Freestyle to music

Got questions about dancing between the white boards? Find the answer below.

BD DSC2369

Does my horse have to be registered to compete in music classes?

To compete in a music class, your horse will need to be registered as a Club horse. If you qualify for any Championship, you'll need to upgrade your horse to be full registered in order to compete at the Championship.

I'm a Full member, what do I need to start competing in music classes?

To play copied music in public, you must have a music licence. You can find out more about creating music, your floor plan and obtaining a music license here.

Where can I find the forms for getting a music license?

You can find everything you need by visiting our Dressage to Music page.

Do I have to let you know if I change my music?

Yes - every time you change your music, you should complete a new music license record form and we will re-issue new stickers for your CD.

Can my friend use my music?

The music must be licensed to the member competing with it - the music can be reused but whoever uses the music must be a member, submitting their own license and music license record form for their own use. To view and download the forms, here.