Summer Regional Championships: Keysoe International

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 09 Aug 2021 16:26

As the 2021 Summer Regional Championships reached their midway point, Keysoe International in Bedfordshire hosted three days of exciting competition (03 – 05 August 2021) as riders sought to secure a ticket to next month’s LeMieux National Championships.

In a true story of zero to hero, competitive amateur Rachel Scott sealed her first ever ticket to the Nationals by winning Tuesday’s Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I Silver. With 11-year-old skewbald mare Crescendo Duoventure (pictured above), who she co-owns with Stephanie Mullish, she posted the winning score of 68.59% - a remarkable achievement considering the pair’s first foray into affiliated dressage began a mere 22 months ago.

“I was absolutely delighted,” said Rachel. “We’re pretty new to the level so I simply went to Keysoe for the experience, thinking ‘we’ve qualified so why not give it a go!’”

Rachel, 46, took part in four Prelims hors concours about 15 years ago, but it’s her partnership with Sambertino-sired Crescendo Duoventure that has led her to take up the sport more seriously for the very first time. “Crescendo is such a brilliant mare and makes it all seem so easy. Neither of us has competed in a big atmosphere before, but she takes it all in her stride.”

As a youngster, Crescendo was bought from her breeder by Steph Mullish. Rachel initially had her on loan from Steph as a green seven-year-old but as the mare started to show talent they entered into joint ownership; hence the mare’s name, Crescendo Duoventure. “Both Steph and I are novices in this venture but along with support from my trainer Anna Ross, we make a great team.”

Mother of two teenage boys and former primary school teacher Rachel says, “Crescendo has come along at just the right time. I always wanted to be a serious amateur but never had the horse. Crescendo is exactly the type of horse that a serious amateur owner should have, though I always feel like I’m playing catchup, and a bit of an imposter!”

A combination to seal a dual win was Richard Barrett with Russki (pictured above), a 15-year-old gelding owned by Shaun Measures. They who won both Tuesday’s Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I Gold and Wednesday’s Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold (section A), both on 68%-plus scores. Richard and Russki (Rimskij Korsakov x Dream of Heidelberg I) have competed together since April this year and were well-placed at Wellington and Hartpury Premier League shows.

The biggest scorer on day one of competition was Jenny Martell and the British-bred Franklin daughter, MSJ Fanfare. Jenny, who is based with and works for Amy Woodhead, achieved the winning score of 77.75% in the Mobiliser Prelim Gold with the talented four-year-old, putting them ahead of runner-up Sue Carson with SCS Lumiere KH (73.56%). Owned by Sid Toama, the young mare shows the hallmarks needed for a bright future.

The winner of Wednesday’s Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold (section B) on 70.04% was Sarah Millis with the Foundation x Weltmeyer gelding, Fahrenheit SC (pictured above). The talented nine-year-old is in training with Sarah for owner Cathy Oh.

“He’s a powerful horse with a lot of energy,” commented Sarah. “Although he’s still needing to develop more strength to balance his power. It was only his fourth PSG and there were some babyish mistakes, but he also picked up some super marks including some nines.”

Dual winner Katie Bailey landed wins at Novice and Advanced Medium. Her BETTALIFE Novice Gold winner, Rouletta K (Rock Forever x Don Massimo) is a six-year-old Dutch mare owned by Australian para dressage rider Tilda Carnegie. The pair won with a score of 75.67% whilst her Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium Gold winner DJoe DiMaggio (Dimaggio x Weltmeyer), owned by Elissa Bucher, posted a super score of 71.09% to top the close-fought leaderboard ahead of Ruth Hole with Baptista-RA (70.78%) and Lisa Hopkins with Liss La Belle (70.57%).

Lucy Lloyd and Glensensaw Sweet Girl (pictured above), runners-up in the Medium Silver at the recent Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships, continued their run of good form with a 69.82% win in the TopSpec Medium Silver. This secures a second championship appearance this year for the Yorkshire rider and her 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare who recently made the switch from eventing to dressage.

British Dressage thanks the team at Keysoe International as well as the National class sponsors for their generous support. Congratulations to all competitors and good luck to those heading to the LeMieux National Championships at Somerford Park.

Top-three results

Class 1A: TopSpec Medium Silver
1. Lucy Lloyd and Glensensaw Sweet Girl, 69.82%
2. Demi Howard-Cartwright and WFS Top Red, 69.77%
3. Lucy Kemplay and Eires Rock, 68.60%

Class 1B: TopSpec Medium Silver
1. Jennifer Harkness and Inouk, 68.01%
2. Katie Roberts and Nemo VII, 67.47%
3. Gemma Zaremba and Ekko Falkenfurst, 67.43%

Class 2: TopSpec Medium Gold
1. Lisa Hopkins and Liss La Belle, 73.91%
2. Spencer Wilton and Woodcroft Django Mon Ami, 73.51%
3. Rowan Bryson and Izonik, 73.51%

Class 3: Mobiliser Preliminary Silver
1. Natasha Worsick and Shannondale Shagosha, 72.47%
2. Sophia Longworth and Gwithian Percival, 71.26%
3. Katherine Field and Cynheidrefawr Dylan, 70.69%

Class 4: Mobiliser Preliminary Gold
1. Jennifer Martell and MSJ Fanfare, 77.75%
2. Sue Carson and SCS Lumiere KH, 73.56%
3. Angela Westgarth and Re-Joyce, 72.75%

Class 5: Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Silver
1. Rachel Scott and Crescendo Duoventure, 68.59%
2. Amanda Petts and Curioso, 66.40%
3. Georgina Howard and Capri, 65.83%

Class 6: Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I Gold
1. Richard Barrett and Russki, 68.50%
2. Ami McLean and Premier Royal Mint, 68.11%
3. Claire Abel and Rowan Magic, 68.07%

Class 7: Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Silver
1. Scarlet Scott and Cum Laude, 68.33%
2. Sharon Lindop and Spielbanker, 67.89%
3. Amanda Petts and Curioso, 67.32%

Class 8A: Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold
1. Richard Barrett and Russki, 68.15%
2. Sarah Dwyer-Coles and Casino-Royale, 67.76%
3. Joseph Bright and JBD Wodan, 67.71%

Class 8B: Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold
1. Sarah Millis and Fahrenheit SC, 70.04%
2. Dan Greenwood and Krack DE, 68.72%
3. Dannie Morgan and Blakes Delaney, 68.55%

Class 9A: Equitop Elementary Silver
1. Gareth Bulley and Frouwke, 72.55%
2. Sandie Gibbs and Gomez Gold, 71.66%
3. Freya Messling and Mario Del Rey, 71.35%

Class 9B: Equitop Elementary Silver
1. Elizabeth Richards and Diamantino, 70.78%
2. Linsay Coleridge-Smith and Active Fangio, 70.00%
3. Nicola Naprstek and Don Cru, 69.27%

Class 10: Equitop Elementary Gold
1. Claire Abel and GF Sezuki, 73.59%
2. Jezz Palmer and King IV, 73.07%
3. Fiona Brennan and Viva Las Vegas, 72.91%

Class 11A: BETTALIFE Novice Silver
1. Olivia Commins and Scuderarri, 70.55%
2. Rebecca Lock and Brickwell Mr Pickwick, 68.95%
3. Kim Zimich and Whenedig Vissen, 68.27%

Class 11B: BETTALIFE Novice Silver
1. Louise Gallavan and Fabergé TF, 73.02%
2. Evelina Shrieve and Insist TC, 70.80%
3. Lucy Howard and Wind Chimes, 68.58%

Class 12A: BETTALIFE Novice Gold
1. Katie Bailey and Rouletta K, 75.67%
2. Amy Woodhead and Kasanova III, 74.44%
3. Antonia Brown and SJL Liberty, 71.97%

Class 12B: BETTALIFE Novice Gold
1. Tahley Reeve-Smith and Rommano Danteno, 75.06%
2. Claire Abel and GF Sezuki, 75.00%
3. Keith Robertson and Filamena, 69.44%

Class 13: Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium Silver
1. Antonia Brown and SJL Duuk, 69.56%
2. Trisha Polson and Perfect Crime, 69.25%
3. Betsy Smetham and Gursonne, 68.81%

Class 14: Andrews Bowen Advanced Medium Gold
1. Katie Bailey and DJoe DiMaggio, 71.09%
2. Ruth Hole and Baptista-RA, 70.78%
3. Lisa Hopkins and Liss La Belle, 70.57%


Photo © Kevin Sparrow