For those competing at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships and the Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships there are stables available to hire during the duration of the competition.

  • There will be 180 permanent stables plus temporary barn stables available on the showground at £38 per stable per night. Stable hire is from 4.00pm – 3.00pm (access is available from 1.00pm on Sunday 27 June).
  • Horses may not arrive before 1.00pm on 27 June and all horses must depart on Friday 2 July.Horses requiring stabling must arrive on the showground before 6.30pm.  Should any competitor be delayed, they must contact the Stable Manager on 07779 788014.
  • The Stable Manager's office will open at 06.00am and close at 7.00pm each day.
  • Please ensure you read the Covid-19 Policy for the Championships regarding the stable area

Applying for a stable

  • All stables need to be booked online through the online entry system when entering the championships.
  • If you wish to increase the number of nights a horse is stabled once the initial stable booking is made, please contact the Show Secretary on 07790 309424 to amend your booking. Prices and conditions can be found on the schedule and online.
  • Should space be available, late stabling requests made to the Show Secretary after Thursday 10 June may be accepted, however, they will be subject to an additional fee of £5 per stable per night.

Terms and conditions of stable hire

  • Please refer to the General Rules and Regulations in the Championship Schedule for all terms and conditions.
  • Any damage caused to stables will be charged to the hirer.
  • It is understood by competitors that horseboxes / trailers may be parked some distance from the stables and it is understood that it may not be possible to park competitors who have more than one horsebox / trailer at the Championship in the same location.
  • Occupants are advised that stables must be vacated on time so that incoming horses may be stabled. If stables are not vacated on time a fine of £80 per stable may be charged for late departure.
  • Clean Stable Cash Deposit – All Competitors will pay a £20 per stable cash deposit upon arrival at the Stable Managers Office prior to being allocated stables. This deposit is fully refundable prior to departure and upon confirmation that the Competitors stable has been emptied of bedding and left tidy. If the stable is not emptied of bedding and left tidy the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Stables will be sprayed with disinfectant between each occupancy.
    Face covering are strongly recommended when in close proximity to others and for any unmounted person in the stable area. Please refer to Covid-19 Policy for updates on face covering.
  • Horses / ponies may not be stabled in horseboxes / trailers. A competitor found stabling their horse / pony in such a way will be asked to leave the showground.
  • Any competitor who enters or makes use of any stable that has not been officially reserved for their use will be liable for the daily charge for that stable and an additional fine of £80 for that stable.

Stable bedding

All stables will be empty of bedding at the start of occupancy and no bedding is provided with the hire of the stable. Natural Flake Shavings may be purchased from the Stable Manager's Office at £7.50 per bag between 8.00am - 7.00pm. Straw isn't permitted in the stables.For further information on Natural Flake Shavings, please visit

Horse Fodder

No horse fodder is available for purchase from the Stable Manager’s Office.