Winners impress at Bury Farm's Elite Equine Associated Championships

  • Written By: British Dressage/Joanna Bowns
  • Published: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 16:33

The Elite Equine Associated Championships celebrate the many breeds competing with British Dressage by giving them the opportunity to compete against their contemporaries in an end of season finale. The third of three contests took place at Bury Farm Equestrian Centre in Buckinghamshire (11 – 14 November 2021) where ninety-seven titles were awarded in the categories of Draught Horses, Arabs, GBPRE, Lusitano, Natives and TGCA.

With a history steeped in farming and logging, draught horses and draught crossbreeds now enjoy a multitude of purposes including showing, recreation and sport. One draught horse who has made a recent transition from recreation to dressage is former riding school horse Wayfield Warrior (pictured above), who with Mark Walters claimed the Preliminary Gold title with a score of 71.89%.

Theirs was the highest scoring performance amongst the pure-bred draught horses, a remarkable achievement for a horse who made his dressage debut only August this year. “He’s a real character and full of personality,” said Mark about the 15-year-old Irish Draught son of Welcome Flagmount, who was bought directly from a riding school by his owner Jacqueline Hollis.

“Jacqueline, who has him on livery here, has also bought an exciting four-year-old from Holland. We thought while she’s waiting for her young horse to be ready to compete, we’d do something with Marty (Wayfield Warrior) and we’re really enjoying him,” continued Mark. “He hadn’t done any competitions but he’s been consistently scoring high 60s and low 70s. He’s qualified Prelim Gold and just finished Novice qualification for the Winter Regionals.”

Describing the horse’s attributes, Mark said, “He has very rhythmical, very correct paces and people often remark on what a nice-looking horse he is.”

Mark runs Corvedale Equestrian in Shropshire, a training and livery yard, alongside his partner Nick Lawson. “We have a diversity of horses here including German, Dutch, Spanish and even a Haflinger which is fantastic as it really challenges you as a rider and trainer.”

Nick also took a title back home to Shropshire having won the GBPRE Elementary Gold with Ruth Webb’s 11-year-old stallion, Pasajes I.

Cheryl Stacey and her own Mannanan Cool Customer (pictured above), a 14-year-old gelding by Young George, achieved the highest score of the part-bred draught horses by winning the Elementary Silver on a super 69.48% adding to a 63.45% win in the Medium Bronze.

The DNA of the Arabian has influenced every light horse and many pony breeds and competition horses today. Well known for racing and endurance, their talents don’t stop there and many part-breds have made it the top in the Olympic disciplines.

Adam Montebello (22) from Solihull in the West Midlands was a dual winner with his six-year-old purebred Arab gelding, Obsession II (pictured above). This young combination claimed the Novice Bronze with 67.09% and also the highest score across the category of 70.25% in the Preliminary Silver.

“What an amazing championship British Dressage, Elite Equine and Bury Farm put together! [It] was such a lovely weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed myself!” said Adam on social media.

The biggest scoring combination in the Part-bred Arab Championship was Hannah Reilly and her British Riding Pony, Whalton Extravaganza (Kilvington Scoundrel x Yealand Nemesis) - pictured above. Hannah and the elegant nine-year-old gelding earned a strong score of 70.51% to take the Preliminary Bronze title.

The GBPRE Championships for Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses and part-breds brought a touch of Spanish flair to Bury Farm. PRE horses have a history steeped in the military and classical dressage. Athletic movement alongside natural ability for the advanced movements has earned this breed success on the international stage, and they’re the partner of choice for many.

Across the pure-bred PREs, the highest-scoring combination was Tania Grantham from Godalming in Surrey with Michelle van Meurs’ 10-year-old stallion Seni Ilustrisimo III (by Seni Indio) - pictured above - who claimed the Medium Gold on 70.80%.

The highest-scoring part-bred PRE was Kate Revell’s nine-year-old cremello gelding, Horus II (pictured above) who was piloted by Molly Smockum Owen (21) to win the Preliminary Gold with 68.44%.

The PRE’s Portuguese cousin, the Lusitano, was represented across five levels at Bury Farm. Originally bred for bull fighting and classical dressage, the Lusitano with its talent for collection and powerful paces makes it a great partner for competitive dressage. The highest score in the classes for pure-breds came courtesy of Prelim Silver victors, Sophie Wallace (15) with her four-year-old stallion Nadal FC (pictured above). The promising combination from Gloucestershire posted 71.20%.

Open to the 11 breeds native to Great Britain, the Native Pony Championships are popular with riders of these talented, versatile ponies. Throughout history these breeds have supported our way of life, but selective breeding has made them into versatile ponies for modern life, having many sought after qualities for competition.

The highest score across the Native levels was achieved by 12-year-old Sophia Longworth who rode Rachel Longworth’s Gwithian Percival (by Thistledown Night Shift) to victory in the Novice Silver. Sophia and ‘Percy’ (pictured above), an 11-year-old Welsh section B, posted an impressive 73.95% - the highest score of the entire show.

“Sophia and Percy smashed it today with 73.95% and a win at the Elite Equine Associated Championships in the Native Silver class,” said Sophia’s mum Rachel on social media. “Feeling very proud that the hard work is paying off.”

Showing-turned-dressage rider Debbie Boylan-White from Surrey and her eight-year-old part-bred Connemara, Kippure Samuel (pictured above), scored 69.39% to take the Part-bred Natives Preliminary Silver title in convincing fashion.

“I was absolutely thrilled with Sam (Kippure Samuel),” said Debbie later. “He can be tricky, but he was so good on the day, stayed focused, and we had a fantastic weekend.”

Debbie was gifted the talented Connemara x warmblood gelding, now eight, when he was an un-backed six-year-old and admits that their journey to this point has not been plain sailing.

“I had back surgery two years ago and have no feeling at all in my left leg from the knee down,” she explained. “And although Sammy can be quite lazy, he can also be sharp and spooky; and if he spins, he always goes left as he knows I have no power in that leg!”

Debbie comes from a showing background. She has shown ridden hunters and workers, won at the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) and in fact competed Kippure Samuel’s sire, Crusador of Kippure, at HOYS. “I got more into dressage as it’s good for my back,” she said “and now I’m finding that I’m enjoying it more and more. Plus, with dressage, I can go to shows on my own."

Debbie left behind a London-based career in Marketing to put her equine degree to use and retrain as a saddler. She now works as a fitter and retailer for Fiona Cork Saddles, covering the South of England, which perfectly combines her work and sport.

“My competition plans are for dressage and I have a lovely warmblood x Welsh youngster for the future. I’ve competed at the associated championships every year since they started and I look forward to doing so with him.”

The TGCA Championships, for horses and ponies registered with the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association, attracted a quality entry of this active, eye-catching breed. Alys Matravers, from Taunton in Somerset, posted the highest score in the category partnered by Felicity Thorne’s four-year-old SD Out of the Blue (pictured above), who landed the Prelim Gold title with 68.62%.

Rebecca Parsonage, who hails from Kidderminster, rode an accomplished test with her 10-year-old gelding, Wacton Billy (pictured above) to claim the Medium Bronze for part-breds on 67.94%.

Congratulations to the prize-winning combinations and to everyone who took part. British Dressage thanks generous sponsor Elite Equine and the team at Bury Farm for hosting a fantastic event.

The winners:

sponsored by Elite Equine

Medium Silver Claire Brown with her own Oxnead Act One, 64.33%
Elementary Bronze Kate Austin with her own The Midnight Rebel, 62.50%
Novice Gold Mark Walters with Jacqueline Hollis’s Wayfield Warrior, 69.83%
Novice Silver Jessica Martin with her own Timber, 67.17%
Novice Bronze Kate Joyce with her own Tomriland Billy, 66.69%
Preliminary Gold Mark Walters with Jacqueline Hollis’s Wayfield Warrior, 71.89%
Preliminary Silver Kate Joyce with her own Tomriland Billy, 68.87%
Preliminary Bronze Asha Speak with her own My Mister P, 71.55%
Intro Bronze Georgina Steele with her own Samjen Charlie, 67.93%

sponsored by Elite Equine

Medium Gold Dominique Mills with Sandra Tresidder’s Crosstown Mollteser, 66.54%
Medium Silver Helen Airey and Christopher McGrann’s Moonshine II, 66.10%
Medium Bronze Cheryl Stacey with her own Mannanan Cool Customer, 63.45%
Elementary Gold Dominique Mills with Sandra Tresidder’s Crosstown Mollteser, 69.26%
Elementary Silver Cheryl Stacey with her own Mannanan Cool Customer, 69.48%
Elementary Bronze Anna Hickling with her own Kaspier Lad, 65.66%
Novice Gold Joanna Dunn with Claire Dunn’s Pembrooke Masterpiece, 67.66%
Novice Silver Sophie Plater with her own Beyond the Stars, 66.61%
Novice Bronze Amber Wickens with her own Ballykelly Clover Diamond, 62.17%
Preliminary Silver Katie Hughes with her own Marble Arch VIII, 66.20%

sponsored by Elite Equine

Elementary Bronze Rebecca Gant with her own Binley Silver Spark, 61.61%
Elementary Silver Kit Rolfe with Kavanaghs Imperial Assal, 63.08%
Novice Silver Kit Rolfe with her own Kavanaghs Imperial Assal, 63.62%
Novice Bronze Adam Montebello with his own Obsession II, 67.09%
Preliminary Silver Adam Montebello with his own Obsession II, 70.25%
Preliminary Bronze Julie Smart with her own Mister Ambassador SER, 67.50%
Intro Bronze Claire Conway with her own Khlasseema, 65.10%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Medium Silver Victoria Ayling with her own Lawbrook Mia Fantasy, 61.10%
Elementary Silver Catherine Halsall with her own Strinesdale Plum Pudding, 64.55%
Novice Silver Catherine Halsall with her own Strinesdale Plum Pudding, 65.16%
Preliminary Silver Linda Green with her own Mimbagos Malakai, 60.00%
Preliminary Bronze Hannah Reilly with her own Whalton Extravaganza, 70.51%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Prix St Georges Gold Lucy Ellis with Anna Wilson’s Atinado VIII, 64.14%
Prix St Georges Bronze Samantha Wuidart with her own Lince FS, 62.43%
Advanced Medium Gold Jane Green with her own Hacendado XVI, 70.51%
Advanced Medium Silver Emily Burns with her own Lago Icon, 68.72%
Advanced Medium Bronze Samantha Wuidart with her own Lince FS, 67.17%
Medium Gold Tania Grantham with Michelle van Meurs’ Seni Ilustrisimo III, 70.80%
Medium Silver Caroline Crowhurst with her own Jandalo CA III, 61.54%
Medium Bronze Becky Morrish with her own Armentero, 64.41%
Elementary Gold Nick Lawson with Ruth Webb’s Pasajes I, 64.92%
Elementary Silver Liz Hole with her own Artista de Vida, 68.16%
Elementary Bronze Johan Redelinghuys with his own Lago Illustrious, 63.67%
Novice Gold Charlotte Crocker-Westlake with her own Lago Maleficent, 66.37%
Novice Silver Shirley Foley with her own Turco Santaco, 61.12%
Novice Bronze Penny Powell with her own Bondadoso AC, 58.95%
Preliminary Gold Charlotte Crocker-Westlake with her own Rompedor Candau II, 68.44%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Medium Bronze Claire Griffiths with her own and Julie Maynard’s Brookhouse Rioja, 60.07%
Elementary Gold Tracy Young with her own Sedosa CR, 57.79%
Elementary Silver Claire Griffiths with her own and Julie Maynard’s Brookhouse Rioja, 64.70%
Novice Bronze Alia Cooper with her own Brecknock Killer Queen, 57.41%
Preliminary Gold Molly Smockum Owen with Kate Revell’s Horus II, 68.44%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Prix St Georges Silver Lynne Macleod with her own Hermes IV, 64.34%
Advanced Medium Gold Justine Armitage with her own Invasor, 63.78%
Advanced Medium Bronze Laura Smith with her own Almansor, 62.75%
Medium Silver Laura Smith with her own Almansor, 64.55%
Elementary Bronze Jacqui Ludlam with her own Xairel, 60.36%
Preliminary Silver Sophie Wallace with her own Nadal FC, 71.20%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Medium Silver Gracie Catling with Julia Catling’s Dalyhill Rocker, 68.01%
Medium Bronze Michaela Collins with her own Brachie Bronnie Doodles, 66.39%
Elementary Gold Leonie Brown with her own Wishaw Lord Nelson, 70.00%
Elementary Silver Kate Hewson with her own Laithehill Flute, 67.86%
Elementary Bronze Amelia Ward with her own Tireve What’s Wanted, 68.01%
Novice Silver Sophia Longworth with Rachel Longworth’s Gwithian Percival, 73.95%
Novice Bronze Hannah Iddeson with her own Mynach Party Fun, 70.00%
Preliminary Gold Kimberley Heginbotham with her own Machno Bond, 68.44%
Preliminary Silver Jane Rawden with her own Murthwaite Looks Promising, 70.77%
Preliminary Bronze Twm Cernyw with his own Treflaeth Bendigeidfran, 70.51%
Intro Bronze Emma Murch with her own Gwynfaes Gethin, 68.47%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Prix St Georges Bronze Catherine Tristram with her own Lynwood Formula, 60.19%
Advanced Medium Gold Catherine Tristram with her own Lynwood Formula, 65.12%
Medium Bronze Kate Oppenheimer with her own SOS Sealpoint, 65.51%
Elementary Gold Dominique Mills with her own Trewithian Jay Two Oh, 60.44%
Elementary Silver Kate Oppenheimer with her own SOS Sealpoint, 66.32%
Elementary Bronze Nicki Mundy with her own Gerdinen Arian, 65.14%
Novice Gold Victoria Bradford with Judith Loversidge’s Kenniford Flash Dancer, 68.62%
Novice Silver Zade Shakeshaft with her own Middlefarms World Classified, 67.09%
Novice Bronze Michelle Case with Suzanne Donald’s Gwibedog Huckleberry Finn, 67.74%
Preliminary Gold Zade Shakeshaft with her own Middlefarms World Classified, 68.27%
Preliminary Silver Debbie Boylan-White with her own Kippure Samuel, 69.39%
Preliminary Bronze Harriet Leigh Woods with her own Maygem Little Boo, 68.87%
Intro Bronze Joanne State with her own Roxley Kahlua Star, 68.58%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Medium Silver Stephanie Newman with her own Roman II, 61.76%
Medium Bronze Jo Freeman with her own Chalk II, 62.27%
Elementary Silver Corinne McNamara with her own Hot Toddy VII, 65.73%
Elementary Bronze Kirsty McColl with Jill Kidwell’s Sovereign, 65.88%
Novice Silver Edward Cross with Patricia Appleby’s Sir Percy, 68.06%
Novice Bronze Zena Dewhurst with her own The Wizard of Oz, 68.38%
Preliminary Gold Alys Matravers with Felicity Thorne’s SD Out of the Blue, 68.62%
Preliminary Silver Nicola Reeder with her own Double Denim, 62.75%
Preliminary Bronze Jennifer Goodman with her own Richmond, 66.55%
Intro Bronze Kate Foster with her own Junior IV, 62.60%

sponsored by Elite Equine
Medium Silver Christine Hughes with her own Tia Maria II, 63.16%
Medium Bronze Rebecca Parsonage with her own Wacton Billy, 67.94%
Elementary Silver Alys Matravers with her own Tiger Mazarati, 67.79%
Novice Silver Helen Geddes with her own Her Ladyshipp, 67.82%
Novice Bronze Mia Cooper with her own Loughrea Prince, 65.00%
Preliminary Bronze Helen Thomas with her own Fluffy, 66.21%


Photo © SBM Photographic
Words: British Dressage/Joanna Bowns