UK Sport announces extra investment to support Paris Olympic and Paralympic preparations

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Tue, 14 Feb 2023 09:44

UK Sport has confirmed an additional £4m of funding into summer Olympic and Paralympic sport as preparations gear up for the Paris 2024 Games.

The increased investment across 33 sports will support athletes in their preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, including allowing athletes to attend extra competitions that have been added to the international calendar and are essential to qualification for the Paris Games, in addition to training camps.

Following last year’s significant uplifts of £11.2m of additional investment in summer sports on top of the original Paris cycle awards the latest round of investments prioritised support on activities and requirements that will have a direct impact on Paris 2024 qualification.

Within the additional £4m of funding, 26 World Class Programmes will benefit from £3.5m of extra investment. A further half a million pounds will be invested across progression sports, those with identified long-term medal potential and National Squads Support Fund sports, where funding is designed to support the costs associated with forming and fielding squads for competition on the Olympic and Paralympic qualification pathway.

These additional investments come following the summer sports 2022 Annual Review. A full breakdown of the investments is available via UK Sport.

Kate Baker, Director of Performance at UK Sport said: “With the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games less than 18 months away, the additional investments we are making - which are possible thanks to the support of The National Lottery - are aimed at supporting our sports in the lead in to Paris, while also keeping one eye on the longer term.

“It is vital that we focus our resources on supporting our brilliant athletes and staff - with major championships and Paris qualification requirements obviously at the forefront of our minds – and also ensure we continue to strengthen the system going forward.”

While there is no change to funding levels for equestrian Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and jumping, the Para-Equestrian programme has secured an investment increase of £251,000 over the next two years.

Georgina Sharples, Para-Dressage Performance Manager commented; “To secure an uplift in funding as we build towards Paris in 18 months’ time is fantastic news and we’re grateful to UK Sport and The National Lottery for this boost at such a crucial time.

“With qualification for the Games secured, this welcome additional investment will allow us to ensure the essentials are covered as well as working with the athletes and horses on additional coaching and competition opportunities.

“This extra funding will not only help our campaign toward Paris but also our strategy and innovations for ensuring the long-term future and success of our sport. To everyone who plays The National Lottery, we can’t thank you enough, you really make a difference.”

On the back of strong performances in Tokyo, in December 2021 British Equestrian programmes covering dressage, eventing and jumping received an additional investment of £660,662 to help in securing qualification for Paris, now achieved, and then preparation for the Games.