out and get your qualifications at the hosting venues across the country. If the first two combinations have already qualified it will be passed down the next eligible combination.  


  • Intro B and 60cm
  • Prelim 2 and 70cm
  • Prelim 18 and 80cm
  • Novice 24 and 90cm
  • Novice 34 and 100cm
  • Elementary 42 and 90cm
  • Elementary 50 and 100cm  

Take a look at our Combined Training page to find out more information and locate your nearest qualifier.