International Pathway Squad

Find out who have been shortlisted to compete Internationally for Great Britain

Keysoe - hugging horse

The international pathway squad lists combinations who have met the score criteria to compete internationally and, in the Selectors’ professional opinion, have clear form or the potential to be considered for team selection for the current competition season, or in their current age category for future Championships.

Combinations listed will be expected to maintain form and fitness to remain part of the squad and other combinations may be added subject to Spring competition performances. The Selectors’ next review of the Squad list will be 31 May 2022.

Published 28.03.22

Children on Horses
Crystal Robinson Long with Evita Ronia


Beatrice Butterworth with Non Plus Ultra

Mette Dahl with George Clooney BS

Sofia Games with Mister Snowman / Next Black Magic / Steendieks Cadillac

Lauren Geraghty with WS Jackson

Myles Graham with Dresscode Cocktail

Demi Howard Cartwright with Fin C We

Ruby Hughes with Hilkens Showgirl


Mette Dahl with Daytona Platinum

India Durman-Mills with Escade

Myles Graham with Nibeley Union Hit

Ruby Hughes with Extra Time & Classic BeeGee

Isobel Lickley with MSJ Furstin Fugger

Annabella Pidgley with Sultan Des Paluds & Espe

Sophie Wallace with Rosalie B

Young Riders

Caitlin Burgess with Chocotof

Anna Dalrymple with Vagabond De Massa

Claudia Davis with Fergus RT

Maddy Frewin with Blue Hors Dexter

Chloe Hill with Headmore Delegate

Jessie Kirby with Windy de la Roche CMF

Jessica McConkey with Lady Gaga & Wilson Stensvang

Charlotte McDowall with Alive & Kicking

Sophie Taylor with Jerrydale