The Return of the Youth Inter Regionals

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 04 Jul 2022 17:00

The Youth Inter Regionals have had a 'flying-change' to Bury Farm for 2022!

For the first time since 2019, over 140 riders descended for the return of the Youth Inter Regional competition at the new venue, Bury Farm, over the weekend of 24-26 June 2022, with 38 teams of young riders contesting the team championship.

The Youth Inter Regionals are judged on Rider Skills Tests, which monitor progress and help riders advance through the squads at team events throughout the year. Participants ride traditional movements but are also assessed on position, skills, and the differences made to the horse. Each rider has an equal chance to excel!

It was Team Amsterdam, representing the North and East region, who topped the podium in the team competition, with riders achieving outstanding scores across all seven Squads (A Young Horse, A, B+, B, C+, C, and D) over the weekend. In the Team Championships, Anna Burns (A Young Horse), Eliza Alex (B), Violet Hawkins (C), and Abigail Hird (D) posted a combined winning total of 525.1 confirming them first place, and the South and West team, Donald Duck, accumulated a score of 521.8 placing them second. South and East took the final place on the team podium with team Tiara (scoring 521.5), closely followed by their regional teammate's team Sandringham in fourth, Wales' Tom Jones team in fifth, and South and East Team Windsor in sixth.

Anna Burns, a winning North and East team member, told us about her experience, “It was a really good weekend and my first time doing this sort of thing. The feedback from the judges on the tests is so helpful and reminds you just how much you as a rider influence your horse. In standard dressage, our focus is all on the horses’ way of going. By taking the comments from the first day I was able to improve my marks on the second day. It was brilliant being part of a team and everyone was so supportive.”

Members of the winning team Anna Burns and Eliza Alex also took home individual titles in the A Young Horse and B squads respectively, with members of the third-placed South and East Team, Tiara's Isabelle Lane and Drumaclan Diamond D, taking top honours in the A squad. Bryley Llewelyn and Cwmtyysswg Will from Wales took the Individual C+ squad first place with Molly Wing with Odwyn Meganwy for the South & East in second. Lauren Bone on Foxholm Eternal Flame was third on the podium for the North & East.

Welsh rider Izabel Worthington with Machno Gabrielle pulled off consistently high performances across both days of the competition and took home the individual win in the C squad, with South and East’s Charlie Hylden-Thorne topping the D squad podium with Landis Black Pepper.

“Pepper was really quite excited when he got here", commented 10-year-old Charlie Hylden-Thorne. “Since then, he has settled really well and I am so please with him. In the first test, we tried our hardest and came out with a good score, which was much better than we expected. Then in the second test Pepper was more relaxed and we came out on top, which is really amazing.”.  When asked about his tips on how to cope with nerves at competitions he said, “Just think you are going to do well and then you will - if you think you’re not going to do well that might happen too!”

Enthusiastic riders from all regions showcased the values of BD Youth over the weekend, with excellent team spirit and camaraderie throughout the competition and evening entertainment.

Claire Moir, Youth Director at British Dressage commented, “The change of venue – the first in 20 years, seemed to give the whole competition a bit of a refresh. Everybody I spoke to was thoroughly enjoying themselves and it was encouraging to speak to so many first timers. Crucially, they also figured well in the prize giving and were fired-up to return next year. This is great news for the future of our sport”.

Many thanks go out also to the parents and families, Youth Reps, coaches, and Ambassadors who provided behind-the-scenes support to each and every horse and rider in the competition. British Dressage also extends thanks to Bury Farm for the organisation and hosting of the competition.

Congratulations to all of the winning teams and individuals, and to everyone who took part, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Check out the Bury Farm website for a full list of results from the Youth Inter Regionals: