Freestyle Winter Regionals

From Novice Silver and above, you can qualify for the Freestyle Winter Championships by taking part in regular day to day BD competitions at your local venues. Earn scores from qualifier tests to notch up the total scores needed and you’ll be dancing your way to the Championships! 

Key facts

Qualification period 1 July - 31 December
Levels Novice to Advanced Medium
Sections Silver and Gold
Winter Regionals February - March
Championships NAF Five Star Winter Championships: 10 - 14 April 2024

Winter Regional Freestyle Qualification 

Following a scores based system, you can attend your local BD competition to gain the relevant scores listed below for your desired level. Earn scores from qualified tests to make up the total scores needed.

How to qualify

Level Qualification
Novice Silver two scores of 68% or higher
Novice Gold two scores of 69% or higher
Elementary Silver two scores of 66% or higher
Elementary Gold two scores of 68% or higher
Medium Silver two scores of 65% or higher
Medium Gold two scores of 66% or higher
Advanced Medium Silver two scores of 65% or higher
Advanced Medium Gold two scores of 66% or higher

Need to know:

  • Pick your own classes may not be used for qualification. Combinations competing in music classes will be limited to three consecutive levels in any music qualifying period. They may compete at two consecutive levels at the Music Regional Championships.
  • A combination may not compete at the same level (including music) in both an Area Festival and Regional in the same season. The Area Festival level must be higher than the Regional if competing in both in the same season.
  • Combinations who have qualified for silver section may not compete at a higher level in a gold section than they ride in the Silver section. 

Winter Regionals

Find out the venues for the 2024 Winter season below.



To qualify and compete at a Winter Regional Championship, both rider and horse need to hold Full membership and registrations. If you are an owner, you will need either Full (non-competing) or Full (competing) membership.